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TrueNAS 13.0-U2 Bugfix Release veröffentlicht

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Das auf FreeBSD basierende Betriebssystem für NAS Lösungen, TrueNAS ehemals FreeNAS, erhielt das reguläre Update 13.0-U2. Das Maintenance RElease verbesser Pool Imports, Failover , die Hardwarekompatibilität, Community Plugins und aktualisiert die Version von OpenZFS.

TrueNAS 13.0-U2 Release Notes


  • NAS-117746 SMB – Shift aio_cancel() to tevent_kqueue and add destructor to help cleanup
  • NAS-117707 Merge zfs-2.1.6-staging
  • NAS-117527 Disable MCA/APEI Corrected/None errors by default
  • NAS-117515 Disable kernel MCA errors (OS)
  • NAS-117453 Update community plugins 13/12 branches from master
  • NAS-117421 Intel EPCT and INTEL NVM update for E810
  • NAS-116857 Merge zfs 2.1.5
  • NAS-116632 Update/improve hwpmc(4).


  • NAS-117897 webUI isn’t showing what controller the alert was generated on
  • NAS-117876 netif.iface.cloned can set errno 2 (FileNotFoundError)
  • NAS-117738 sysutils/openzfs*: Revert “Add snapshots_changed as property”
  • NAS-117711 Increase vfs.zfs.zfetch.max_distance to 64MB.
  • NAS-117683 Merge FreeBSD SA-22:09-12 EN-22:16-19
  • NAS-117679 Kernel module usbhid fails to load
  • NAS-117663 iSCSI data corruption with RTL8125 NICs
  • NAS-117600 add back recoverable APEI alert
  • NAS-117463 Fixed missing comma in pytest command list
  • NAS-117441 Added better support for python virtual environment
  • NAS-117436 stop running file IO in main event loop
  • NAS-117433 Backport support page OAuth to 13.0
  • NAS-117396 error message when changing SMB permissions in share with recent version 13.0-U1.1
  • NAS-117349 Missing loader tunable for Intel E810 NIC (ice)
  • NAS-117272 Unable to supply JIRA credentials via GUI to submit a report
  • NAS-117263 Add test for disabling ACL auto-inheritance via SMB
  • NAS-117244 13U1 if ‘Additional Domains’ are specified, the primary domain is not searched
  • NAS-117213 Can’t change permissions on shares on 13.0-U1
  • NAS-117209 smb.status parse blocking event loop
  • NAS-117180 ZFS scrubs can cause very long pool import times
  • NAS-117163 add “Not Installed, Swapped” element status for X
  • NAS-117115 Upgrade to 13.0u1 fails to detect data drives
  • NAS-117112 Failing disk blocks GEOM event thread
  • NAS-117077 Some drives not showing in Enclosure View when moved between enclosures
  • NAS-117075 NextCloud fails to install TrueNAS Core 13U1
  • NAS-117071 Shadow Copies In Nested Datasets Not Visible in 13.0-U1 vs 12.0-U8.1
  • NAS-117070 Upgrade to 13.0-U1 breaks SMB Permissions
  • NAS-117032 No limit on collectd memory cache
  • NAS-116920 S3 service configuration refuses to accept AWS-generated secret key
  • NAS-116868 Cloud Sync (rclone) fails against newer OpenSSH 8.8+ servers.
  • NAS-116767 Add test coverage for SMB ACL “map modify” behavior
  • NAS-116270 Cache reporting is always 0, regardless of state of ARC
  • NAS-115938 Tryinto replicate ix-systems
  • NAS-112995 Alert reads “…replication from scratch…” but entry is called differently in GUI

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