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oVirt Release Kandidat 4.0.2

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Das oVirt Projekt hat kurz nach dem Release Kandidat 4.0.1 den zweiten veröffentlicht. Dieser bringt 5 Verbesserungen und behebt über 100 Fehler wovon 38 schwerere sind.

oVirt Release 4.0.2 Notes:

Known issues

  • BZ 1297835 Host install fails on Fedora 23 due to lack of dep on python2-dnf
    On Fedora >= 23 dnf package manager with python 3 is used by default while ovirt-host-deploy is executed by ovirt-engine using python2. This cause Host install to fail on Fedora >= 23 due to lack of python2-dnf in the default environment. As workaround please install manually python2-dnf on the host before trying to add it to the engine.

What’s New in 4.0.2?


oVirt Engine

Team: Virt
  • BZ 1348907 During cluster level upgrade – warn and mark VMs as pending a configuration change when they are running
    The user is informed about running/suspended VMs in a cluster when changing cluster version.
    All such VMs are marked with a Next Run Configuration symbol to denote the requirement for rebooting them as soon as possible.

    Prior this patch, the cluster upgrade was blocked if there’s a running VM in the cluster.

  • BZ 1310804 [RFE] Override instance type on VmPools in Python-SDK
    The instance type field was missing in the REST API VM pools resource. This patch adds both the ability to pick one during create VM pool and to report the currently configured one.
Team: Infra
  • BZ 1346782 Display also pretty name along with name, version and release in Host Detail tab in Hosts view
    Feature: AS part of the NGN(New Generation Node) support, this enhancement displays now the OS pretty name for all OS that has a /etc/os-release file with the PRETTY_NAME entry

    Reason: We should display in addition to general OS information more details about the OS in case of NGN

    Result: When you select a host in UI, you can see an additional field in the “Software” option on the Host sub-tab named “OD Description” that displays the OS pretty name

    * This enhancement is no accessible to the REST API


oVirt Engine

Team: UX
  • BZ 1357070 oVirt 4.0 translation update post intl-QA
Team: Virt
  • BZ 1357630 VMs > ‘Guest Info’ subtab throws FE exception while switching VMs
  • BZ 1357440 Cannot create an instance type via UI – gwt error
  • BZ 1354494 VMs in unknown status and no run_on_vds
  • BZ 1356488 Edit VM Pool show wrong storage domain
  • BZ 1351477 Missing property for Origin KVM
  • BZ 1350501 v2v: ‘?’ tooltip in import dialog is located incorrectly.
  • BZ 1354463 Cannot add a permission for a vmPool to a user via API v4
Team: Storage
  • BZ 1356649 Template’s & VMs disks link is wrongly calculated in rest API V3
  • BZ 1349498 When a VM is started, attached disks can’t be edited anymore
  • BZ 1357431 “Scan Disks” option should be disabled for Export and ISO storage domains
  • BZ 1354547 UI exception thrown when creating new profile and moving to another sub tab
  • BZ 1353229 Upload image: default values for Image Type and Allocation Policy don’t integrate
  • BZ 1352855 Storage domain is not selectable when uploading a disk from “disks” tab
  • BZ 1352857 image upload: proper message is required when disk’s entered values are not valid
  • BZ 1352825 CommandEntity record isn’t cleared for commands with callback that fails on validate() till the next engine restart.
  • BZ 1353604 endAction() is wrongly executed for commands with callback that fails on validate() on the next engine restart.
  • BZ 1352676 When a disk finished uploading to a storage domain, it’s status turns to Illegal
  • BZ 1351636 Wrong warning when hotpluging a disk is not supported
  • BZ 1352657 GET of diskattachment returns a list of objects without the href property
Team: Integration
  • BZ 1343155 ovirt-engine fails to start with python-daemon-2.1.0 installed
Team: Infra
  • BZ 1356675 [AAA] Can’t add IPA directory users to VM permissions
  • BZ 1353460 API: exception on engine while trying add an event via API (due to the use of cluster name. Workaround: use cluster ID)
  • BZ 1354452 [notifier] drop mentioning AES192 and AES256 in notifier.conf
  • BZ 1352953 show descriptive error message when sending a negative number like: {url}/events;max=-3
  • BZ 1355647 Capabilities entry point missing
  • BZ 1352721 Users with ‘%’ in their password, cannot log in.
  • BZ 1350353 [UI] – New cluster – Authorization provider: was granted permission for Role CpuProfileOperator on Cpu Profile , by admin@internal-authz when creating new cluster</b>
  • BZ 1352575 v3 REST API | job object status description should be in upper case letters and inside a entry</b>
  • BZ 1350399 NPE during compensation on startup
Team: SLA
  • BZ 1340626 Support update of the HE OVF ad-hoc
  • BZ 1348640 HE can’t get started if a new vNIC was added with an empty profile.
  • BZ 1339660 Hosted Engine’s disk is in Unassigned Status in the RHEV UI
Team: Network
  • BZ 1351145 Register unregistered templates (import storage domain) failed via REST


Team: Virt
Team: Storage
  • BZ 1339780 Require fix for bug 1339777 – ioprocess keep open file on shared storage after touching or truncating a file
  • BZ 1344289 Add compat level verification for uploaded QCOW
  • BZ 1342397 Vdsm cannot parse the output of dd from coreutils 8.25.5

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

Team: Integration
  • BZ 1356221 hosted-engine –ugprade-appliance fails with glusterfs based SHE

oVirt Engine SDK 4 Java

Team: Infra

oVirt Engine Dashboard

Team: UX
  • BZ 1357104 oVirt 4.0 translation update post intl-QA

Bug fixes

oVirt Engine

Team: Gluster

  • BZ 1255590 Gluster: Variables in an error message are not replaced when it is shown on screen

Team: UX

  • BZ 1320559 [Webadmin] uncaught exception notification repeats endlessly

Team: Virt

  • BZ 1128453 [REST API]: VM next_run do not have all fields updated.
  • BZ 1296127 string showing number of cores of VM in basictab in 3.6 is harder to read than in 3.5
  • BZ 1349526 Incorrect error message while VM migration is running
  • BZ 1346848 VmPoolMonitor does not log reason for VM prestart failure

Team: Integration

  • BZ 1331168 engine-setup should check postgresql version compatibility for remote DBs

Team: Infra

  • BZ 1226561 Command-coordination: re-acquire engine lock after engine restart
  • BZ 1219147 oVirt’s message mechanism should permit space allocation warnings to be thrown

Team: SLA

  • BZ 1324830 Update VM NUMA pinning via host menu, when VM run will result to VM failed to start on next run
  • BZ 1260381 Incorrect behavior of power saving weight module
  • BZ 1351556 LowUtiliztion parameter does not exist under power_saving policy

Team: Network

  • BZ 1324479 race between SetupNetwork and event-triggered getVdsCaps
  • BZ 1324125 macpool addresses are not forced to lowercase
  • BZ 1333728 Rest API allows creating network providers without required fields.

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