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Docker CE 17.05 Release Notes

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Die Open-Source Lösung zur Virtualisierung von Anwendungen in isolierten Containern, Docker, wurde in der Community Edition in Version17.05 veröffentlicht.

Docker CE 17.05 Release Notes


  • Add multi-stage build support #31257 #32063
  • Allow using build-time args (ARG) in FROM #31352
  • Add an option for specifying build target #32496
  • Accept -f - to read Dockerfile from stdin, but use local context for building #31236
  • The values of default build time arguments (e.g HTTP_PROXY) are no longer displayed in docker image history unless a corresponding ARG instruction is written in the Dockerfile. #31584
  • Fix setting command if a custom shell is used in a parent image #32236
  • Fix docker build --label when the label includes single quotes and a space #31750


  • Add --mount flag to docker run and docker create #32251
  • Add --type=secret to docker inspect #32124
  • Add --format option to docker secret ls #31552
  • Add --filter option to docker secret ls #30810
  • Add --filter scope=<swarm|local> to docker network ls #31529
  • Add --cpus support to docker update #31148
  • Add label filter to docker system prune and other prune commands #30740
  • docker stack rm now accepts multiple stacks as input #32110
  • Improve docker version --format option when the client has downgraded the API version #31022
  • Prompt when using an encrypted client certificate to connect to a docker daemon #31364
  • Display created tags on successful docker build #32077
  • Cleanup compose convert error messages #32087


  • Add support for building docker debs for Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty on amd64 #32435


  • Fix --api-cors-header being ignored if --api-enable-cors is not set #32174
  • Cleanup docker tmp dir on start #31741
  • Deprecate --graph flag in favor or --data-root #28696


  • Add support for logging driver plugins #28403
  • Add support for showing logs of individual tasks to docker service logs, and add /task/{id}/logsREST endpoint #32015
  • Add --log-opt env-regex option to match environment variables using a regular expression #27565


  • Allow user to replace, and customize the ingress network #31714
  • Fix UDP traffic in containers not working after the container is restarted #32505
  • Fix files being written to /var/lib/docker if a different data-root is set #32505


  • Ensure health probe is stopped when a container exits #32274

Swarm Mode

  • Add update/rollback order for services (--update-order / --rollback-order) #30261
  • Add support for synchronous service create and service update #31144
  • Add support for “grace periods” on healthchecks through the HEALTHCHECK --start-period and --health-start-period flag to
    docker service create, docker service update, docker create, and docker run to support containers with an initial startup
    time #28938
  • docker service create now omits fields that are not specified by the user, when possible. This will allow defaults to be applied inside the manager #32284
  • docker service inspect now shows default values for fields that are not specified by the user #32284
  • Move docker service logs out of experimental #32462
  • Add support for Credential Spec and SELinux to services to the API #32339
  • Add --entrypoint flag to docker service create and docker service update #29228
  • Add --network-add and --network-rm to docker service update #32062
  • Add --credential-spec flag to docker service create and docker service update #32339
  • Add --filter mode=<global|replicated> to docker service ls #31538
  • Resolve network IDs on the client side, instead of in the daemon when creating services #32062
  • Add --format option to docker node ls #30424
  • Add --prune option to docker stack deploy to remove services that are no longer defined in the docker-compose file #31302
  • Add PORTS column for docker service ls when using ingress mode #30813
  • Fix unnescessary re-deploying of tasks when environment-variables are used #32364
  • Fix docker stack deploy not supporting endpoint_mode when deploying from a docker compose file #32333
  • Proceed with startup if cluster component cannot be created to allow recovering from a broken swarm setup #31631


  • Allow setting SELinux type or MCS labels when using --ipc=container: or --ipc=host #30652


  • Deprecate --api-enable-cors daemon flag. This flag was marked deprecated in Docker 1.6.0 but not listed in deprecated features #32352
  • Remove Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) as supported platform. Ubuntu 12.04 is EOL, and no longer receives updates #32520


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