Proxmox VE 5.1-40 Kernel und PVE-Manager und QEMU-Server Upgrade

Vor ein paar Tagen wurde Proxmox VE aktualisiert. Die aktualisiert Komponenten sind unter anderem der PVE-Kernel, der PVE-Manager, PVE-Qemu-KVM und der Qemu-Server.

proxmox-ve (5.1-40)

  • depend on newest 4.13.13-6-pve kernel

pve-cluster (5.0-20)

  • mtunnel: don’t read extra files passed via the command line as input
  • handle pmxcfs restarts in ipcc clients better
  • pmxcfs: remove a now-unnecessary shutdown delay
  • deprecate ‘applet’ console setting in datacenter.cfg, it now maps to ‘html5’
  • order LRM before CRM in post-installation commands to improve single-node behavior

pve-container (2.0-19)

  • close #1668: add Devuan support

pve-ha-manager (2.0-5)

  • skip CRM and LRM work if last cfs update failed
  • regression test system: allow to simulate cluster fs failures
  • postinst: drop transitional cleanup for systemd watchdog mux socket

pve-manager (5.1-46)

  • pveversion: sort kernel packages by version
  • pveversion: add new pve packages
  • fix wizard validity check for options spanning multiple tabs
  • fix #1573: show bootdisk usage on container summary
  • fix edit button for some panels
  • fix #1629: improve min/max memory handling
  • fix #1631: change units to binary prefix
  • fix #1635: correctly change maxIds in ControllerSelector in wizard
  • enable/disable xtermjs depending on the existance of a serial port
  • show serial ports on the gui
  • change group of unused to 99 to that we can add things in between
  • add icon/class for serial ports
  • qemu/Monitor: save the last 20 commands

pve-qemu-kvm (2.9.1-9)

  • add EPYC and EPYC-IPBP cpu models
  • add throttling options to vma extract for throttling restore operations

qemu-server (5.0-22)

  • fix #1664: nbd mirror: remove socat tunnel now that it is not required anymore to avoid a 30s inactivity timeout
  • fix #1569: add shared flag to disks
  • fix #1662: make the ‘snapshot’ disk parameter work again
  • correct ‘snapshot’ flag description
  • CPU types: add EPYC and EPYC-IBPB
  • forward returned errors from guest-agent commands
  • add new guest-agent commands and add commands as separate api calls
  • add agent flag to vm status api call
  • clone/restore: make the smbios UUID unique if –unique is used
  • add serial:1 to vm-status when config has a serial device configured



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