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OPNsense 18.1.8 Security – Bugfix und Feature Release

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Ich hatte in den letzten Tagen die Open-Source Firewall und Fork von pfSense, OPNsense, installiert. Da das Image wohl etwas älter war, wurde mir das Update 18.1.8 vom 17.05.2018 angeboten.

Wesentliche Merkmale sind der Boot Support für Installationen auf ZFS. Die Standardroute wurde bzgl. Probleme mit unstabilen Verbindungen, optimiert und ein NUT Plugin ist nun installierbar. Für alle die auf Optik stehen, kann nun aus 2 Themes gewählt werden.

OPNsense 18.1.8 Release Notes

  • system: improve VLAN console assignment handling
  • system: move backup crypto code to the only page using it
  • system: improve validation for web GUI related settings
  • system: split off monitor reload for upcoming dpinger integration
  • system: default route handler skips an already active default route
  • system: default route handler purges hint files only when switching to a newer route
  • system: default gateway switching uses the standard default route handler
  • system: properly add LDAP picker to ACL
  • system: properly unset password expired message after password change
  • interfaces: clear up use IPv4 connectivity and fix several typos
  • interfaces: parse and report tunnel data
  • interfaces: move dhclient-script to proper location
  • interfaces: allow SLAAC to latch on to IPv4 link
  • reporting: add destination address in Insight detail search
  • dhcp: fix labels of services to align with menu
  • dhcp: domain-search-list usage was removed in 2012
  • ipsec: rewrite resolve_retry() for its only use case
  • ipsec: improve RADIUS secret escaping (contributed by Rafael Cano)
  • ipsec: fix missing disable of DH group setting
  • router advertisements: correctly merge DNS server arrays
  • router advertisements: fix DNSSL settings
  • router advertisements: fix duplicated subnet statements
  • openssh: also use static interface IP addresses to listen on explicitly
  • unbound: allow wildcard host entry (contributed by Eugen Mayer)
  • webgui: also use static interface IP addresses to listen on explicitly
  • backend: improve escaping of passed parameters
  • ui: correct heigh of the login title bar
  • ui: unify the label printing of interfaces
  • ui: refactor script match for help messages
  • rc: ZFS boot awareness
  • plugins: os-cache 1.0 is an optional web server cache for the GUI/API
  • plugins: os-debug 1.3 now holds its own PHP settings
  • plugins: os-nut 1.0 (contributed by Michael Muenz)
  • plugins: os-snmp 1.3 improves handling of interface binding
  • plugins: os-theme-cicada 1.0 (contributed by Rene via Team Rebellion)
  • src: mishandling of x86 debug exceptions[1]
  • src: multiple small kernel memory disclosures[2]
  • src: timezone database information update[3]
  • ports: ca_root_nss 3.37
  • ports: krb5 1.16.1[4]
  • ports: liblz4 1.8.2[5]
  • ports: python 2.7.15[6]
  • ports: sqlite 3.23.1[7]
  • ports: sudo 1.8.23[8]


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