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i-MSCP – neues Maintenance Release 1.3.1

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Das Open-Source und Multi Server Control Panel, i-MSCP, ist heute in der Version 1.3.1 erschienen. Das Maintenance Release der Serie 1.3.x umfasst folgende Änderungen:


  • Added: index.xhtml and index.htm to DirectoryIndex directive (Apache2 vhosts)
  • Added: `localhost’ to `mydestination’ parameter (Postfix)
  • Fixed: FastCGI handler name for PHP must be static
  • Fixed: PHP opcode cache should be enabled by default (OPcache, APC)
  • Moved: DocumentRoot for pages of disabled domains now live outside of the customer home directories


  • Added:
  • Added: listener
  • Removed: listener (replaced by listener)
  • Removed: listener (replaced by listener)


  • Added: iMSCP::Mount::isMountpoint() function (iMSCP::Mount library)
  • Added: iMSCP::Syscall library
  • Added: Regexp support for begin and ending tags (iMSCP::TemplateParser library)
  • Added: Support for `rbind’ (iMSCP::Mount library)
  • Fixed: Could not bind mount socket files (iMSCP::Mount library)
  • Rewritten: iMSCP::Mount library – Make direct syscalls instead of calling mount(8)/umount(8)


  • Added: Compound unique index on the domain_traffic table to avoid slow query and duplicate entries
  • Added: Compound unique key on the `php_ini’ table
  • Fixed: Missing primary key on httpd_vlogger table
  • Changed: Default value for the dtraff_web, dtraff_ftp, dtraff_mail domain_traffic columns (NULL to 0)
  • Fixed: Disallow NULL value on domain_traffic.domain_id and domain_traffic.dtraff_time columns
  • Fixed: Make queries compatible with `only_full_group_by’ SQL mode which is par of default modes in MySQL > 5.7


  • Added: `onAddIpAddr’, `onChangeIpConfigMode’ and `onDeleteIpAddr’ events (admin level)
  • Changed: Listening ports are now 8880 (http) and 8443 (https). (Required by CloudFlare)
  • Changed: Frontend is now run through an isolated PHP-FPM Daemon (see errata file)
  • Fixed: Authentication failure when accessing panel through IP (PhpMyAdmin/Pydio auto-login feature)
  • Fixed: Could not upload new plugin version (Bad version check)
  • Fixed: Possible authentication failure when accessing panel through proxy (PhpMyAdmin/Pydio auto-login feature)
  • Fixed: Customer PHP permissions are not synced with reseller PHP permissions in some contexts
  • Fixed: General error: 1366 Incorrect integer value: ‘_no_’ for column ‘mail_auto_respond’
  • Fixed: IPv6 – Possible duplicate entries – It is possible to add an IPv6 twice (uncompressed and compressed)
  • Fixed: Make sure that `Reply-To’ header is set, even for system notification emails
  • Fixed: PHP INI entry for main domains must be created even if PHP editor is not enabled
  • Fixed: Possible NULL values when creating default email accounts
  • Fixed: Prevent rollback attempts when not in transaction (iMSCP_Update_Database)
  • Fixed: `SELECT’ placeholder is not parsed in ip_manage.php (admin level)
  • Fixed: Running the frontEnd through PHP CGI using spawn-fcgi lead to problems with opcode cache (cache not shared)
  • Fixed: Server IP addresses are missing in the debugger interface
  • Removed: Support for FTP URL (Redirect feature)


  • Added: `primary_ip’ item to the list of reconfigurable items (–reconfigure command line option)
  • Added: Requirements check for PHP modules
  • Fixed: Cannot create pbuilder environment – Wrong repository (pbuilder use first entry from sources.list)
  • Fixed: Could not install pre-required packages error on first run
  • Fixed: Could not remove deprecated `phptmp’ directories on update (Httpd server impl.)
  • Fixed: Ensure that DEFAULT_ADMIN_ADDRESS parameter is set
  • Fixed: SQL server data directory must not be hardcoded
  • Fixed: Update and Security repositories are missing in pbuilder environments
  • Removed: Additional IP configuration dialog (see the errata file for more details)
  • Removed: `ips’ item from the list of reconfigurable items (–reconfigure command line option)


  • Fixed: Script for slave DNS provisionning won’t work if HTML compression is disabled in panel


  • Changed: AWStats is now accessible through dedicated port (8889)
  • Changed: Usage of Apache2 mod_dbd to authenticate AWStats users
  • Fixed: AWStats data can be accessed through localhost without any authentication
  • Fixed: AWStats (domains) configuration files are not generated (regression fix)
  • Fixed: Awstats package is never installed (regression fix)
  • Fixed: Could not authenticate to AWStats interface of domain aliases and subdomains
  • Removed: Support for AWStats static mode


  • Fixed: A plugin must be lockable by more than one plugin
  • Updated: API version to 1.0.5 (needed due to changes in iMSCP::Mount library)


  • Removed: SERVER_IPS parameter according changes made in installer


  • Fixed: Could not access httpd log files through FTP (permissions on log files are too restrictives)
  • Fixed: Could not start PHP FPM service when using TCP FastCGI address type (apache_php_fpm)
  • Fixed: Dotfiles not listed (ProFTPD, VsFTPD)
  • Fixed: Enable opportunistic TLS for Postfix client side (smtp)
  • Fixed: Enforce installation of our own sysvinit script for ProFTPD to prevent restart failure on log rotation
  • Fixed: HSTS – Follow RFC 6797 recommendations for non-secure-to-secure redirects (status code 301 instead of 307)
  • Fixed: HSTS – Wrong redirect when domain is forwarded (Apache server impl.)
  • Fixed: mysql-client-5.6 package not available in Ubuntu 16.04 repositories (Remote server)
  • Fixed: Permissions on courier-authdaemon rundir are reseted on reboot (systemd tmpfiles.d)
  • Fixed: Process $ORIGIN substitutions before triggering the `afterNamedAddCustomDNS’ event (Bind9 server impl.)
  • Fixed: Wrong argument passed to Servers::named::bind::_updateSOAserialNumber


  • Added: Dedicated `domain_disabled_pages’ directory for pages of disabled domains


  • Fixed: Make sure that / is marked as shared in regards to mount propagation, even when not using systemd


  • #IP-0135 IPs managemnet – The NIC and netmask should be editable for each IP
  • #IP-1316 Could not add CNAME with underscore in name for DKIM
  • #IP-1429 Make main domains forwardable
  • #IP-1508 Revise acceptable password characters
  • #IP-1526 Alternate URL for subdomains and domain aliases not shown in interface
  • #IP-1534 Cannot save PHP `post_max_size’ and `upload_max_filesize’ for a domain
  • #IP-1575 When editing forwarding URL, scheme field is not set with current value
  • #IP-1576 Feature – Proxy support through Apache2 mod_proxy for customers
  • #IP-1577 i-MSCP installer – Dialog exit with code 255 when console size is too small
  • #IP-1579 APT (>= 1.1) – The `–force-yes’ option has been replaced by various options starting with `–allow’
  • #IP-1581 Allow to disable auto-configuration of network interfaces (IP addresses managed by i-MSCP)
  • #IP-1587 Slow query on domain_traffic table when admin or reseller want to login into customer’s area
  • #IP-1588 Alternative URL vHosts tagged on default IP of I-MSCP
  • #IP-1594 Users assigned to protected area not pre-selected on edition
  • #IP-1595 courier-authdaemon service not started on reboot
  • #IP-1596 Previous DNS zone is not removed when changing BASE_SERVER_VHOST
  • #IP-1600 All domain names must be lowercased using mb_strtolower() PHP function
  • #IP-1604 Any customer can access AWStats interface of other customers
  • #IP-1609 Quota script shouldn’t include apache log files
  • #IP-1611 Could not authenticate to PMA through auto-login feature when PanelRedirect plugin is installed (Proxy mode)
  • #IP-1613 PhpMyAdmin auto-login feature doesn’t support backslashes in passwords

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