GlusterFS in Version 3.7.11 veröffentlicht

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Das Entwicklerteam des freien skalierbaren Netzwerkspeichersystems, GlusterFS, hat das Quick Rlease 3.7.11 veröffentlicht. Dies behebt über 20 Fehler aus den vorherigen Versionen. Darunter einen Fehler beim löschen von Dateien, Zugriffsprobleme auf Dateien, ein fehlendes nfs-ganesha Paket in RHEL 6.7, Problemen mit dem Gluster Dienst nach einem Neustart , TIER Fehler und weiteren

GlusterFS Release Notes 3.7.11

  • 1215026 – Tracker bug for 3.7 Issues reported by Coverity static analysis tool –
  • 1257894 – “rm -rf *” from multiple mount points fails to remove directories on all the subvolumes
  • 1286280 – tools/glusterfind: add –full option to query command
  • 1313693 – gfid-reset of a directory in distributed replicate volume doesn’t set gfid on 2nd till last subvolumes
  • 1318196 – DHT-rebalance: rebalance status shows failed when replica pair bricks are brought down in distrep volume while re-name of files going on
  • 1320817 – Over some time Files which were accessible become inaccessible(music files)
  • 1320892 – Over some time Files which were accessible become inaccessible(music files)
  • 1321748 – afr: add mtime based split-brain resolution to CLI
  • 1322520 – ./tests/basic/tier/tier-file-create.t dumping core fairly often on build machines in Linux
  • 1322808 – nfs-ganesha installation : no pacemaker package installed for RHEL 6.7
  • 1323016 – promotions and demotions not happening after attach tier due to fix layout taking very long time(3 days)
  • 1323490 – quota/cli: quota list with path not working when limit is not set
  • 1324014 – glusterd: glusted didn’t come up after node reboot error” realpath () failed for brick /run/gluster/snaps/130949baac8843cda443cf8a6441157f/brick3/b3. The underlying file system may be in bad state [No such file or directory]”
  • 1324040 – marker: set inode ctx before lokkup is unwind
  • 1324058 – quota: check inode limits only when new file/dir is created and not with write FOP
  • 1324156 – TIER : Attach tier fails
  • 1324381 – DHT : If Directory creation is in progress and rename of that Directory comes from another mount point then after both operation few files are not accessible and not listed on mount and more than one Directory have same gfid
  • 1324809 – arbiter volume write performance is bad.
  • 1325491 – Daemons cannot connect to GlusterD when management encryption is enabled
  • 1325630 – Error in /var/lib/glusterd/groups/virt
  • 1325826 – Too many log messages showing inode ctx is NULL for 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

Known Issues

  • Commit b33f3c9, which introduces changes to improve IPv6 support in GlusterFS has been reverted as it exposed problems in network encryption, which could cause a GlusterFS cluster to fail operating correctly when management network encryption is used.
  • Network encryption has an issue which could sometimes prevent reconnections from correctly happening.


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