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openHAB 3.2.0 Bugfix Feature und Security Release

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Am 20.12.2021 wurde das openHAB 3.2.0 Update veröffentlicht. Dieses beinhaltet neben vielen neuen Add-Ons, verbesserte Sprachfunktionen, Verbesserungen in der Automation, sowie Security Patches gegen Log4Shell.

openHAB 3.2.0 neue Add-ons

openHAB 3.2 new Add-ons

Verbesserungen rule Enginge

In den Anfangen von openHAB war “DSL” der einzige Standard zum schreiben von Regeln. Diese auf Java basierende Scriptingsprache basiert auf Xtend und wird heutzutage oft genutzt. Sie ist stabil und mächtig mit ihrer Built-in Funktionalität. Inzwischen wurde openHAB immer mehr erweitert und ermöglicht, durch die Polyglot Scripting Umgebung, weitere Scriptengines nebenher. OpenHAB 3.2 ermöglicht so die Scripting Engines JRuby, Jython, Groovy und ein ECMAScript 2021 kompatible Javascript Umgebung, sowie JS Scripting.

openHAB 3.2. Scripting Engines
openHAB 3.2. Scripting Engines

openHAB Marketplace mit neuer Visualisierung

Der bereits vorhandene Marketplace im Forum wurde erweteitert und visuell neu strukturiert. Der Marktplatz wird durch die Community selbstverwaltet, wobei jeder der ein bestimmtes Trustlevel erreicht, automatisch mehr Rechte bekommt. Der Marktplatz bietet allen eine Plattform, die selber Addons geschrieben haben und der Communiy bereitstellen möchten. Mehr dazu unter: openHAB 3.2 Release | openHAB

openHAB Marketplace
openHAB Marketplace

openHAB Skill für Amazon Alexa

Die Amazon Alexa Skill wurden komplett überarbeitet und sind nun im openHAB Release 3.2.0 enthalten. Damit ist eine neue Device-Centric Metadata Syntax eingeführt worden. Diese ist neben den anderen Sprachassistenten nun einfacher zu konfigurieren und weiterhin rückwärts kompatibel. Die neuen Funktionen ermöglichen mehr Optionen für Kameras, Tür- und Fensterabdeckungen, Lüfter, Netzwerk und weiteren Geräten, sowie Security Updates für Panels und Thermostate. Die Main UI wurde ebenso verbessert und unterstützt diese neue Syntax. Mehr Infos in der Ankündigung unter:

openHAB Alexa Skills
openHAB Alexa Skills

openHAB Listing important changes for version 3.2.0

  • Warning: Air Quality Binding: Full refactoring of things and channels. Please read the updated documentation and start with new things.
  • Warning: DanfossAirUnit Binding: The channel ‘manual_fan_speed’ has been deprecated and replaced by channel ‘manual_fan_step’. Items should be relinked to the new channel.
  • Warning: EnOcean Binding: The RockerSwitch channels do not longer react if two buttons of a rocker switch are pressed simultaneously. If needed, the new channel RockerSwitchAction can be used instead.
  • Warning: Homematic Binding: The DOUBLE_PRESSED trigger event was removed from the BUTTON channel. If needed, it can be replaced by a rule triggered by the SHORT_PRESSED event which employs a timer to check for double presses.
  • Warning: Hunter Douglas (Luxaflex) PowerView Binding: Channel groups have been introduced for the PowerView Hub thing. Scene channels should be relinked to the new channels for channel group ‘Scenes’.
  • Warning: IpCamera Binding: The URLs that serve the files have changed to now be on port 8080 and the serverPort config is no longer needed. Update any widget and rules if you have hard coded the URLs into them.
  • Warning: LG webOS Binding: The type of the channels ‘power’, ‘mute’, ‘volume’ and ‘mediaPlayer’ was updated. You may need to remove and create again your things in case your things were previously created using UI and you want to use one of these channels.
  • Warning: Miele Binding: The temperature channels have been converted from Number to Number:Temperature.
  • Warning: Miele Binding: The channels ‘state’, ‘program’ and ‘phase’ are improved with better and possibly localized texts. Rules should use the new channels ‘rawState’, ‘rawProgram’ and ‘rawPhase’ for reliability. Please see the binding documentation for details.
  • Warning: RFXCOM Binding: Lighting4 default command ids are deprecated and will be removed in a future version. You must specify command ids in the thing configuration for Lighting4 devices.
  • Warning: Sager Weathercaster Binding: The type of the channels ‘pressure’, ‘temperature’ and ‘wind-angle’ was updated. You may need to remove and create again your things in case your things were previously created using UI and you want to use one of these channels.
  • Warning: Sony Projector Binding: The type of the channel ‘power’ was updated. You may need to remove and create again your things in case your things were previously created using UI and you want to use this channel.


Enhancements2405Community Marketplace Add-on Service
2428Add semantics to default system channel types
2437Consistent ordering of entries in jsondb
2456Make ScriptLibraryWatcher accessible for other languages than JS
2459Implement a listener for ScriptEngineFactory changes
2477Refine Rest Auth config parameters
2502ChartServlet bug fixes and improvements
2519Add ser2net mDNS USB serial discovery
2531Prevent shutdown of shared thread pool
2533Align item endpoint with items endpoint
2540Log item name in warnings of ItemStateConditionHandler
2547mDNS / UPnP discovery internationalization
2549New exception class that incorporates support for internationalization
2567Add variable ‘triggeringChannel’ to DSL rules
2570Add Timer.isCancelled() method
2587Add basic time-related classes for usage in script and rules
Bug Fixes2435Allow UoM in ‘ItemStateCondition’
2470Handle IP v6 in X-Forwarded-Host header
2486Metrics improvements and fixes
2493Prevent NSEE when there is no AddonService
2508Fix add-on type inconsistencies
2563Fix NPE in WatchQueueReader
2577Fix IllegalStateException in IconServlet
2579Fix ConcurrentModificationException in ExpiringUserSecurityContextCache
2602Use Accept-Language header for locale in ConfigurableServiceResource

User Interfaces

Basic UIBug Fixes1132Fix handling of buttons when only 1 button
1139Fix color selector placement
Main UIEnhancements1100Plan layout for floorplan-like pages with system/custom widgets
1145Update alexa integration with new metadata syntax
1158Replace Add-on Management UI with Add-on Store
1173Add rule template support
1175Add click action to oh-gauge-card
1179Expand Blockly with new blocks (part 1) & update to latest version
1187Addition of graphical layer management for canvas layouts
1209Add a Blockly block to define key/value dictionaries
1212Blockly enhancements – scripts, ephemeris, persistence
1220Update alexa blind and channel attributes
1222Update alexa thermostat hold attribute
1223Update alexa position state and tilt angle attributes
1225Add Block Libraries
1226Add missing homekit configurations
1230Update position state action mappings default value
Bug Fixes1148Fix detection of protected user API operations
1149oh-icon component improvements, Iconify icon support
1151Correct mimetype for disabling/enabling things call
1156Fix oh-icon’s f7/material icons on mobile
1167Fix oh-icon not updating
1177Fix home page initialization logic
1202Fix addons details serviceId
1208Remove alexa camera stream basic auth parameters
1231Fix add link “compatible item” logic
1232Add link: add semantic tags from channel/channel type
1233Add missing style parameter to oh-icon
1236Fix Blockly timer code
1240JSScripting tern fixes
1243Check config before allowing oh-icon style customization

Änderungen in Add-ons

AirQualityEnhancements11192Tagging channels, prepared for Crowdin, dynamic channels
airthingsEnhancements11052Add support for Airthings Wave Gen 1
automowerEnhancements11323Support for GPS coordinates provided by API
avmfritzEnhancements11348Add support for DECT500 and HAN-FUN bulbs
11682Exclude other Powerline products from discovery
11723Add support for HAN-FUN Color and Dimmable bulbs
Bug Fixes11640Add representation-property to bridge type definitions
11773Fix update of data for blinds
11790Prevent attempt to set brightness of blinds
benqprojectorBug Fixes11140Fix equalsIgnoreCase issue
bluetooth.bluegigaBug Fixes11179Fix CompareObjectsWithEquals findings regression causing all devices to be beacons
bluetooth.enoceanbleBug Fixes11381Prevent that channels are triggered multiple times per click
BMWConnectedDriveEnhancements11264Authorization fix + channel enhancements
boschshcEnhancements11134Parental Controls for Thermostats; Wall Thermostats; Internal refactoring
bsblanBug Fixes11226Several configuration parameters are not visible in Main UI
11229Support quantity types for “number-value” channel
caddxEnhancements10923Add new channels and support for ignoring zone status transitions
chamberlainmyqEnhancements11115Add new Close Error and Open Error Switch channels
chromecastEnhancements11510Add support for next command
11689Add configuration flag to disable background discovery
11694Add pattern for DateTime channel types
danfossairunitEnhancements11121Change Humidity channel type from Number to Number:Dimensionless
11129Add channel descriptions and categories
11147Rename channel manual_fan_speed to manual_fan_step for consistency
11371Add filter period channel
Bug Fixes11172Fix network reliability issues and setting of all channel values to zero
deconzEnhancements10950Use ChannelBuilder created by ThingHandlerCallback
Bug Fixes11036Change default color mode for color commands to XY
denonmarantzBug Fixes11766Fix xml unmarshalling exception
digitalstromBug Fixes11433Fix remove excessive log statements for unknown Application Groups
11434Fix NoSuchElementException when no functional groups set
doorbirdBug Fixes11190Fix controller id
dsmrEnhancements11458Add support for Austrian meters, Fix for channel id detection
Bug Fixes11328Fix payload length calculation for Smarty meters
ecotouchBug Fixes10989Fix decimal values being truncated
enoceanEnhancements10769Add second action for two rocker switches
10949Add support for the D2_06_50 EEP type
11009Standardize config URI
11230Add support for Soda Handles (EEP D2-06-01)
Bug Fixes11408Fix concurrency exception on startup
epsonprojectorEnhancements10988Add configurable volume channel range
Bug Fixes11141Fix equalsIgnoreCase issue
espmilightEnhancements11047Add color channels ability to trigger white LEDs
feedEnhancements11345Add channel for enclosure link on latest entry
fmiweatherBug Fixes11025Fix UNDEF observations in corner case situations.
froniusEnhancements10757Add inverter power, battery state of charge and PV solar yield
fsinternetradioEnhancements11045Add further supported devices
gardenaBug Fixes10924Fix OutOfMemory error if initializing fails
groovyscriptingEnhancements11251Update Groovy to 3.0.9
haywardomnilogicBug Fixes11028Remove erroneous chlorinator code from filterhandler
hdpowerviewEnhancements11155Add new battery voltage channel
11198Add new signal strength channel
11206Add new battery level channel
11260Add Hub configuration option hardRefreshBatteryLevel
11534Add support for scene groups
11637Add support for enabling/disabling automations
Bug Fixes11201Fix low battery when no battery status available
11552Secondary shade position was inverted
11707Fix initialization of shade handler
11779Fix deprecated channels on reinitialization
homeconnectEnhancements10914Show response code in request details modal and JS code cleanup
10953Predefined temp / spin speeds options for unsupported washer programs
11071Add two channels for washer appliance
11706Add oven control
Bug Fixes10929Catch exception when appropriate
10990Fix update of channels linked to program options
homekitEnhancements10936Add support for group item type to window covering
Bug Fixes11717Make min/max values for Color Temperature configurable
11720Restart HomeKit bridge on network changes
11731Add setting to block homekit user/pairing deletion
homematicEnhancements11186Remove double press events and improve long press events for button trigger
11429Improve (re)connect handling to Homematic gateways
Bug Fixes10907Fix UI enumeration of HM-MOD-EM-8 channels
10942Update property files
10965Provide additional null pointer checks
11493Fix “Channel not found for Datapoint” errors
homewizardBug Fixes11666Fix issue with missing gas values
hpprinterEnhancements11739Change status channel from hash map values to state description options
hueEnhancements11452Add LightActions to Hue light groups
11535Factorize thing configurations
11572Add workaround for LK Wiser products
Bug Fixes11289Make sure bridge status is set when returning from initialize
11519Fix unicode character in translation
hueemulationBug Fixes10692Fix xy change response
hydrawiseBug Fixes10947Migrate to new GraphQL based API
icalendarBug Fixes11178Fix internal calculation for retrieving events for command tags
icloudBug Fixes11600iCloud response invalid: null (second time)
ihcBug Fixes10895Improve command handling when controller is not ready
influxdbBug Fixes10937Fix queries with InfluxDB 2.0 with data migrated from InfluxDB1 without item tags
insteonEnhancements10908Add representation property for devices
ipcameraEnhancements11067Improve FFmpeg motion detection to support wider FPS range
11160Move to using port 8080 servlet not Netty.
11419Improvements and fix 503 errors go to offline with Hik
11748Add new channel lastEventData for detailed extra data on alarms
Bug Fixes11089Fix bugs, IndexOutOfBoundsException and remove sleep
11300Fix ipcamera.jpg can return an old picture
11457Fix Hikvision digest stopping ipcamera.mjpeg
irobotEnhancements11783Add zone support
jdbcEnhancements11023Select the proper schema when retrieving the item tables
11091Add support for TimescaleDB (#11090)
js-transformEnhancements10901Introduce support for additional parameters
11473Inline java script support
jsscriptingEnhancements11437Update GraalJS to 21.3 to allow method selection via JavaScript
11656openhab-js integration
11693Add simple Shared Cache into scope
11719GraalJS now uses automation/js
Bug Fixes11400Tell the script context to use the classloader of the current class
kaleidescapeEnhancements11231Add configuration option to auto load metadata channels without rules
11258Improve discovery service
knxEnhancements11759Upgrade Calimero library to release 2.5
kodiEnhancements11181Add channel for KODI JSON-RPC call Input.ButtonEvent
kostalinverterBug Fixes11002Fix using binding together with z-wave binding
lgtvserialBug Fixes11776Fix sending commands using serial port
lgwebosEnhancements10971Switch to default system channel types
Bug Fixes11461Fix a setting description
lifxEnhancements11262Support HEV clean cycle
11309Add channels for controlling absolute color temperature in Kelvin
11405Add missing products
Bug Fixes11180Add missing color feature to a few products
11653Improve InterruptedException handling
linkyEnhancements11647Few debug logs added
Bug Fixes11406Correct authentication bug
logreaderEnhancements11681Add pattern for DateTime channel types
loxoneEnhancements11240Support for SHA-256
11270Sauna controller implementation
lutronEnhancements11726Explicitly enable proper monitoring types for HomeWorks connections
LuxtronikBug Fixes11318Fix possible out of bound error for older heatpumps
LuxtronikHeatpumpEnhancements11135Fix/update channels for setting hot water target temperature
11273Add channel for heating limit temperature
magentatvBug Fixes11238 Fix start UPNP listener to catch power off button, thing id in log
mailEnhancements11307Add support for e-mail headers
mcp23017Enhancements11010Standardize config URI
MeteoAlerteEnhancements10993Small code enhancements
metricsEnhancements11249Add Java Management Extensions (JMX) metrics exporter
Bug Fixes11280Fix configuration PID and add file based configuration example
mieleEnhancements11298Add new power and water consumption channels for dishwashers and washing machines
11329Temperature channel improvements: UoM, categories and descriptions
11341State/program/phase: Add raw channels and improve text channels
11603Localization of state, program and phase
11782Reduce log level to TRACE for request/response logging
Bug Fixes11218Fix broken things file support
11244Fix multicast and multi-protocol support (ZigBee/Wi-Fi)
11287Fix IllegalArgumentException when using oven channel ‘type’
11302Fix coffee machine auto-discovery
11321Fix supercool/superfreeze for fridges/fridge-freezers
11417Fix reading of water/power consumption on some appliance models/configurations
11423Clean up properties and improve reliability and performance
mielecloudBug Fixes10928Less strict e-mail validation
11073Remove e-mail parameter validation
miioEnhancements10951Change deviceID to Xiaomi used string
10957Add new custom refresh methods and improve response to channel matching
10984Improve yeelight RGB with brightness, introduce substitutions
11097Add moppath & carpet area to robomap
11106Add support for Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 (
11110Map improvement cropping and customizable colors/parameters
11118Improve/add properties for qmi powerstrip
11142Add support for mi airfryers (careli.fryer.maf01,2&3)
11149Automatic create experimental support for (unsupported) miot devices
11164Add support for Smartmi Fresh Air System (zhimi.airfresh.va4&va2)
11241Add support for Yeelight Jade Smart LED Ceiling Light
11464Save last msgId and misc minor updates
11475Sending device in MiIoSendCommand
11477Support contact type in basic channel json
11492Add support 3 yeelights
11568Move (remaining) channel details to json files
11576i18n translation handling for basic channels
11577Add support Mi Smart Humidifier deerma.humidifier.jsq5
11579Add support Mi Fresh Air Ventilator C1-80 zhimi.airfresh.ua1
11581Support sending openclose commands
11657Add support for BT Gateway switch on chuangmi.plug.212a01
11659Add new vacuum status codes
11669Add support for new dreame vacuum models (p2027,p2028,p2059)
11687Add support for Mi Smart Humidifer S (deerma.humidifier.jsqs)
11715Add BT Devices channel to chuangmi plug
11727Add support for Roidmi EVE roidmi.vacuum.v60
11763Improve Viomi vacuums, add docking and route channel & mapping
Bug Fixes10960Fix color lights sending numbers as strings
11166Avoid shutting down shared executor service
11420Avoid NPE in discovery in case of unexpected response cloud
11455Avoid excessive MessageSenderThread
11459Force start cloudconnector after credentials are updated
11658Fix Error parsing miot data null for new miot devices
11722Fix zhimi.airpurifier.vb2 channel unit
11794Fix action channel miot for empty input with parameters
miio/ntpBug Fixes11699Fix wrong “Date” channel category
mikrotikEnhancements11395Basic PPP/LTE interface support
Bug Fixes11386WiFi client logging and presence problem fix
milightBug Fixes11367Fix minimum value for parameter repeat
miscBug Fixes11313Fix/remove outdated “Default Tags”
11643Bump jsoup from 1.8.3 to 1.14.3
modbusEnhancements11292Clarify error messages with invalid configuration
Bug Fixes11281Remove helioseasycontrols binding.xml causing binding identification issues
mqttBug Fixes9851Fix availability topics subscription after Brige Restart
10566Discovery services shall not unsubscribe unless they have already subscribed
mqtt.espmilighthubEnhancements11098Sematic tags added.
mqtt.homeassistantEnhancements11216Implement Vacuum discovery for Homeassistant MQTT
11562Make the mqtt.vacuum compliant
Bug Fixes11315Discovery exceptions processing
myqBug Fixes11183Switch to using OAuth for logins
11343Fix a serious issue that could wipe out all OH cookies
11601Fix breaking API changes to the MyQ binding
11765Fix for controlling lights
nanoleafEnhancements11133Reimplement touch detection based on SSE, stabilize behavior, add swipe support
networkEnhancements11199Add possiblity to send WOL Requests to configured Hostname
networkupstoolsEnhancements11082Add missing status
nikobusEnhancements11011Standardize config URI
11548Add option to set rollershutter position
nikohomecontrolEnhancements11319Prepare for translation
Bug Fixes11737Fix dimmer control sequence
11751Add ability to directly use virtual flags as switches
nukiEnhancements10672Add opener support and discovery
nuvoBug Fixes11511Fix protocol errors when connecting via an MPS4
nzwateralertsBug Fixes11734Fix smart water alert level
ojelectronicsBug Fixes11555Fix server timeout is stopping the extension
omnikinverterEnhancements11645Add channels for voltage and current
OmniLinkBug Fixes11005Fix zone bypass/restore commands
openhabcloudBug Fixes11153Reconnect on connection errors
11404Spelling fix (“Notificaton” -> “Notification”)
opensprinklerEnhancements9869Fix bugs and warnings
openweathermapBug Fixes11086Fix ozone mapping in DTO
11255Fix NPE on OneCall-API and reduce min refreshInterval to support paid plans
11360Bridge status set to ONLINE when no attached things
openwebnetEnhancements11398Add support for CEN/CEN+ scenarios (WHO=15/25)
11747Add support for Dry Contact and IR interfaces for WHO=25
Bug Fixes10934Fix messages flooding BUS on reboot
11644Fix discovery of devices on local bus.
11705Reduced log messages during UPnP bridge discovery
phcBug Fixes11554Fix bug and add support for multiple commands
pidcontrollerEnhancements11312Improve logging
pjlinkdeviceBug Fixes11472Fix authentication
plugwiseBug Fixes11746Fix ‘power’ channel not correctly updated with power production
powermaxEnhancements10624Introduce some new channels for better status reporting
11275Add null annotations
pulseaudioEnhancements11055Move the binding config in file binding.xml
11631Add reencoding to play more audio formats
Bug Fixes11171Fix playing time with pulseaudio sink
11276Fix sink-input configuration and other
pushoverEnhancements11027Add support to send an Image URL directly
radiothermostatBug Fixes11635Fix JSON thermostat data parsing error
rfxcomEnhancements10940Add ability to properly receive configured command ids, deprecate hard-coded guesses
robonectEnhancements11014Standardize config URI
11137Channel for distance from charging station on remote start
rokuEnhancements11087Add additional functionality for Roku TVs
rotelEnhancements10969Add semantics to channel types
rrd4jEnhancements11355Upgrade rrd4j, improve exception handling
sagercasterEnhancements11295Enhance binding internals
11665Reintroducing timestamp channel
samsungtvBug Fixes11487Fix reconnect after first connection to TV is lost
semsportalBug Fixes11127Fix lastUpdate parse format to accept the format provided by the inverter
sleepiqBug Fixes11700Use constructor injection for ClientBuilder
smhiBug Fixes11113Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException in aggregator function
11353Ensure trailing zeroes are removed before updating channels
somfytahomaBug Fixes11254Fixed rssi channels creation & properties updating
sonosEnhancements10979Add new channel codec for several models
Bug Fixes10925Filter Sonos Sub from discovery
sonyprojectorEnhancements10970Switch to the default system channel type for power channel
spotifyEnhancements11370Various enhancements and fixes
squeezeboxBug Fixes11151Fixes volume parsing when volume string is a float
surepetcareBug Fixes11235Check for null before updating pet location channels
systeminfoEnhancements11016Standardize config URI
11274Upgrade OSHI dependency for latest fixes/improvements
11322Add 2 new channels for Java heap
Bug Fixes11351Fix heap graph too high on axis.
telegramEnhancements9251Add event channels and Answer overload
11125Send message if a file download fails
Bug Fixes11215Fixes exceptions that stop rules/actions from finishing
teleinfoEnhancements11375Add support for Standard tic mode
tivoBug Fixes10902Fix thing staying offline after connection refresh
tplinksmarthomeEnhancements11015Standardize config URI
11282Added new devices EP10, EP40, KL125, and KL135
Bug Fixes11680Fixed invalid channels in KL125/KL135 definition.
tr064Enhancements10959Add Wifi Signal Strength & Wifi Speed channels to LAN Subdevice
Bug Fixes11337Fix incorrectly reported decibel values for DSL Noise Margin and Attenuation
unifiBug Fixes11411Fix thing configuration reload after changes
11451Fix online/blocked channels after client is disconnected
upbEnhancements11012Standardize config URI
11352Handle device state reports
Bug Fixes11342Fix retry logic
velbusBug Fixes11553Fix typo in the Counter Channel name for VMB7IN
venstarthermostatEnhancements11305Add more channels provided by the local API
verisureEnhancements11265Adapted to new authentication process and support for non MFA activated user
Bug Fixes11108Fix Binding not working properly HANDLER_REGISTERING_ERROR
11397Keep refreshing after RuntimeException
VigiCruesEnhancements10992Adding localization and a bit of code cleansing
volvooncallEnhancements10991Extend battery channels
wemoEnhancements11208Add dimensions for power/energy channel types for Insight Switch
Bug Fixes11385Fix wrong brightness value for dimmer switch
11679Fix receiving empty binary state during poll
wledEnhancements11509Abstract json api for better segment support
11785Add configuration to sort state options of channels
Bug Fixes11389Fix Nightlight sleep timer to use default time
11786Fix two events being logged when light is off
11797Fix global OFF blocks lights turning on via the masterControls
XMLTVEnhancements11594Preparing for Crowdin and code refining
xmppclientEnhancements11247Add send image throught HTTP
11418Set dependencies in the pom.xml to provided
yamahareceiverEnhancements11063Add possiblity to switch HDMI outputs on and off on Yamaha receivers
Bug Fixes11471Handle ‘No Preset’ tuner preset response properly
yeelightEnhancements11013Standardize config URI
ZigbeeEnhancements659Allow Zigbee channel to be set on running system
667Ensure metering data is handled as floating point
668Update Instantaneous Demand channel to use floating point
674Add neighbors console command
678Add firmware update command to console
689Add device type to label in LevelControl and OnOff converters
692Start Ember statistics polling after completion of initialisation
693Avoid running multiple polling threads per device
695Add support for listening to group addresses on Ember coordinator
697Provide option to invert level control and level reports
698Add configuration for FanControl cluster
700Simplify mechanism to detect thermostat channels
708Treat DefaultResponse SUCCESS as confirmation of device state being updated
710Hue control selection
713Remove ZigBee library deprecations from a number of converters
714Remove deprecations and monitor color command responses
715Monitor responses to commands on several channel converters
Bug Fixes658Ensure coordinator IEEE address is set on startup
662Change type of summation for reporting configuration
663Fix cluster definition for electrical metering channels
666Fix metering data type
669Fix SmartThings motionv4 channels – add temperature
677Fix incorrectly named temperature channel in SmartThings motionv4
687Ensure consistent use of LOCKSTATE for door lock channel
719Ensure node descriptor is not null when setting properties
zoneminderBug Fixes11159Fixes API structural change relating to the location of event counts
11463Fix calls to set state options
ZWaveEnhancements1675Support raw String color definition
zwayEnhancements11122Change minimum polling interval to 1 second.
Bugfixes Add-ons

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