pfSense – Update 2.3.1_1

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Die Entwickler der Open Source Firewall, pfSense, haben am 25.Mai das Update 1 zur aktuellen Version 2.3.1 veröffentlicht.

Das Update1 enthält ein Sicherheitsupdate in der WebGUI, zudem wurden 6 weitere Bugs behoben. Es ist ca. 40MB groß und erfordert einen Neustart der pfSense Firewall.

pfSense Releasenotes 2.3.1 Update 1

  • Security issue pfSense-SA-16_05.webgui patched.
  • Lowered default LDAP timeout from 25 seconds to 5 seconds. #6367
  • Fixed handling of IPsec negotiation mode with IKE version set to auto. #6360
  • Increase PHP’s memory limit to 512 MB on 64 bit versions to better accommodate systems with a large number of active states. #6364
  • Set request_terminate_timeout the same as max_execution_time to prevent many possible circumstances of “504 gateway error” from occurring. #6396
  • Fix use of URL IP type aliases in firewall rules. #6403
  • Fix show/hide fields Javascript in Chrome on Mac OS X. #6401
  • Fixed save of “IPv6 over IPv4 Tunneling” address on System>Advanced, Networking. #6381

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