i-MSCP Bugfix Release 1.4.6 und 1.4.5

Die Entwickler des beliebten Multi-Server-Control-Panels, i-MSCP, haben heute das Bugfix Release 1.4.6 veröffentlicht. Dieses erschien nur 3 Tage nach dem vorherigen in Version 1.4.5 und führt 7 Änderungen durch.

Die Version 1.4.5 beinhaltet hingegen diverse Änderungen und Fehlerkorrekturen. Zudem gibt es die beiden neuen Packages für das Backup Feature und dem SSL Service. Fehler im Nginx, dem Umgang mit dem MariaDB Server wurden ebenfalls behoben.

i-MSCP 1.4.6 Release Notes


  • Added: iMSCP::LockFile class – Implements file locks for locking files in UNIX
  • Review: Store lock files in /var/lock instead of /tmp


  • Added: Support for MySQL community server 5.6/5.7 (Debian 9/Stretch)


  • Fixed: Possible “File not found” error with Seafile (Apache < 2.4.11 with mod_proxy_fcgi)
  • Fixed: Usage of undefined $conffile variable in vsftpd server uninstaller (vsftpd)


  • Fixed: Dialog gauges overlapping


  • IP-1723 Race condition in i-MSCP’ file locking strategy leading to concurrent processes when that is not expected


i-MSCP 1.4.5 Release Notes


  • Added: iMSCP::Cwd package – Allows to restrict scope of chdir() to enclosing block
  • Review: Prioritize servers and packages to avoid overuse of events


  • Reverted: Merging of Nginx site configuration files (Regression fix)


  • Fixed: Erroneous MariaDB repository (Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04)
  • Fixed: libmysqlclient20 package must be installed in any case (Ubuntu 16.04; Regression fix)
  • Fixed: Missing switch for MariaDB 10.2 server in distribution packages files


  • Fixed: Cannot create catch-all email account (Forward mail) due to erroneous SQL query (Regression fix)


  • Added: Support for package preinstall tasks
  • Added: `local_server` configuration parameter; Allows reconfiguration of system hostname, primary IP and timezone
  • Fixed: Couldn’t get APT key from keys.gnupg.net keys server due to DNS failure
  • Fixed: Possible missing /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d directory when upgrading MariaDB server
  • Moved: SQL server related routines into SQL server installer


  • Fixed: 10_nginx_hsts.pl listener file: nginx: [emerg] “add_header” directive is not allowed (Regression fix)
  • Updated: 10_named_slave_provisioning.pl listener file: Add configuration in SSL server too


  • Added: Package for backup feature (Package::Backup)
  • Added: Package for services SSL (Package::ServicesSSL)
  • Fixed: Create relative links instead of absolute links for Nginx site configuration files (Package::FrontEnd)


  • Fixed: imscp-backup-all backup script: Missing domain name in web backup archive names
  • Fixed: imscp-backup-imscp backup script: Global symbol “$dbName” requires explicit package name (Regression fix)


  • Added: System local server implementation (Servers::server::local)


  • IP-1722 Missing IP addresses in event logs



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