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oVirt 4.3.9 Bugfix Release

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Die Open-Source Virtualisierungslösung oVirt, wurde vor kurzem in der Version 4.3.9 freigegeben. oVirt selbst ist eine Alternative für VMWare und vSphere und ermöglicht das Managment von KVM Virtualisierung in Multi-Node-Umgebungen. oVirt beinhaltet unter anderem libvirt, Gluster, PatternFly und Ansible.

oVirt 4.3.9 Release Notes


oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1797496 Add RHCOS os to osinfo – for compatability API between 4.3 to 4.4Feature:

Support Red Hat CoreOS


Red Hat CoreOS is a new operation system that used mostly for containers solution. This bug only introduce the new operation system as part of back compatibility for 4.3 clusters.


It is possible to select Red Hat CoreOS operation system for a VM.

Bug Fixes

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1808038 Unable to change Graphical Console of HE VM. [RHV clone – 4.3.9]
  • BZ 1792874 Hide partial engine-cleanup option [RHV clone – 4.3.9]


  • BZ 1795726 after_migration is not sent to the guest after migration [RHV clone – 4.3.9]


oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1801558 /etc/ovirt-provider-ovn/logger.conf should be included in the backup
  • BZ 1797659 [API]Have a generic way to initialize a VM in run-once
  • BZ 1809470 [HE] ovirt-provider-ovn is non-functional on 4.3.9 Hosted-Engine [RHV clone – 4.3.9]

oVirt Host Deploy

  • BZ 1613291  log says ovirt-ha-agent is starting after HE undeploy but it’s actually being disabled and stopped

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

  • BZ 1798834 Hosted engine redeploy failed at “Add IPv4 outbound route rules” ansible task.

oVirt Engine Metrics

  • BZ 1797023 In RHV Metric Store, installer vm does not take the static ip mentioned in the configuration file

No Doc Update

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1789737 Import of OVA created from template fails with java.lang.NullPointerException [RHV clone – 4.3.9]
  • BZ 1782185 Accessing Storage > Volumes does not work


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