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roundcube Webmail in Version 1.1.4 und 1.0.8 erschienen

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Die Entwickler des kostenlosen Webmailers, roundcube, haben im Dezember letzten Jahres die Version 1.1.4 und 1.0.8 veröffentlicht. Neben zwei Sicherheitsfixes wurden auch fast 20 Bugs behoben.

coundcube Release 1.1.4 Liste

  • Add workaround for (#1490582)
  • Fix duplicate messages in list and wrong count after delete (#1490572)
  • Fix so Installer requires PHP5
  • Make brute force attacks harder by re-generating security token on every failed login (#1490549)
  • Slow down brute-force attacks by waiting for a second after failed login (#1490549)
  • Fix .htaccess rewrite rules to not block .well-known URIs (#1490615)
  • Fix mail view scaling on iOS (#1490551)
  • Fix so database_attachments::cleanup() does not remove attachments from other sessions (#1490542)
  • Fix responses list update issue after response name change (#1490555)
  • Fix bug where message preview was unintentionally reset on check-recent action (#1490563)
  • Fix bug where HTML messages with invalid/excessive css styles couldn’t be displayed (#1490539)
  • Fix redundant blank lines when using HTML and top posting (#1490576)
  • Fix redundant blank lines on start of text after html to text conversion (#1490577)
  • Fix HTML sanitizer to skip <!– node type X –> in output (#1490583)
  • Fix invalid LDAP query in ACL user autocompletion (#1490591)
  • Fix regression in displaying contents of message/rfc822 parts (#1490606)
  • Fix handling of message/rfc822 attachments on replies and forwards (#1490607)
  • Fix PDF support detection in Firefox > 19 (#1490610)
  • Fix path traversal vulnerability (CWE-22) in setting a skin (#1490620)
  • Fix so drag-n-drop of text (e.g. recipient addresses) on compose page actually works (#1490619)


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