oVirt Release Kandidat 3.6.1

Das Team um das Open Source Projekt oVirt, hat den dritten Release Kandidaten in Version 3.6.1 veröffentlicht. Die Entwickler haben ca. 228 Fehler behoben, 3 neue Features integriert und die Packages :

  • ovirt-engine-wildfly-overlay
  • ovirt-engine-wildfly
  • ovirt-engine-cli
  • ovirt-host-deploy


Die neue Version für das KVM Management Tool ist für die Systeme:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7,
  • CentOS Linux 6.7 (or similar)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1,
  • CentOS Linux 7.1 (or similar)


Was ist in der oVirt Version 3.6.1 neu?

  • BZ 1267503 Unable to add/remove objects from PM Proxy Preference list in Power Managment tab in Edit Host <- in der WebGUI können die Power Management Einstellungen nun nicht nur länger aufgerufen, sondern auch nachträglich geändert werden (dc | oterh_dc)
  • Info – BZ 1273885 Random uuid generated when trying to create new authentication key for cinder external provider <- Tooltip zum  New / Edit UUID Feld
  • Feature – BZ 1098661 dynamic log setting <- Plugin ermöglicht den Admin sich am Jboss JMX Interface anzumelden. Nur für Superuser and nur localhost, falscher Login wird nicht angezeigt = silent
    • # $JBOSS_HOME/bin/jboss-cli.sh –controller= –connect –user=admin@internal COMMAND

Es sollten vor einem Upgrade auf jeden Fall die Release Notes mit den bekannten Problemen gelesen werden, grade für ein Upgrade von 3.5..

Release Notes: http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.6.1_Release_Notes
ISOs zu 3.6: http://resources.ovirt.org/pub/ovirt-3.6-pre/iso/
oVirt Live ISO: http://resources.ovirt.org/pub/ovirt-3.6-pre/iso/ovirt-live/

Liste der offiziellen 220 Bugfixes

BZ 1090934 – [User Portal] Username of logged-in user appears in error dialog instead of pool name
BZ 1094842 – Bonding modes 0, 5 and 6 should be avoided for VM networks
BZ 1139249 – Bullets are missing from list of warnings presented to user in cases such as when removing a shared disk
BZ 1139613 – [webadmin] misaligned example text in edit vNIC dialog
BZ 1140153 – Update cluster scheduling policy, with threshold and with properties not update threshold parameters
BZ 1142786 – Error message trying to export a disk when no attached External Image provider is misleading
BZ 1149450 – Move Disks dialog is very small and has no scrollbars on the Alias and Source fields
BZ 1150581 – [RFE] Implement HTML/DOM flag to indicate that GUI is ready for interaction
BZ 1170219 – 3.4.4 engine does not support external VMs on ppc hosts and unsupported balloon log spam.
BZ 1176820 – Failed to set user defined scheduling policy via REST
BZ 1177259 – Host relocation to VM with NUMA pinning, do not drop the old host NUMA pinning
BZ 1180883 – Attach disk window is messed up when there are a lot of disks
BZ 1183462 – [ja_JP] [es_ES] [User Portal] String broken in ‘New or Edit Network Interface’ dialog.
BZ 1196640 – [Monitoring] Network utilisation is not shown for the VM
BZ 1199782 – same pci addr is stored for two vNICs if they are plugged to a running VM one at a time
BZ 1200787 – Inconsistent display of required checkboxes in network/clusters tab and manage networks dialog
BZ 1202118 – SR-IOV > Add icon to VFs in SetupNetworks
BZ 1211270 – Failed to update vm to use preferred numa mode via REST
BZ 1216929 – Error while executing action Add NIC to VM: Failed to HotPlugNicVDS, error = unsupported configuration: boot order 5 is already used by another device, code = 49 (Failed with error ACTIVATE_NIC_FAILED and code 49)
BZ 1222298 – [vdsm] iSCSI login to a new target while editing a deactivated iSCSI domain doesn’t give the exposed LUNs
BZ 1223194 – set FF38 as the supported browser for RHEV
BZ 1231507 – [SR-IOV] REST API for SR-IOV
BZ 1232396 – Failed cleanup of disk entry from database after failed disk copy operation
BZ 1241279 – engine API: Missing properties for Instance_types (instancetypes)
BZ 1242236 – [New HostSetupNetworksCommand] the old SetupNetworkCommand shouldn’t be used internally
BZ 1244493 – Host Network QoS should not allow zero values in UI\REST
BZ 1244519 – Failed to create unlimited memory quota limit via REST
BZ 1244720 – pg_restore: [archiver (db)] could not execute query: ERROR: language “plpgsql” already exists after upgrade
BZ 1244935 – Force remove is missing in hosts tab in mixed gluster\virt mode.
BZ 1245664 – Copy quota fail with error massage
BZ 1248049 – Failed to create numa node to pinned vm via REST
BZ 1249900 – [Setup Networks] – Improve the drag and drop Interfaces in SN dialog window when trying to create bond/s
BZ 1251003 – Message reporting no password is empty
BZ 1252059 – The “OK” button should be pressed twice in order to make a template in the “New Template” window
BZ 1253261 – [PPC64LE]Failed to start vm with enabled soundcard
BZ 1253302 – Layout for login is broken
BZ 1254940 – [Admin Portal] No warning/error message when tried to login with blank username/password
BZ 1254954 – [ja_JP] [Admin Portal]- The field name alignment needs to be corrected on the login page.
BZ 1254957 – Remove deprecated keys from list
BZ 1255289 – [ALL LANG] Clicking the button ‘New’ next to Host Network QoS don’t work in New Logical Network->General dialog.
BZ 1255428 – [admin portal] top-left corner distorted in New Host dialog with IE 11
BZ 1255606 – [de_DE][Admin portal] Truncation observed in language drop-down on login page
BZ 1255808 – [engine-setup] PKI CONFIGURATION points to upstream wiki about certificates renewal info
BZ 1256657 – Failed to pin cpu of vm that pinned to two hosts
BZ 1256725 – Failed to pin vm to host and add numa node to vm in one action
BZ 1257240 – Template’s disk format is wrong
BZ 1258233 – [SR-IOV] – VFs that are a slaves of a bond, shouldn’t considered as free
BZ 1258380 – [VM Pools][REST-API] setting prestarted vms upon vmPool creation is blocked in UI but not in API
BZ 1260493 – Errata dialog is not loaded with the selected filters
BZ 1260499 – System Errata query is invoked repeatedly and unnecessarily
BZ 1260503 – The ‘x’ on the top right corner of the errata dialog doesn’t close the dialog
BZ 1261733 – CoCo infrastructure should provide a timeout for each command to prevent entities to be locked forever.
BZ 1262051 – Host move from ‘up’ to ‘connecting’ and back to ‘up’ from time to time
BZ 1262275 – Unable to add slave to bond using slave id or modify existing slave using name
BZ 1263323 – Add new host, error message not shown
BZ 1263695 – [engine-backend] AddStoragePoolWithStorages fails with NullPointerException after iSCSI connection failure
BZ 1264385 – [vmconsole] vmconsole permissions violates engine permission scheme
BZ 1264391 – vmconsole specific role should be assigned to enable vmconsole access
BZ 1264643 – Disk move/migrate dialogues inconsistent
BZ 1264670 – Failed to add resource root ‘slf4j-jdk14.jar’ at path ‘slf4j-jdk14.jar’
BZ 1265133 – [Per host CHAP] Updating CHAP credentials via storageconnectionextensions with a target that already exist in the DB fails with ‘Internal Engine Error’
BZ 1266135 – [vmconsole][helper] key list entity is incorrect
BZ 1267503 – Unable to add/remove objects from PM Proxy Preference list in Power Management tab in Edit Host
BZ 1268076 – Can’t login to Admin portal after engine-manage-domains command
BZ 1268814 – [ja_JP] The text alignment needs to be corrected on clusters->new->console tab
BZ 1268824 – Uncheck “Format Domain, i.e. Storage Content will be lost!” by default
BZ 1269090 – [ALL-LANGS] Need to translate a message on virtual machine->errata sub-tab.
BZ 1269092 – [ja_JP] Text overlapping observed on virtual machines->run once->host tab.
BZ 1269206 – Errors in attach disk to VM window (scrolling error and selection errors)
BZ 1269405 – [SR-IOV] – New VM – When choosing passthrough profile (instance type), the type should be automatically pci-passthrough
BZ 1269415 – Text overlap observed on storage->general sub-tab
BZ 1269439 – [Cinder][Automation] Wrong Error and “disk leftovers”(in db) remain upon deleting 10* { vms+cinder disk }
BZ 1269452 – SpiceX.cab not offered for installation from IE
BZ 1269768 – Auto import hosted engine domain
BZ 1269796 – deprecated config values may brake the upgrade process
BZ 1269846 – It’s impossible to create new vNIC on VM with error that MAC is already in use (when switching MAC pools)
BZ 1270583 – Vm nic unplugged after previewing/undoing a snapshot
BZ 1270584 – engine database has some missing indexes
BZ 1270732 – [engine-backend] Undesired handling with a UnsupportedGlusterVolumeReplicaCountError from vdsm
BZ 1270777 – [Cinder][API] Attaching Volumes from datacenter ‘A’ to a non member VM should return CDA=False
BZ 1271518 – [Old SetupNetworks API] cannot attach network to BOND
BZ 1271521 – ovirt-engine service cannot detect jboss version if service already run and debug port enabled
BZ 1271524 – [Old SetupNetworks API] cannot attach VLAN network to BOND
BZ 1271721 – [Cinder] Cinder disk with ceph backend actual size is not ‘0’
BZ 1271912 – [SR-IOV] – Edit VMs vNIC – when choosing a ‘passthrough’ profile, the type should be automatically ‘pci-passthrough’ type
BZ 1272181 – Connect in fullscreen mode is not working with spice-xpi
BZ 1272761 – Log should append to log file not override
BZ 1272857 – [Setup Networks] UI – Network’s tooltip preventing from dragging the network and attaching it to the NIC/s below(if it’s already attached to a NIC)
BZ 1272978 – Fields “Console User” and “Console Client IP” stuck in N/A state (while field “Logged-in User” provides actual information.)
BZ 1273031 – USB Auto-Share is not working with spice-xpi
BZ 1273284 – Engine- Support initial allocation size for volume on block storage in order to allow v2v to complete
BZ 1273376 – OVF file is removed for any given VM when only a direct LUN disk is attached to it
BZ 1273378 – [hosted-engine-setup] [block storage] Cannot import the hosted-engine storage domain because its LUN is written in the engine DB as a direct LUN
BZ 1273405 – Cinder snapshot id doesn’t appear under “disk snapshot ID” tab after creating a snapshot
BZ 1273486 – [SR-IOV] – Block Hotplug/unplug ‘pci-passthrough’ vNIC types on 3.6
BZ 1273572 – NPE on CreateCinderSnapshot – negative flow
BZ 1273789 – Do not initialize disabled extensions
BZ 1273885 – Random uuid generated when trying to create new authentication key for cinder external provider
BZ 1273950 – Cinder disk size is not formatted to GB in “Edit virtual machine” window
BZ 1274187 – [API][Host network QoS] Update for existing Host Network QoS fails with internal server error
BZ 1274316 – [SR-IOV] – ‘pci-passthrough’ vNIC reported as unplugged in UI once running the VM, although the vNICs state is UP and plugged
BZ 1274677 – [ppc64le] After cloning a vm from a template, vm fails to start with XML error: target ‘sda’ duplicated for disk sources
BZ 1274814 – Upgrade WildFly to 8.2.1
BZ 1275055 – [Cinder] Copy template button should be greyed out in case of cinder template
BZ 1275056 – [Cinder] Copy template operation should be Blocked in case of cinder template
BZ 1275061 – Template with cinder disk display allocation-policy under disks tab
BZ 1275271 – [UX][Cinder] Create new Vm’s sub-tab attach disk offers wrong cinder volumes
BZ 1275337 – Wrong message when moving a host to another cluster with different management network
BZ 1275360 – [Cinder] When cinder conf allows X volumes, engine actually allows X-1 cinder volumes to be created
BZ 1275629 – Importing an image from glance never finishes
BZ 1275649 – When adding a new direct lun from the REST API, the lun’s size appears to be not up to date
BZ 1275717 – setupNetworks UI | internal engine error when break BOND and remove label in one action
BZ 1275733 – [REST API] Host list don’t appear under placement_policy after update VM to pinned
BZ 1275760 – [z-stream clone 3.6.z] Whenever an exception is thrown in the front end code, unrelated parts of the GUI tend to stop working (e.g. ‘new’ and ‘import’ buttons under Networks tab)
BZ 1275810 – VM can be started with incompatible CPU and guest OS
BZ 1276510 – [3.6.z clone] remove ie8 permutations from GWT compilation
BZ 1276915 – registration of ceph secrets isn’t being executed upon host activation
BZ 1277214 – Allow opteron_g2 and newer CPUs for Windows 10 guest OS
BZ 1277452 – Failed to import virtual machine when select VMware as source on rhevm3.6 server
BZ 1277469 – Creating a Cinder snapshot after committing a snapshot containing a Cinder disk, results two volumes with the same vm_snapshot_id.
BZ 1277558 – [Cinder] creation of a snapshot with multiple cinder disks is reported as failed
BZ 1277570 – NullPointer exception reported when vdsm erroneously report storage pools as R/O
BZ 1278126 – Remove of Cinder disks should remove one volume at a time from the leaf volume up to the base volume.
BZ 1278378 – after adding a new host from foreman using provisioned hosts, host_provider_id field in db is empty
BZ 1278467 – Not able to upgrade hypervisor using Ovirt engine api
BZ 1279192 – Error message doesn’t appear when trying to create storage domain with path that already exists in the system
BZ 1279208 – Attach disk does not work in user portal
BZ 1279499 – unregistration of ceph secrets isn’t being executed upon host deactivation
BZ 1279767 – remove jpa definitions from the engine deployment configuration
BZ 1279775 – [SR-IOV] – vNIC’s custom properties are not passed in case of a VF(passthrough vNIC type)
BZ 1279798 – [engine-manage-domains] Cannot handle domain in upper-case
BZ 1279955 – Clusters with no management network after upgrade
BZ 1280264 – Block import VM from external system on PPC
BZ 1280370 – Can’t connect to guest-VM created from template via serial console.
BZ 1281288 – Actual size of disk to be exported to glance external storage provider is displayed as <1
BZ 1281297 – rhevm web shows incomplete RHEV-H OS Version information
BZ 1281328 – CONNECT_TO_SERIAL_CONSOLE translation/caption missing
BZ 1281433 – hostdev_passthrough: VM “spec_params” values are empty in engine DB.
BZ 1281803 – Incorrect user and group identifiers aren’t handled correctly
BZ 1282085 – Create vm from template hangs forever when template on multiple domains, and first domain is not active
BZ 1282239 – Cannot export VM with RAM snapshots
BZ 1282397 – [Fedora Only] engine-backup fails with: tar: ‘–same-order’ cannot be used with ‘-c’
BZ 1282693 – MoveOrCopyDisk – source disk remains locked in memory
BZ 1282694 – MoveOrCopyDisk – target disk isn’t locked during the operation
BZ 1282880 – if the ovirt-engine-setup-plugin-dockerc is present, engine-clenup will try to connect to docker also if we didn’t deployed any container
BZ 1283117 – Tables in errata tabs are not sortable
BZ 1283944 – Template creation task after upgrade isn’t marked as finished
BZ 1284060 – errata tabs in webadmin only show the first 20 errata
BZ 1284250 – When performing rollback and failing to delete the disk it’ll remain LOCKED (Context is always passed on rollback)
BZ 1284260 – VMware environment cannot be added as external provider.
BZ 1284266 – [Cinder] Create Snapshot skips cinder Deactivated disks, it results in data loss
BZ 1284271 – oVirt 3.6: translation cycle 5 tracker
BZ 1284580 – Cannot export VM with RAM snapshots
BZ 1285228 – No version filter for Datacenters when adding an openstack volume.
BZ 1285696 – New vNIC/edit – The vNIC type for VMs is ‘pci-passthourh’ by default for all profiles, regular and passthrough ones
BZ 1286557 – Uncaught exception when trying to move a disk (when there is no active storage domain in the data center to move the disk to)
BZ 1286658 – ‘Uncaught exception occurred’ message when removing a VM while Snapshots sub-tab selected
BZ 1286669 – oVirt 3.6: translation cycle 6 tracker
BZ 1287136 – Failed to upgrade DC compatibility version from 3.4 to 3.5 after upgrading hosts
BZ 1287589 – Wrong JSON format in AutoRecoveryAllowedTypes config value
BZ 1289123 – change default heartbeat interval to 30


BZ 1131192 – [oVirt][VDSM] Consume fix for “sanlock.get_hosts() off-by-one error when specifying the hostId argument”
BZ 1229765 – [vdsm] vdsm ProtocolDetector.SSLHandshakeDispatcher ERROR Error during handshake: sslv3 alert certificate unknown
BZ 1246626 – [PATCH] Please depend on policycoreutils-python-utils
BZ 1250839 – [scale] VDSM thread leak with unresponsive storage
BZ 1251008 – [El7.2] consume fix for “libvirt reports physical=0 for COW2 volumes on block storage”
BZ 1256081 – Consume fix for “Multipath is not correctly identifying iscsi devices, and misconfiguring them”
BZ 1256949 – KSM sleep_millisecs bellow 10ms for systems above 16GB of RAM
BZ 1259468 – Setupnetworks fails from time to time with error ‘Failed to bring interface up’
BZ 1261352 – [SR-IOV] – ‘pci-passthrough’ vNIC reported as unplugged in UI once running the VM, although the vNICs state is UP and plugged
BZ 1262496 – bonding option “primary” is considered invalid by vdsm
BZ 1265204 – Consume fix for “multipathd: uevent trigger error”
BZ 1265547 – [vdsm] logrotate for /var/log/core again not working
BZ 1269768 – Auto import hosted engine domain
BZ 1271205 – [Host QoS] – Host QoS is not working for vlan tagged networks
BZ 1272027 – Remove obtain_device_list_from_udev from vdsm private lvm configuration
BZ 1272035 – Consume fix for “pvchange fails to find physical volume” in lvm pacakge
BZ 1273837 – [SR-IOV] – vdsm.log is spammed with KeyError: ‘net.0.name’ error messages while running VM with ‘pci-passthrough’ vNIC/s
BZ 1274063 – vdsm fails to start due to incorrect permissions on /tmp/ovirt.log
BZ 1277879 – rhev3.6 should support “folder of files” and “zip” format when select OVA as source while importing vms
BZ 1278453 – After upgrade from 3.5 to 3.6 host still have old package vdsm-python-zombiereaper-4.16.28-1.el7ev.noarch
BZ 1278880 – Cannot find Master Domain
BZ 1279740 – improve thread usage in VDSM requests
BZ 1280219 – vdsm_3.6_build-artifacts-fc23-x86_64 failing due to missing dep on rpm-python
BZ 1281909 – Errors when resizing devices after disconnecting storage server during maintenance flow
BZ 1282187 – Host under maintenance still have sanlock lockspaces which prevents the upgrade of the sanlock package
BZ 1282239 – Cannot export VM with RAM snapshots
BZ 1282581 – VDSM failure on RNG device conf on VM migration after upgrade to oVirt 3.6
BZ 1283628 – [RHEV-H] – setupNetworks fail sometimes with error OSError: [Errno 16] Device or resource busy
BZ 1284564 – support new libvirt events
BZ 1286428 – Duplicate gluster servers appear in backup-volfile-servers
BZ 1286462 – Vdsm daemon failed to start, because incorrect cpu affinity

oVirt Hosted Engine HA

BZ 1030441 – Handle crash of both ha services: agent and broker.
BZ 1277079 – After storage problem, host not show correct metadata
BZ 1277646 – the agent should avoid trying to upgrade the host if it’s not in maintenance mode
BZ 1278725 – [logging] some of low level operation logs got losts
BZ 1279548 – [upgrade] broker.conf got overwritten with initial defaults during 3.5 -> 3.6 upgrade
BZ 1281539 – [upgrade] possible race condition upgrading different hosts
BZ 1282187 – Host under maintenance still have sanlock lockspaces which prevents the upgrade of the sanlock package

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

BZ 1059952 – hosted-engine –deploy (additional host) will fail if the engine is not using the default self-signed CA
BZ 1247068 – [TEXT] Warn the administrator that CD/DVD passthrough is disabled for RHEL7
BZ 1254838 – [hsoted-engine] adding second host fails with: “SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed”
BZ 1256467 – hosted-engine-setup fails acquiring CA.crt with a 404 error
BZ 1268373 – Enforce engine VM memory configuration against available memory
BZ 1269182 – hosted-engine accepts FQDNs with underscore while the engine correctly fails on that
BZ 1269430 – On additional hosts, hosted-engine-setup lets the user specify an interface for the managemnt bridge but ignores it
BZ 1271511 – ‘Destroy VM and abort setup’ fails when the setup is trying to add the host to the engine
BZ 1273378 – [hosted-engine-setup] [block storage] Cannot import the hosted-engine storage domain because its LUN is written in the engine DB as a direct LUN
BZ 1273937 – [CI] Increasing again timeouts to avoid false positives on CI jobs
BZ 1278725 – [logging] some of low level operation logs got losts
BZ 1283141 – [node] hosted-engine-setup will not ask about appliance memory if the appliance OVA path is passed via answerfile
BZ 1285738 – Hosted engine setup fails when VDSM is slow to initialize
BZ 1286429 – If first host deployed in insecure mode, second host deployment failed

oVirt Engine Extension AAA JDBC

BZ 1241879 – [aaa-jdbc-extension] Add support for nested group resolution on login
BZ 1241883 – [aaa-jdbc-tool] Add support for removal of nested users/groups
BZ 1275667 – NPE when trying to show nonexisting group via group-manage command
BZ 1277398 – Unclear message if aaa-jdbc schema is not synced with package version
BZ 1283936 – Database connections are not properly closed

oVirt Data Warehouse

BZ 1193318 – [TEXT ONLY] Data Warehouse service is incorrectly labeled as ‘Dataware House’

oVirt Reports

BZ 1258789 – ovirt-engine-reports-tool handles relative export/import paths wrongly

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