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openHAB 4.0.0 Milestone 2 veröffentlicht

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Die Entwickler der Open-Source Smarthomelösung openHAB, haben den Meilenstein 2 der kommenden Version 4.0.0 veröffentlicht. Das Update behebt Fehler in einigen Add-ons und bringt neue Features. Ich habe es bereits von 3.6.3 aktualisiert und weiße daraufhin, dass Java 17 verwendet werden muss: Installation Debian OpenJDK17

openHAB 4.0.0 Milestone 2 Changelog

New Add-ons

The following add-ons are newly introduced:

MQTT Ruuvi GatewayBinding#13315

The following improvements were made:


Enhancements3141Add ItemStateUpdatedEvent and enable group channel-links
3249Allow inline scripts in SCRIPT transformation
3292Introduce a profile for the generic SCRIPT transformation
3311Return item metadata by default
3363Allow using ‘=’ in a double quoted value/label
3378Extend sitemap syntax for icon
3418Add inputHint param to sitemap Input element
3431Add Input widget to main UI sitemap configuration and REST API
3433Add support for Jetty HTTP/2 clients
3434Add ColorUtil for better support of xyY conversion
3439Improve time weighting in averageSince and averageBetween
3453Add new color keyword “itemValue”
3479Reduce rounding errors of RGB/HSB conversion and enhance ColorUtil
3487Add dynamic scripting-language transformation service
3491Sort profile-type resources by their label
3506Clarify the script profile config description
3519Add dynamic creation of semantic tags
3523Improve EventLogger performance
3535Improve log messages in ItemStateConditionHandler
3537Add support for custom deserialization of AccessTokenResponse
3539Extend item syntax for category/icon
3553Add methods to get Semantic tag synonyms and description
Bug Fixes3448Channels once more displayed in correct order in Main UI
3451Improve AbstractScriptFileWatcher initialization order and file handling
3454Fix ready marker ordering on late subscriptions
3457Fix file processing in FileTransformationProvider
3458Fix default human language interpreter selection
3464Fix variable binding in ScriptTransformationService
3474Fix ConfigValidationMessage in ThingManagerImpl
3490Fix error handling with DNS resolution / Unknown host errors
3510Fix AbstractDependencyTracker
3513Fix resource leak in SysfsUsbSerialScanner
3516Fix recently introduced SAT issues
3524Prevent unnecessary MODIFY events in WatchServiceImpl
3526Fix thing reloading from things file
3532Fix hidden files showing up in TransformationRegistry
3533Fix wrong event subscription in GroupStateTrigger and ItemStateTrigger
3549Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException in ScriptEngineFactoryHelper


androiddebugbridgeBug Fixes14663Fix screen state channel on Android 12
astroEnhancements14756Add getTotalRadiation to AstroActions
avmfritzEnhancements14587Use system channel types and decrease minimum polling interval
benqprojectorBug Fixes14603Fix NullPointerException when getting network interface name
bluetooth.radoneyeEnhancements14549Support for RadonEye with v2.x.x firmware
boschindegoEnhancements14745Implement OAuth2 authorization
boschshcEnhancements14197Add bridge and device discovery
14781Add support for Thermostat SilentMode
deconzEnhancements14622Add Pairing/Scene actions, new devices and improve code
14636Add On/Off thermostats
14641Cleanup code and improve tests, edit channels to vibration sensor
dlinksmarthomeEnhancements14479Reboot device daily following shutdown of cloud service
easeeBug Fixes14637Fix start/stop and pause/resume
ecobeeBug Fixes14607Fix typo in channel label
eKeyEnhancements14616Add sourceIp in cases of NAT (Kubernetes deployments)
enoceanEnhancements13793Add support for EEP in group A5_09
gardenaBug Fixes14722Improve GardenaSmartImpl initialization order
generacmobilelinkEnhancements14638Major rewrite of the Generac MobileLink Binding
googlesttEnhancements14653Upgrade library
Bug Fixes14649Fix audio streaming reliability
groovyscriptingEnhancements14499Update Groovy to 4.0.9 and support slurpers
14734Update Groovy to 4.0.11
iCloudBug Fixes14563Ignore HTTP errors != 400 & >= 500 for 2-FA authentication
jrubyscriptingBug Fixes14590Filter files that are added to the watch list
knxEnhancements14534Refactoring of KnxCoreTypeMapper and UOM Support
14624Improve config description for GAs
14772Improve rounding when encoding DPT 232.60000
mielecloudEnhancements14456Add channels energy and water consumption
mimicttsBug Fixes14821Fix addon.xml info
miscEnhancements14724Adapt to ColorUtil changes in core
mqtt.espmilighthubEnhancements13800Use availability topic to set thing status
mqtt.genericEnhancements14650Don’t log state description from provider when not found
mqtt.homeassistantEnhancements13808Implement JSON schema lights
netatmoEnhancements14252Extend webhook support for doorbell and presence camera
14595Add the capability to have a single home
OJElectronicsEnhancements13782Add SignalR for requesting data from OJ Electronics cloud
openwebnetEnhancements14566Reset zones’ alarm state channel when system is armed
Bug Fixes14620Thermo: Fix wrong parameter in .getChannel
radiothermostatEnhancements14149Add configuration to update thermostat’s internal schedule
14799Add message display channel and improve ThingActions
renaultEnhancements14527Add channel for pausing/resuming charging
Bug Fixes14586Improve handling of HTTP 502 responses from Renault API
rustpotterksEnhancements14615Upgrade to version 2
sleepiqEnhancements14714Add functionality to control the bed foundation
solarwattEnhancements14741Add smart heater device support
tapocontrolEnhancements14596Support display light effects for L530
Bug Fixes14656 Color values must be int, not decimal
tibberEnhancements14573Query for subscription url every reconnect attempt
14583Add channel for lastMeterProduction
veSyncEnhancements14354Improve recognition and device support
vosksttEnhancements14625Upgrade library
watsonsttEnhancements14626Upgrade library
windcentraleEnhancements14770Adapt binding to new API
yeelightEnhancements14584Add sptrip6 device
14668Support of ceil26 and ceiling11 devices
Bug Fixes14670Fix disconnect method

User Interfaces

Basic UIEnhancements1793Handle new color keyword “itemValue”
1829Add the “follow system” theme
1834Use more contrasted color buttons in widgets when in dark mode
1838Change assumption in case icon value contains only 2 segments
1842Fix text color when the page does not contain any frame
1729Input widget
Bug Fixes1792Consider the correct iconset when reloading the icon
Main UIEnhancements1448Add a transformations menu and editor
1718Refactor oh-knob component to remove vue-knob-control & Lazy load dependencies
1732Developer sidebar: Extend search & Sort search results
1786Allow setting gradientDirection for oh-trend component
1788Use channelType label & description as placeholder for channel details
1808Show warning if SSE connection or send command fails
1820Allow using = in double-quoted widget action options
1821Add recommended add-ons to the setup wizard
1824Sitemap editor: Support inputHint config of Input element
1845Transformations: Various enhancements & fixes
Bug Fixes1739Scene editor: Fix triggers/conditions, enable/disable action & rule status
1761Fix missing diagram lines for groups in analyzer
1798Pass slot names down in generic-widget-component
1802Fix add equipment/points expert mode
1807Add a SSE reconnection mechanism
1814Fix text overflow in config-sheet component
1815Enforce required role when accessing admin or /profile routes
1819Thing details: Make code tab read-only if not editable
1835Developer sidebar: Fix search in case of missing thing label
1837Thing picker: Fix failure caused by missing label & Show UID

Quelle: Release openHAB 4.0.0 Milestone 2 · openhab/openhab-distro · GitHub

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