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GlusterFS in Version 3.5.5 freigegeben

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Die Entwickler des verteilten Dateisystems GlusterFS, haben die Version 3.5.5 als Stable freigegeben. Hierbei handelt es sich um ein Bugfix Release der 3.5 Version, bei der aufgefallene Probleme der Features, korrigiert wurden. Die offizielle Liste der Bugfixe und bekannten Probleme:


Bugs Fixed:

* 1166862: rmtab file is a bottleneck when lot of clients are accessing a volume through NFS
* 1217432: DHT:Quota:- brick process crashed after deleting .glusterfs from backend
* 1217433: glusterfsd crashed after directory was removed from the mount point, while self-heal and rebalance were running on the volume
* 1231641: cli crashes when listing quota limits with xml output

Known Issues:

* The following configuration changes are necessary for 'qemu' and
  'samba vfs plugin' integration with libgfapi to work seamlessly:

    1. gluster volume set <volname> server.allow-insecure on
    2. restarting the volume is necessary

        gluster volume stop <volname>
        gluster volume start <volname>

    3. Edit /etc/glusterfs/glusterd.vol to contain this line:

        option rpc-auth-allow-insecure on

    4. restarting glusterd is necessary

        service glusterd restart

  More details are also documented in the Gluster Wiki on the Libgfapi
  with qemu libvirt page.

* For Block Device translator based volumes open-behind translator at
  the client side needs to be disabled.

    gluster volume set <volname> disabled

* libgfapi clients calling glfs_fini before a successful glfs_init will
  cause the client to hang as reported here. The workaround is NOT to
  call glfs_fini for error cases encountered before a successful
  glfs_init. This is being tracked in Bug 1134050 for glusterfs-3.5 and
  Bug 1093594 for mainline.

* If the /var/run/gluster directory does not exist enabling quota will
  likely fail (Bug 1117888).

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