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Nextcloud App Talk Release 3.2.0

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Die App Talk in der Open Source Cloudlösung, Nextcloud, wurde heute in Version 3.2.0 veröffentlicht. Es wurden 5 neue Funktionen hinzugefügt und 11 Änderungen bzw. Bugfixe durchgeführt.

Nextcloud 13 – App Talk 3.2.0 Release Notes


  • Shortcuts have been added when a call is active: (m)ute, (v)ideo, (f)ullscreen, (c)hat and (p)articipant list #730 #750
  • Allow users to chat in multiple tabs in multiple chats at the same time #748
  • Guest names are now handled better in chat and the participant list #733
  • Users which are participanting in a call now have a video icon in the participant list #777
  • Unread chat message count is now displayed in the room list #806 #824


  • It is now possible to join a call without camera and/or microphone #758
  • Chat does now not require Media permissions anymore #711
  • Leaving a call will free up the Media permissions #735
  • Participants can now be @mentioned in the chat by starting to type @ followed by the name of the user #805 #812 #813


  • Correctly catch the input on the chat in firefox (instead of writing to the placeholder) #737
  • Keep scrolling position when switching from chat to call or back #838
  • Delete rooms when the last logged in user leaves #727
  • Correctly update chat UI when leaving current room #743
  • Various layout fixes with videos and screensharing #702 #712 #713
  • Fix issues with users that have a numerical name or id #694
  • Fix contacts menu entry when no user was found #686


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