i-MSCP – neues Maintenance Release 1.2.12

Die Entwickler des beliebten Server Control Panels i-MSCP, haben die Version 1.2.12 veröffentlicht. Diese Version behebt über 20 Fehler, enthält über 30 Änderungen und Anpassungen in den Konfigurationen.


Die Liste der Änderungen in i-MSCP 1.2.12


  • Added: Support for TCP/IP (PHP-FPM)
  • Backported: iMSCP::Crypt library from 1.3.x branch
  • Fixed: Could not remove service: Not a CODE reference at PerlLib/iMSCP/Provider/Service/Systemd.pm line 115
  • Fixed: Could not remove service: Unit not loaded (systemd provider)
  • Fixed: Don’t use Cyrus SASL for SMTP authentication when the Dovecot SASL implementation is available
  • Fixed: Mail passwords are no longer valid after client account re-activation


  • Added: BACKUP_COMPRESS_LEVEL configuration parameter
  • Added: Default www.conf pool configuration file (PHP-FPM)
  • Added: docs/imscp_net_sysctl.conf configuration file example
  • Added: DOVECOT_SASL_AUTH_SOCKET_PATH parameter in dovecot/dovecot.data file
  • Added: event_scheduler parameter in mysql/imscp.cnf file to disable event scheduler (see errata file)
  • Added: performance_schema parameter in mysql/imscp.cnf file to disable performance schema (see errata file)
  • Added: PHP-FPM parameters (global and per pool configuration parameters) in php-fpm/phpfpm.data file
  • Added: SQLD_SOCK_DIR, SQLD_USER and SQLD_GROUP parameters in mysql/mysql.data configuration file
  • Added: sql_mode parameter in mysql/imscp.cnf template file to reset server SQL modes (backward compatibility issue)
  • Fixed: Missing http authorization headers (PHP-FPM with apache2 mod_proxy_fcgi)
  • Fixed: Possible segfault with OPcache when fast shutdown feature is enabled
  • Renamed: ZIP configration parameter to BACKUP_COMPRESS_ALGORITHM
  • Removed: Dovecot 1.x configuration files
  • Removed: procmail mailbox command in Postfix main.cf file
  • Updated: Matching rule for PHP files (.php .php3 .php4 .php5 .php7 .pht .phtml)


  • Added: 40_apache2_tools_proxy.pl listener file (redirect/proxy the i-MSCP tools in customers vhost files)
  • Added: 10_dovecot_compress.pl listener file (activate Dovecot compress plugin)
  • Added: 20_dovecot_connections.pl listener file (allow to increase the mail_max_userip_connections)
  • Added: 30_dovecot_namespace.pl listener file (creates the INBOX. as a compatibility name)
  • Added: 40_dovecot_pfs.pl listener file (activate the Perfect Forward Secrecy logging)
  • Added: 50_dovecot_plaintext.pl listener file (disable plaintext logins and force TLS)
  • Added: 60_dovecot_service_login.pl listener file (Allows to modify default service-login configuration options)
  • Added: 10_nginx_hsts.pl listener file (enable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS))
  • Added: 10_php_confoptions_overide.pl listener file (Allows to add or override PHP configuration options)
  • Added: 60_postfix_pfs.pl listener file (add the self-generated EDH parameter files for Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS))
  • Added: 70_postfix_submission_tls.pl listener file (force TLS connection on postfix submission)
  • Added: 10_proftpd_tuning.pl listener file (removes the ServerIdent information, and forces TLS)
  • Rewritten: 10_named_zonetransfer.pl listener file (now named 10_named_slave_provisioning.pl)
  • Updated: 10_postfix_smarthost listener file (We need Cyrus SASL; Dovecot SASL impl. not supported by Postfix for smtp)


  • Added: imscp_daemon.service systemd unit file
  • Fixed: imscp-rqst-mngr backend script path must not be hardcoded in daemon
  • Fixed: PID file /var/run/imscp_daemon.pid not readable (yet?) after start (systemd)
  • Updated: Upstart init script according new daemon version – only one fork() call
  • Updated: Version to 1.2.4


  • Changed: error_reporting configuration parameter no longer editable when using Apache2 ITK httpd server impl.
  • Fixed: admin/settings.php menu state is not saved
  • Fixed: Customer’s PHP settings must be synchronized when updating PHP permissions of their resellers
  • Fixed: Don’t thrown an exception on parse_url error, send a 404 response instead (plugins.php)
  • Fixed: Slow DOM content loading due to some built-in functions override (imscp.js)
  • Fixed: Missing or bad IP check when adding or editing client account (reseller)
  • Fixed: Wrong alternative names in self-signed SSL certificates
  • Fixed: Wrong edit link for domain alias DNS record (external mail DNS record)
  • Removed: Default PHP configuration options – admin level (see errata file)
  • Removed: Hosting plan feature – admin level (see errata file)


  • Added: Allow to specify package version to install in distribution package files
  • Added: Conflict for procmail package to force its removal when running i-MSCP installer
  • Added: Conflict for sasl2-bin package to force its removal when running i-MSCP installer (we don’t need saslauthd)
  • Added: Default administrator email in aliases(5) table for local root user (e.g. root: <default_admin_email>)
  • Added: Routine for upgrading SQL server system tables when necessary (e.g. MySQL Community Server)
  • Added: Support for MySQL 5.6.x/5.7.x, Percona 5.7 and MariaDB 10.1 when available (see errata file)
  • Added: Support for Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus)
  • Added: verbose command line option
  • Fixed: Could not type new password when reconfiguring service SQL users due to non-printable characters
  • Fixed: Dependencies problems when switching to another SQL server vendor
  • Fixed: Don’t ask admin for SQL root password when not needed (package maintainer script)
  • Fixed: Don’t ask admin for data directory (/var/lib/mysql) removal (package maintainer script)
  • Fixed: Do not try to receive/download repository gpg key if already present
  • Fixed: Missing source repositories in APT sources.list
  • Fixed: Output from imscp-rqst-mngr must be shown on stdout when verbose mode is enabled (only with noprompt)
  • Removed: Support for Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) – Not an LTS version


  • Added: registerSetupListeners() function call to allow the plugins to listen on servers/packages installation events
  • Updated: API version to 1.0.2


  • #IP-0582 PHP editor – PHP configuration levels (per_user, per_domain and per_site) are ignored
  • #IP-1289 ProFTPD with TLS behind NAT – Local IP masquerading and passive port range
  • #IP-1397 MySQL “SET PASSWORD” deprecated in version 5.7.6
  • #IP-1453 The before/after HttpdAddIps events are not always triggered
  • #IP-1466 IP change causes SSL error
  • #IP-1482 Add support for MySQL 5.6.x/5.7.x using MySQL Team repositories
  • #IP-1483 Perl 5.22 – Unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated
  • #IP-1486 Do not place order when a domain alias is created by a mutated user
  • #IP-1487 A parent domain owner must not be able to create a subdomain if already used as main domain or domain alias

Vor dem Update ist das Lesen der errata zu empfehlen.

Benutzer des PHPSwitcher Plugins müssen wie folgt vorgehen:

  • wie üblich i-MSCP aktualisieren
  • Update des PHPSwitcher Plugin auf Version 2.1.0

Wird dies nicht gemacht, wird auf allen Seiten die ein selbst kompiliertes PHP nutzen, ein 503 Fehler angezeigt.

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