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i-MSCP – neues Maintenance Release 1.3.8

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Die Entwickler des Open-Source Multi-Control-Server-Panels, i-MSCP, haben heute das neue Maintenance Release 1.3.8 der Serie 1.3.x, veröffentlicht. Diese behebt ca. 39 Bugs und führt 16 Änderungen durch.

i-MSCP 1.3.8 Release Notes


  • Fixed: Boot mode not set when it is expected to be (iMSCP::Bootstrapper)
  • Fixed: Configuration files must be opened read-only outside of setup context
  • Fixed: Customer SSL certificates are validated twice per add/change actions
  • Fixed: Don’t display error messages related to invalid customer SSL certificates while i-MSCP update/reconfiguration
  • Fixed: Lock files must be released before processing of debug messages (dump)
  • Fixed: Wrong provider used while removing services (iMSCP::Service)
  • Review: Merged module data provider methods (All servers/packages are now receiving identical set of data)


  • Added: Hour and minute fields in message headers (Support Tickets)
  • Changed: Htuser passwords are now hashed using APR-1 algorithm
  • Changed: Panel user passwords are now hashed using APR-1 algorithm (See the errata file for further details)
  • Changed: Usage of HTML textarea tag instead of input tag for data field (Custom DNS interface)
  • Fixed: Any printable ASCII character must be allowed inside TXT record data field (Custom DNS interface)
  • Fixed: Could not list directory when domain alias or subdomain is forwarded (Client side)
  • Fixed: Double-quotes inside a character string of a TXT/SPF data field must be escaped (Custom DNS interface)
  • Fixed: HTML <br> tags not rendered in messages (Support Tickets)
  • Fixed: Ignore user abort while listing directory (VirtualFileSystem)
  • Fixed: It is too hard to differentiate messages (Support Tickets)
  • Fixed: Leading and trailing double-quotes from TXT/SPF data field must be removed before rendering (Custom DNS interface)
  • Fixed: Messages are hard to read because they are greyed (Support Tickets)
  • Fixed: Messages should be displayed in LIFO order (Support Tickets)
  • Fixed: Resellers cannot change customer passwords due to useless verification on the current password
  • Fixed: Tooltips not rendered correctly in some contexts (UI)
  • Removed: cryptPasswordWithSalt(), generateRandomSalt() and _passgen() functions (replaced by \iMSCP\Crypt library)


  • Fixed: Could not set host value to `%’ (host from which SQL users created by i-MSCP must be allowed to connect)
  • Review: Prefer IPv4 family (Wget)


  • Added: (Allows to override default frontEnd template files)
  • Added: (Allows to set identical NS entries in all zones)
  • Fixed: DNS entries are always overridden after custom DNS processing (
  • Fixed: Entries not added in Postfix file (
  • Fixed: Typo in package name, leading to compilation failure (
  • Fixed: Wrong namespace used for many listeners (Named namespace)
  • Removed: (replaced by the all-in-one listener file)


  • Added: dpkg post-invoke task for updating the `imscp_panel’ PHP binary when the system PHP binary is updated (FrontEnd)
  • Changed: Authentication provider for Awstats (Apache mod_authn_file instead of mod_dbd) (AWStats)
  • Fixed: AH01102: error reading status line from remote server (AWStats)


  • Added: Support for optional build field (versioning)
  • Fixed: Update plugin data when date or build fields are increased
  • Fixed: Ignore user abort while migrating database


  • Added: `PHP_FPM_RLIMIT_FILES” configuration parameter in configuration file (PHP-FPM)
  • Changed: Calculate SOA serial numbers using GMT timezone (Bind9)
  • Changed: PHP-FPM `rlimit_files’ value to avoid the `Too many open files (24)’ error on start-up (PHP-FPM)
  • Fixed: Duplicate bind mounts due to unwanted iMSCP::Mount::mount() call (Apache2 FCGID)
  • Fixed: Name server names are badly generated in dual-stack context (Bind9)
  • Fixed: Name server names should be configurable, at least through event listeners (Bind9)
  • Fixed: Only double quotes must be escaped in master SQL user password (Remote SQL server)
  • Fixed: Postfix maps not written in some contexts (especially on error) (Postfix)


  • Fixed: All customer sites running a PHP application get a 503 error when restarting the `imscp_panel service’ (related to #IP-1641)
  • Reverted: Changes made regarding #IP-1641 issue (See the issue for further details)


  • Fixed: Global symbol “$package” requires explicit package name at imscp-uninstall line 216


  • #IP-1641 PHP binary for the imscp_panel service must be updated when the system PHP binary is updated
  • #IP-1649 Domain traffic data missing
  • #IP-1650 When a catchall is deleted, the mailbox used with the catchall is also deleted
  • #IP-1651 Forward URL – The new document root must pre-exists inside the /htdocs directory
  • #IP-1654 Support – Several issues in view ticket interface
  • #IP-1656 Debian Stretch – DBD::mysql – libdbd-mysql-perl requirements
  • #IP-1663 Custom DNS – Could not add TXT-DATA when the character string is longer than 255 characters

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