i-MSCP neues Release 1.1.0-RC2

Heute erhielt ich die Info, dass das Internet multi-server Control Panel aktualisiert wurde und nun der Release Candidate 1.1.0-RC2 zur Verfügung steht. Hier die kopierten Informationen zu den Änderungen und Fixes:

– Added MariaDb support
– Added named.conf.local and named.conf.options files
– Added skel directory for Web folder skeletons (Httpd server impls.)
– Fixed: Useless section must be removed in generated Apache configuration files
– Fixed: diff package isn’t available for Ubuntu > 12.04 (replaced by diffutils)
– Removed packages file for Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot (EOL 20130509)
– Updated php.ini files

– Added hooks for user module
– Added hooks.d directory for storage of engine hook files
– Added support for Apache + PHP FPM
– Added option allowing to disable/enable IPv6 support (Bind9)
– Fixed: Admin must be able to add custom data in named configuration files (Bind9)
– Fixed: DNS server must answer to queries only for zones for which it’s authoritative (excepted for localhost)
– Fixed: DNS server must be protected against common attacks
– Fixed: DNS zone files must be checked and cleaned before installation in production directory
– Fixed: DNS zones must be added in named.conf.local instead of named.conf (Bind9 – Debian/Ubuntu)
– Fixed: i-MSCP network init script must start/stop MySQL server only if installed
– Fixed: Domain module shouldn’t be responsible to add i-MSCP unix user
– Fixed: Permissions as set by Debian must be keep (bind9)
– Fixed: Slave DNS zone files should be put in dedicated directory (Bind9)
– Fixed: SPF record syntax

– Added option allowing to disconnect an user without removing its session
– Added option allowing to protect/unprotect Web folders
– Enhancement: Improved layout for admin/settings.php page
– Fixed: Allow idn for domain part of Ftp account username
– Fixed: Allow to trigger more than one privilege callback functions for navigation
– Fixed: External mail server option not implemented in admin/domain_edit.page
– Fixed: i18n issues in reseller_add.php and reseller_edit.php pages
– Fixed: Hide menus referring to unplayable features
– Fixed: Sessions not killed (admin/session_manage.php)
– Fixed: Unable to display the domain_edit.php/reseller_edit.php pages in some context (SQL queries too big)
– Removed both order panel and billing interfaces
– Rewritten Ftp account add page
– Updated iMSCP jQuery tooltip plugin according jQuery library changes

– Added support for external repositories (Debian/Ubuntu)
– Added hooks.d directory for storage of installer hook files
– Fixed: add-apt-repository – unknown -y option (Ubuntu Lucid Lynx)
– Fixed: APT packages manager must be configured before any package installation
– Fixed: All MySQL secure installation tasks are now done by the i-MSCP installer
– Fixed: i-MSCP must allow usage of remote SQL server
– Fixed: Both imscp-autoinstall and imscp-setup scripts must allow per item reconfiguration
– Fixed: Duplicate entries in sources.list file (Ubuntu)
– Fixed: Do not show any dialog when –noprompt option is used
– Fixed: Make error messages free of any ANSI color and end of line codes in dialog
– Fixed: Uninstall unneeded packages when switching to another server implementation

– Updated jQuery to 1.9.1
– Updated jQuery UI to 1.10.0
– Updated Net_DNS to Net_DNS2 (version 1.3.0)
– Updated Zend Framework to 1.12.3

– Fixed #064: Nice to have – PHP FPM
– Fixed #191: Defect – proftpd slow login
– Fixed #377: Defect – Some issues with shared mount point
– Fixed #458: Update – NET_DNS to NET_DNS2
– Fixed #463: Bug – Fake duplicate sources in sources.list file (ubuntu)
– Fixed #543: Bug – Dovecot not stopped when switching to courier
– Fixed #544: Bug – An exception have been thrown – magicfile
– Fixed #557: Bug – External mail server – Removing last entry (edit mode) doesn’t remove DNS MX record
– Fixed #558: Defect – Unable to edit custom MX DNS records
– Fixed #564: Security Failure – Passwords can be compromised
– Fixed #566: Cosmetics – i18n issues
– Fixed #567: Bug – Shared mount point get deleted even if used by other entity
– Fixed #568: Bug – Unable to delete domain aliases when using shared mount point and HTTP redirection
– Fixed #571: Bug – Proftpd – Unable to restart – Directive collision
– Fixed #572: Defect – Shared mount point – Entity Deletion
– Fixed #581: Task – Add support for MariaDB
– Fixed #583: Bug – Disabling PHP will not prevent user to use it
– Fixed #586: defect – PHP FPM still running when switching to another server
– Fixed #591: Bug – PHP FPM – SSL connection for the panel is not working
– Fixed #593: Bug – Setup (update) is not working
– Fixed #594: Defect – Awstats addon – cron task is not working
– Fixed #595: Enhancement – Allow per item reconfiguration
– Fixed #596: Bug – GUI – External mail server feature not implemented
– Fixed #599: Bug – Ubuntu auto-installer adapter is broken
– Fixed #600: Defect – Custom DNS CNAME to CNAME – Trailing period
– Fixed #601: Bug – Apache + php-fpm – Cannot install specific software
– Fixed #603: Bug – Awstats Addon – cron task is sending messages to stdout
– Fixed #604: Bug – insserv – Script imscp_network is broken: incomplete LSB comment
– Fixed #607: Bug – History of customer stats is limited to 3 years
– Fixed #609: Bug – PHP FPM – Internal Server Error after deleting any domain
– Fixed #610: Cosmetics – i18n issue – Typo
– Fixed #618: Defect – IMAP – Subscribed folders are not re-added to the subscription file
– Fixed #619: Bug – HTTP Redirection – Null field – Update errors
– Fixed #623: Bug – Error on update – Unable to delete etc/apt/preferences.d/imscp file
– Fixed #624: Bug – Setup/Update imscp-autoinstall is broken
– Fixed #625: Defect – Missing file themes/default/images/black/login/stripe.png
– Fixed #629: Unable to change PHP editor settings when editing reseller
– Fixed #631: Defect – Proftpd – Heavy 100% load on login / directorychange
– Fixed #632: Bug – dovecot – Wrong conffile permission after update
– Fixed #634: Bug – i-MSCP update from git master – Error in bind9 server implementation
– Fixed #639: Defect – Setup – Package ‘debconf-utils’ has no installation candidate
– Fixed #643: Bug – Unable to switch from php-fpm to fastcgi
– Fixed #644: Task – Show specific dialog message when installer cannot run due to backup process
– Fixed #646: Defect – Remote SQL server – The host part of SQL users as created by i-MSCP should be settable
– Fixed #649: Bug – imscp-uninstall syntax error
– Fixed #650: Bug – Error when assigning an existing SQL User to a new database
– Fixed #740: Enhancement – Engine Hook for post domain user creation
– Fixed #742: Bug – Welcome email don’t show the correct information
– Fixed #743: Update – Roundcube update available (version 0.9.0)
– Fixed #751: Bug – Installer – Ubuntu 13.04 – php5-suhosin is not available
– Fixed #753: Bug – Backup Restore – Use of uninitialized value $dbname
– Fixed #754: Bug – errors while rebuilding cusomers files (ssl cert)
– Fixed #757: Bug – setup – Problem with SSL certificat
– Fixed #758: Bug – typo in Database.php (line 729)
– Fixed #759: Bug – new account setup with partly wrong vu**** id
– Fixed #760: Bug – No logs or not updated logs in user space since may 22 00:00
– Fixed #763: Bug – Errors in imscp-autoinstall when database is different from ‘imscp’

Furthermore, all languages files were synchronized with the last available versions on Transifex.



Achtung diese Version wird nicht für den produktiven Einsatz empfohlen.


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