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oVirt Release Kandidat 3.6.2

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Das oVirt Pojekt hat die neue Version 3.6.2 freigegeben. Diese Version bringt 7 neue Features mit und behebt über 140 Fehler aus der vorherigen Version.

Features in oVirt 3.6.2

  • Feedback über den Recovery Status (mehr Logs und Informationen zum Installationsverlauf)
  • für nicht Distributed Volumes wurde die Option zum Rebalance deaktiviert
  • Hosts im Maintenance Modus stoppen nun auch den Glusterd und GlusterFSD Prozess
  • wird der Host wieder aktiviert wird auch Glusterd gestartet
  • oVirt arbeitet nun auch mit dem DNF Paketmanager
  • MOM Performance wurde verbessert
  • das Namensfeld für die Storragedomain kann überschrieben werden

Die Release Notes für die oVirt Version 3.6.2

What’s New in 3.6.2?

BZ 1285236 Provided feedback about the status of the recovery
More logs have been added improving feedback during the recovery flow helping the administrator understanding what VDSM is doing during the recovery, and providing progress report.

BZ 1290678 Rebalance option have been disabled on the menu for non-distributed volumes

BZ 1205724 Host in maintenance mode now stop glusterd and glusterfsd processes

BZ 1205727 Host activation now restart glusterd

BZ 1162508 DNF support
ovirt-engine-setup used to rely on yum compatibility layer to work on recent distributions that comes with DNF package manager installed by default. Now it can work directly with DNF package manager.

BZ 1182097 MOM performance have been improved

BZ 1295852 Added the ability to override the Storage Domain name field
This changed field will be reflected in the engine DB and in the GUI but will not get updated in the Storage Domain metadata until the user will update the Storage Domain once it is active.
Once a Storage Domain will be imported, if the name field will be blank then the value from the Storage Domain metadata will be initialized, otherwise the fields which were provided in the user request will be used.

Known Issues

BZ 1221926 – engine-setup –offline does not update versionlock
Cause: a bug in engine-setup running in offline mode

Consequence: cause version lock wasn’t written inside the appliance on versions < 3.6.2: yum update cause ovirt-engine packages to be updated without a database update by engine-setup.

Workaround (if any): avoid to use –offline on verson < 3.6.2; in hosted-engine deployment with the appliance avoid to use the automatic setup. When upgrading appliance from a previous version to 3.6.2 be sure to upgrade setup packages only: yum update “ovirt-engine-setup*” and then run engine-setup.

Bugs fixed

oVirt Engine

BZ 1083104 – engine-setup –offline does not update versionlock
BZ 1140634 – missing separators on Host -> Network interfaces subtab
BZ 1162508 – [RFE] support dnf
BZ 1167812 – [GUI]>[SetupNetworks]> Bonding mode > validate custom bond modes
BZ 1204609 – Bad name <UNKNOWN> in live merge of snapshot disk
BZ 1205724 – [RFE][HC] Host in maintenance mode should stop glusterd and glusterfsd processes
BZ 1209475 – [New] – using same mount point while creating brick gives unexpected exception.
BZ 1216896 – [TEXT] – Improve error message for detaching network that is in use by VM/VMs from SetupNetwork. Error message is grammatically incorrect (singular vs plural) and confusing
BZ 1218057 – [New] – sync all the storage devices to UI when user adds the host.
BZ 1225484 – [Quota] Storage Quota size is calculated twice for floating disks.
BZ 1227497 – Live Merge – in certain failure cases engine may not correctly mark merged snapshots in the database
BZ 1240923 – engine-backup does not fail cleanly when parsing arguments
BZ 1243860 – ISO on Gluster should be a viable option
BZ 1245249 – Can’t detach/remove a local SD from local DC.
BZ 1247957 – Misleading audit log when deactivating a storage domain
BZ 1248867 – Administration Portal- New cluster, CPU Type: IBM POWER 8 should be IBM POWER8
BZ 1250063 – Host becomes non-operational when activating it from maintenance mode, if you have a required network that was never used
BZ 1252759 – [virt-v2v] Import a VM using virt-v2v of a VM which is currently in lock status will cause an uninitialzed CDA message
BZ 1254320 – [New HostSetupNetworks] if no changes were done- setup networks shouldn’t be invoked
BZ 1256048 – Commit a previewed snapshot with Cinder disk should remove all its “children” snapshots
BZ 1256049 – [Cinder] Commit a previewed snapshot with Cinder disk should remove orphaned disks
BZ 1256841 – Storage domain remains in ‘preparing for maintenance’ when there is a non operational host
BZ 1258208 – [SR-IOV] – Updating vNIC profile that has QoS configured to be with [Unlimited] as well with checking the ‘passthrough’ checkbox will trigger the latest QoS configured on the vNIC profile
BZ 1258462 – Tabs listed thrice once gluster-monitoring-uiplugins installed
BZ 1258735 – ‘unmanaged’ network displayed as ‘unsynced’ network on the Out-of-sync column under [Hosts]>Network Interfaces
BZ 1259000 – Hosts stuck in ‘connecting’ status while running automation tests
BZ 1259826 – [UI] html tag leaks to UI
BZ 1260752 – RHEV-M upgrade to 3.5.4 fails with error “Command ‘/usr/bin/openssl’ failed to execute” for custom apache.p12
BZ 1264479 – [vmconsole] does not create secure ssl session
BZ 1265815 – Rest allows the creation of too much numa nodes
BZ 1269481 – Setting Prefix on a network instead of netmask recognized as a difference and network considered as unsynced
BZ 1270563 – [Host QoS] – Engine calculate and report wrong Host QoS values(zero)
BZ 1270688 – [New HostSetupNetworksCommand] – Marking gateway configuration as Out-of-sync
BZ 1270725 – [Cinder] Stateless VM fails to start with NullPointerException, operation does not rollback
BZ 1270780 – Add Affinity Rules Enforcement Manager interval to engine-config
BZ 1270807 – Adding IP(manually) to new network that was created via rest api and attached to host is not marked as out-of-sync
BZ 1273058 – [HostDev] – Failing to run VM with host device – pci 82576 VF (0x10ca) attached to VM because the host device considered as unavailable
BZ 1276397 – No unit next to the “limit” textbox in the QoS Create/Edit dialog
BZ 1278297 – [API][Host network QoS] Removing the host network QoS from network on DC fails and QoS still exists on network
BZ 1279625 – Can’t add Nehalem processor host to 3.5 Compat mode and gets in endless loop error
BZ 1280004 – Balloon device should be enabled by default for new VMs
BZ 1280251 – Can’t update template display disconnect action
BZ 1280309 – rename SSH port to port for some fence agents
BZ 1282441 – [SR-IOV] – UI clusters less than 3.6 – ‘passthrough’ checkbox appears in vNIC profile dialog and ‘pci-passthrough’ type is part of the type list in the vNIC’s dialog
BZ 1282449 – Hosts list under host tab shows previously cluster hosts list.
BZ 1282789 – Live snapshot’s ram and conf volumes are not removed upon Vm deletion, in case of comiting snapshot
BZ 1282796 – [Cinder] ThawVDSCommand fails when taking live snapshot without a guest agent
BZ 1282853 – [RHEVM 3.5.5] Pool’s “custom properties” are not saved
BZ 1282957 – LSM fails when one of the vm’s disks is located on domain in maintenance
BZ 1283662 – [host-update-manager] Info ‘A new version is available…’ visible even upgrade is in progress
BZ 1283708 – USB Device passthrough should not be disabled when host doesn’t support PCI passthrough
BZ 1283964 – Support NFS v4.1 connections
BZ 1284587 – [template-version] Base template does not have <version> attribute
BZ 1284596 – Add vmpool doesn’t have <use_latest_template_version> tag as opposed to Add vm
BZ 1284626 – Fields in configure will not drag to expand.
BZ 1285780 – foreman integration: remove “nested” attribute from parameters dict
BZ 1286132 – [Admin Portal] Cannot edit DC properties after upgrade from 3.5 – MAC Address Pool complains about invalid MAC address
BZ 1286224 – Uncaught exception when creating new VM from template
BZ 1286452 – block moving a host to 3.6 cluster if the host doesn’t work with jsonrpc
BZ 1286558 – engine-setup should not depend on yum groups
BZ 1286646 – v2v: add cluster field to “import” and “add external provider” dialogs.
BZ 1286887 – Optimizing the volume for virt-store, during volume creation throws error
BZ 1286967 – Add support for named bond modes for vdsm 3.5 in engine 3.6
BZ 1286984 – Uncaught javascript NPE when attempting to Edit VM
BZ 1287025 – Create snapshot fails when one of the vm’s disks is located on domain in maintenance
BZ 1287122 – [REST-API] [cloud init] Can’t set user different than ‘root’ in RunOnce
BZ 1287144 – [cinder] Warning massage should appear when trying to hot-plug cinder disk with IDE interface
BZ 1287688 – The /clusters resource uses the “All-Content: true” header, but it isn’t documented
BZ 1287771 – [cinder] image is locked infinitely after engine restart was performed, during a make template of a VM with cinder disks
BZ 1288107 – [events] Missing whitespace – Message: Power Management test failed for Host$host.No reason was returned for this operation failure. See logs for further details.
BZ 1288157 – [Cinder] Stateless VM with Cinder disk should be based on a cloned disk instead of a stateless snapshot.
BZ 1288852 – [cinder] Restarting engine during create VM from template: cinder disk is created, rollback failure (no VM)
BZ 1289037 – [WebAdmin] – Error message appears in the UI “Uncaught exception occurred. Please try reloading the page.” while pressing the ‘Import’ button in the VM Import sub tab, under Storage main tab
BZ 1289492 – [engine-webadmin] Copy floating/attached to a VM disk event log describes template copy
BZ 1289538 – Disk description can be updated when the disk is locked during a live disk migration
BZ 1290012 – [REST-API] rsdl: ‘provisioned_size’ tag is not under ‘disk’ tag for add disk
BZ 1290097 – Misleading audit log :Refresh image list failed for domain(s): ISO_DOMAIN (Unknown file type)
BZ 1290315 – New vNIC – It takes time for the profile to be loaded
BZ 1290349 – [Glance] Wrong size of image in import window
BZ 1290433 – A non-management network is allowed to be chosen as a host gateway
BZ 1290678 – Rebalance option to be disabled on the menu for non-distributed volumes
BZ 1291202 – listing iso domain fails with NPE where there’s no iso domain in system.
BZ 1291569 – Live merge: Engine must refresh resized volume on HSM prior to starting merge
BZ 1291626 – [ppc64le][REST API] Failed to update vm pool size
BZ 1291634 – [engine-backend] Hosted-engine SD auto import fails on IndexOutOfBoundsException over FC
BZ 1292009 – missing dep on shadow-util cause install failure on ovirt-live
BZ 1292196 – Deleting disk that was copied from a disk containing a snapshot, will cause the original disk to remove
BZ 1292509 – It is possible to edit a disk using the api during LSM except the snapshot operation phase
BZ 1293338 – updating ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-jdbc rpm kills internal profile
BZ 1293644 – commands with mixed children types (CoCo/AsyncTasks) don’t converge
BZ 1293663 – Disk remains locked after create snapshot
BZ 1293689 – Leftovers in compensation table
BZ 1293863 – Failed to unplug VMs vNIC if it has a the same MAC address in use(plugged)
BZ 1293937 – [SR-IOV] – VF that was attached to VM via HostDevices sub tab considered as free
BZ 1294087 – UI exception after editing of a storage domain in webadmin
BZ 1294089 – UI exception when trying to create a detached storage domain in webadmin
BZ 1294772 – Host upgrade manager checks updates for all hosts at the same time
BZ 1295198 – [REST-API][SR-IOV]Add label and remove network from virtualfunctionallowednetworks/labels fail
BZ 1295435 – Attaching untagged and tagged networks when one has default MTU (1500) and another one has configured 1500 MTU to the same NIC fails
BZ 1295742 – Duplicate storage domains in REST API
BZ 1295852 – [RFE] Let the user change the name of an imported file Storage Domain
BZ 1296047 – [rsdl] allocation policy and format are missing for VM and template import from export domain
BZ 1296614 – ovirtmgmt bridge is not configured on newly deployed host
BZ 1297190 – Creating VM from template and restart the engine might cause the VM to stay in lock status for ever
BZ 1297452 – Scan alignment should not be allowed to run on running VMs
BZ 1297701 – fix_invalid_macs.sql is incompatible with postgresql 8
BZ 1158096 – Guest operating system of hosted engine VM is wrong
BZ 1179897 – [RFE] Implement client-side JavaScript stacktrace de-obfuscation
BZ 1290518 – failed Activating hosted engine domain during auto-import on NFS
BZ 1291156 – [ALL_LANG][User Portal] – Uncaught Exception Occurred while Click Extended -> Resources Pane
BZ 1293928 – Failed activating hosted engine SD during auto-import on iSCSI/FC
BZ 1297312 – [cinder] revert operation when fail to add Cinder snapshot.
BZ 1297842 – [cinder] revert operation when deleting Cinder snapshot should not update the active flag of the snapshot’s volume
BZ 1298489 – Unable to update VIRTIO_SCSI flag via rest api
BZ 1298534 – [SetupNetworks] attaching network with static boot protocol and IP cause the network to be un-synced

oVirt Engine Data Warehouse

BZ 1286441 – If the dwhd lost the original connection to the db it will not update the audit_log and dwh_history_timekeeping when dwh is stopped
BZ 1289983 – ovirt-engine-rename tool fails when dwh is installed

oVirt Engine Reports

BZ 1259356 – Average instead of maximum values in host heatmap report
BZ 1259363 – Visual flaws in host heatmap report
BZ 1286419 – [Tracker] Create new Dashboards
BZ 1299431 – rename fails when reports is installed and not set up

oVirt Engine Python SDK

  • Regenerated against the latest API

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

BZ 1215437 – hosted-engine –deploy will fail when re-deploying the first host
BZ 1221926 – hosted-engine – cloud-init – missing VM FQDN validation
BZ 1287159 – hosted-engine-setup can fail too silently
BZ 1241430 – [TEXT][Hosted-Engine] “oVirt Engine” shouldn’t be shown on downstream build.
BZ 1251965 – Appliance based setup should default to using /var/tmp for unpacking the image
BZ 1277010 – hosted-engine –deploy fails in second host when using gluster volume

oVirt Hosted Engine HA

BZ 1139793 – [RFE] Keep hosted engine VM configuration in the shared storage

oVirt Setup Library

BZ 1221926 – hosted-engine – cloud-init – missing VM FQDN validation


BZ 1134256 – Vdsm returns successfully even though hotunplugNic does not complete in libvirt
BZ 1248400 – oVirt: Consume fix for ” Bug 1243102 – Deleting VM snapshots with qemu-kvm-ev-2.1.2 fails”
BZ 1277204 – vdsm: setupNetworks fails when IPv6 is disabled at the kernel level
BZ 1279052 – [ppc64le] consume fix for: “After writing to a secondary iscsi thin provision disk with data that has been resized, the qemu process dies or vm stops with not enough space”
BZ 1284412 – v2v: Available VMs to import from VMware environment cannot be queried.
BZ 1285236 – [RFE] provide feedback about the status of the recovery
BZ 1286565 – Warn about non-replica 3 gluster volume instead of failing connection to server
BZ 1286997 – ship vdsm-hook-vmfex-dev with Vdsm
BZ 1287066 – [Cinder] Live preview fails to wake up a VM from hibernation
BZ 1290372 – After upgrading vdsm rpms from 3.3 or 3.4 to 3.6, vdsm fails to restart because it’s not configured
BZ 1290997 – Handle missing glusterfs-cli package
BZ 1291930 – Assigning direct LUN fails with error “scsi-block ‘lun’ devices do not support the serial property”

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