Bareos 16.2.6 Maintenance Release

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Bareos ist ein ehemaliger Fork von Bacula und stellt eine Open-Source Backuplösung auf Enterpriseniveau dar. Für die neuste Version 16.2, wurde am 27.06.2017 das Maintenance Release 16.2.6 veröffentlicht. Neben einen Paket für Debian 9 und Univention Corporate Server 4.2 wurden weitere Neuerungen und vor ca. 13 Bugfixe durchgeführt.

Bareos 16.2.6 Release Notes

  • Prevent from director crash when using incorrect paramaters of .bvfs_* commands.
  • Director now closes all configuration files when reloading failed.
  • Storage daemon now closes the network connection when MaximumConcurrentJobs reached.
  • New directive LanAddress was added to the Client and Storage Resources of the director to facilitate a network topology where client and storage are situated inside of a LAN, but the Director is outside of that LAN. See Using different IP Adresses for SD – FD Communication for details.
  • .bvfs_lsdirs no longer shows empty directories from accurate jobs.
  • A Problem in the storage abstraction layer was fixed where the director picked the wrong storage daemon when multiple storages/storage daemons were used.
  • The device spool size calculation when using secure erase was fixed.
  • Packages for Univention UCS 4.2 have been added.
  • Packages for Debian 9 (Stretch) have been added.
  • WebUI: The post install script of the bareos-webui RPM package for RHEL/CentOS was fixed, it no longer tries to run a2enmod which does not exist on RHEL/CentOS.
  • WebUI: The login form no longer allows redirects to arbitrary URLs
  • WebUI: The used ZendFramework components were updated from version 2.4.10 to 2.4.11.
  • WebUI: jQuery was updated from version 1.12.4 to version 3.2.0., some outdated browsers like Internet Explorer 6-8, Opera 12.1x or Safari 5.1+ will no longer be supported, see jQuery Browser Support for details.


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