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ISPConfig Feature und Bugfix Release 3.2.10

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Das beliebte Multi-Server-Control-Panel ISPConfig erhielt das Feature und Bugfix Update 3.2.10. ISPConfig unterstützt Debian 9 bis 11, Ubuntu 16.04 bis 22.04 LTS und CentOS 7 bis 8.

ISPConfig 3.2.10 Release Notes

This version resolves some PHP 8+ compatibility issues and mostly solves bugs, though we have introduced a few new features as well.

Here are a few highlights of the changes:


  • When updating to a newer version from 3.2.10 (or newer), you will not be asked for a MySQL root user password unless necessary
  • Added menu.d directory support to all UI modules
  • Fixed a issue that broke quota notifications


  • Renamed “Shell user” to “SSH/SFTP User”


  • Added API calls for DNSSEC functions
  • Fixed CAA record for Sectigo (please be aware that existing CAA records will need to be updated manually if necessary)
  • Fixed the DNS zone import function

You can see the full changelog here:

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