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Proxmox VE 5.3 veröffentlicht

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Vor wenigen Tagen wurde Proxmox VE in der Version 5.3 veröffentlicht. Neu ist die volle Integration von CephFS als Storage für Backupdateien, ISO Images und Container Templates. Alles kann über die Proxmox VE GUI konfiguriert werden.

Weiterhin wurde das Disk Management verbesser, sodass nun ZFS als Raid Volumen und LVMthin Pools verwendet werden können. Neu ist auch das das bereits vorhandene ZFS over iSCSI Storage Plug-in Zugriff auf auf LIO Targets im Kernel hat.

PVE 5.3 ermöglicht zudem nun die Verwendung von Nesting von LXC Container, sodass LXC und LXD in Container verwendet werden können die Zugriff auf NFS oder CIFS erhalten. PCI Passthrough und vGPUs soll via GUI ebenso möglich sein.

Proxmox VE 5.3 Release Notes

  • Based on Debian Stretch 9.6
  • Kernel 4.15.18
  • QEMU 2.12.1
  • LXC 3.0.2
  • ZFS 0.7.12
  • Ceph 12.2.8 (Luminous LTS, stable), packaged by Proxmox
  • Installer with ZFS: no swap space is created by default, instead an optional limit of the used space in the advanced options can be defined, thus leaving unpartitioned space at the end for a swap partition.
  • Disk Management on GUI (ZFS, LVM, LVMthin, xfs, ext4)
  • Create CephFS via GUI (MDS)
  • CephFS Storage plugin (supports backups, templates and ISO images)
  • LIO support for ZFS over iSCSI storage plugin
  • ifupdown2 package and partial GUI support
  • Delete unused disk images on the storage view
  • Enable/disable the local cursor in noVNC
  • Enable/disable autoresize in noVNC
  • Edit /etc/hosts/ via GUI, which is necessary whenever the IP or hostname is changed
  • Editable VGA Memory for VM, enables higher resolutions (UHD) for e.g. SPICE
  • VM Generation ID: Users can set a ‘vmgenid’ device, which enables safe snapshots, backup and clone for various software inside the VM, like Microsoft Active Directory. This vmgenid will be added to all newly created VMs automatically. Users have to manually add it to older VMs.
  • qemu-server: add ability to fstrim a guest filesystem after moving a disk (during move_disk or migrate with local disks)
  • Emulating ARM virtual machines (experimental, mostly useful for development purposes)
  • vGPU/MDev and PCI passthrough. GUI for configuring PCI passthrough and also enables the use of vGPUs (aka mediated devices) like Intel KVMGT (aka GVT-g) or Nvidias vGPUS.
  • pvesh rewrite to use the new CLI Formatter framework – providing a configurable output format for all API calls (formats include: json, yaml and a pleasant table output with borders). Provides unified support for json output for the PVE CLI Tools.
  • Nesting for Containers (privileged & unprivileged containers): Allows running lxc, lxd or docker inside containers, also supports using AppArmor inside containers
  • Mounting CIFS/NFS inside containers (privileged): Allows using samba or nfs shares directly from within containers
  • Improved reference documentation
  • Countless bug fixes and package updates (for all details see bugtracker and GIT)


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