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openHAB 4.1.2 Bugfix Release

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Die Entwickler der Open-Source Smarthomelösung openHAB, haben nun offizielle die neue Version 4.1.2 veröffentlicht. Das Update behebt Fehler in einigen Add-ons und bringt neue Features.

openHAB 4.1.2 Release Notes


Bug Fixes4040Fix logging in ChannelCommandDescriptionProvider
4068Remove state description when loading an item with a removed pattern


digitalstromBug Fixes16352Fix initialization of temperature control devices
dmxBug Fixes16281Improve exception handling in refresh job
doorbirdEnhancements16297Add support for version 2 encryption scheme
ecobeeBug Fixes16467Fix for error code 14 (token expired)
energidataserviceEnhancements16283Update tariff filter for NOE Net
16317Update tariff filter for Ikast El Net
Bug Fixes16222Reduce redundant persistence of tariffs
hueBug Fixes16356Fix NullPointerException
hydrawiseBug Fixes16221Handle API auth changes
16280Small fix when retrying token
influxdbBug Fixes16234Fix exception handling for InfluxDB 1.x
jythonscriptingBug Fixes16527Fix addon id
mieleBug Fixes16521Fix sticky appliance ID
netatmoBug Fixes16520Fix account bridge staying offline
shellyBug Fixes16240Fix stack overflow, sensor init on wakeup and wrong temp channel for Plus 1
16371Fix blu gateway script to prevent crash
squeezeboxBug Fixes16368Fix notification sometimes playing last playlist item first
tellstickBug Fixes16220Adopt new API url
teslaBug Fixes16331Adapt calls to new products API endpoint

User Interfaces

Basic UIBug Fixes2260Fix Buttongrid alignment on desktop
2280Fix SSE reconnection to the current page
Main UIBug Fixes2277Thing edit: Hide clear button for location if not editable or not ready
2291Home page: Hide tab bar if all model tabs are hidden
2295Transformation edit: Fix copy UID doesn’t work
2304Home edit: Fix model card settings drop-down not accessible
2321Fix code editor’s Ruby detection
2338Fix sidebar search scene and script integration
2364Fix alexa thermostat attribute parameters


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