Bareos 17.2.5 als Bugfix Release erschienen

Bareos ist ein ehemaliger Fork von Bacula und stellt eine Open-Source Backuplösung auf Enterpriseniveau dar. Die neuste Version 17.2.5 wurde als Bugfix und Enhancement Release am 16.02.2018 veröffentlicht.

Bareos 17.2.5 Release Notes

  • Bareos File Daemon is ready for AIX
  • VMware Plugin is also provided for Debian 9.
  • NDMP fixes
  • Virtual Backup fixes
  • bareosstoragedroplet: improvements
  • bareosdbcheck improvements and fixes: with older versions it could happen, that it destroys structures required by .bvfs_* .
  • Ticket #850 fixes a bug on Univention Corporate Linux: fixes a problem of regenerating passwords when resyncing settings.
  • Ticket #890 .bvfs_update fix. Before there have been cases where it did not update the cache.
  • .bvfs_lsdirs make limit- and offset-option work correctly.
  • .bvfs_lsdirs show special directory (like @bpipe@/) on the same level as /.
  • Ticket #895 added description to the output of show filesets.
  • Bareos Webui: Restore Browser fixes
    • There was the possibility of an endless loop if the BVFS API delivers unexpected results. This has been fixed. See bugreports Ticket #887 and Ticket #893 for details.
    • Ticket #905 fixes a problem with file names containing quotes.
  • NDMP Block Size Dir Client changed type from positive-integer to Size32. This should not affect any configuration, but is more consistent with other block size configuration directives.


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