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i-MSCP 1.5.3 erschienen

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Das Open-Source Multi Server Control Panel, i-MSCP, wurde in Version 1.5.3 veröffentlicht. Das Release 1.5.2 wurde wegen paralleler Entwicklung der Serie 1.6, übersprungen, also nicht wundern.

i-MSCP 1.5.3 Release Notes


  • Backport: Fix for #IP-1758 (Could not remove HTTPD log directory — The immutable bit is removed too late) from 1.6.x branch
  • Fixed: Couldn’t restore backup archive – Can’t locate object method “selectall_array” via package “DBI::db” (restore backup feature)
  • Fixed: Default PHP INI values (PHP Editor)


  • Backport: Fix for #IP-1742 (i-MSCP upgrade error – Unknown ‘mail_user’ database table in database update r254) from 1.6.x branch


  • Backport: Fix for #IP-1749 (User profile fields validation too strict from 1.6.x branch)
  • Cosmetic: Remove borders in table header/footer (layout)
  • Fixed: Couldn’t access support section when logged as reseller
  • Fixed: Couldn’t generate self-signed SSL certificate – Couldn’t write in temporary SSL configuration file
  • Fixed: Couldn’t update customer password when logged in as administrator or reseller
  • Fixed: IDE inspections (PhpStorm)
  • Fixed: Localization routing
  • Fixed: Possible double POST request submission in restore backup interface
  • Fixed: Unhandled ‘torestore’ status leading to cosmetic issues in GUI when a domain is being restored
  • Fixed: Wrong usage of strstr() function (SystemInfo class)


  • Fixed: Local plugin configuration files are not merged as expected


  • Fixed: script is broken leading to un-processing of SMTP logs
  • Fixed: Unexpected warning (FALSE warning) when running imscp-backup-all backup script in verbose mode


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