tine 2.0 Release Version 2018.02.03 Community Edition

Für die Community Edition der Groupware tine 2.0. wurde Mitte April das Update in Version 2018.02.3, veröffentlicht. Insgesamt wurde 7 Fehler korrigiert.

tine 2.0 2018.02.03 Release Notes

  • 0013708[WebDAV] Hidden groups break webdav due to missing (pmehrer) – resolved.
  • 0013720[Other] Found another db user/password leak (pschuele) – resolved.
  • 0013812[CRM] Overdue leads are not marked red any more (pschuele) – resolved.
  • 0013798[Sales] Unknown column ‘fulltext’ in sales_sales_invoices (mspahn) – resolved.
  • 0013746[Addressbook] selection of all addresses on all pages doesn’t work with compose email (pschuele) – resolved.
  • 0013740[Tinebase] Reopen Bug 0013512 – Wrong Quota in Admin panel for Cyrus Imap Backend (pschuele) – resolved.
  • 0013806[CalDAV] CalDAV Server responds with 404 (pschuele) – closed.

Der vollständigkeithalber noch die vorherigen Release Notes vom 8.3.2018 mit über 13 korrigierten Fehlern.

tine 2.0 2018.02.2 Release Notes

  • 0013738[Calendar] Event data is not filled into edit form (pschuele) – resolved.
  • 0013770[Calendar] You can not search for participants in an event (pschuele) – resolved.
  • 0013276[Felamimail] DateTime mismatch between mail header and received column in Felamimail (pschuele) – resolved.
  • 0013142[UNKNOWN] Severe Display Problems in Tine (pschuele) – resolved.
  • 0013552[Tinebase] User / Group Membership inconsistency (pschuele) – resolved.
  • 0013772[Addressbook] After upgrading from the latest 2017 version I can no longer search in addresses and I can not select projects using text-search – resolved.
  • 0013608[Admin] Error in Admin User Administration – fehlende Daten (pschuele) – resolved.
  • 0013678[Calendar] Fatal error: Call to a member function getId() on a non-object in Calendar/Model/Attender.php (pschuele) – resolved.
  • 0013640[Felamimail] Search for recepients brings irrelevant results (pschuele) – resolved.
  • 0013698[Tinebase JavaScript] internet explorer 11.0.9600.18738 is unable to open tine (pschuele) – resolved.
  • 0013576[Tinebase] support PHP 7.2 (pschuele) – resolved.
  • 0013688[Calendar] Can’t reschedule an event using the webinterface in monthly view (pschuele) – resolved.
  • 0013682[Felamimail] Unable to modify existing calendar event – TypeError: Cannot read property ‘hasPoll’ of undefined (pschuele) – resolved.

Quelle: https://forge.tine20.org/changelog_page.php

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