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Tine2.0 2021.02.2 Feature und Bugfix Release

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Die Open-Source Groupware Tine2.0 Community Edition erhielt ein neues Updates. Tine 2.0 CE synchronisiert E-Mails, Termine, Aufgaben und Kontakte mittels ActiveSync oder CalDAV mit Smartphones und anderen Geräten. Das Update behebt ca. 80 Fehler und führt 25 neue Features ein. Zudem wurde die Nutzung von MFA überarbeitet und das speichern im Browser Safe deaktiviert.

Tine 2.0 Release Notes 2021.02.2

MFA / SecondFactor Pin refactoring

Moving the current second factor pin into the new MFA facility, it is required to configure a MFA with the provider
In order for the update script to be able to copy the hashes of the old pins into the new MFA data structure.
If the update script is being run without configuring such an MFA, all accounts pins will be permanently lost
(except for any preexisting database backups of course).

We refactored the login and added support for multiple MFA providers (SMS, yubico, …). The old “captcha” has been removed.

see 41610e5 feature(Tinebase): mfa UI
see 0c6fcb3 feature(Tinebase): introduce MTA and refactor area lock

Disable Browser Password Safe

A new config option has been added to disable the Browser Password Safe (for example for the login screen).

see cf14e3c feature(Tinebase): prevent browser password safe in ux.passwordField


#7133 cannot change folder, maybe it does not exist – E-Mail schreiben nicht möglich


7fb93de feature(Admin/User): also search in user email
7fc683e feature(Filemanager): confirm folder move with own rights
5d055fd feature(Filemanager): beautify system links
5fac92d feature(Felamimail): Add strike out feature in email editor
304d3e9 feature(ci): run e2etests in gitlabci
599a874 feature(Felamimail): add conf for pwDownloadLinks
d2ec402 feature(Filemanager): add option to import file nodes with demo data
e417ba4 feature(Crm/Lead): allow to register persistent observer for lead updates
4900a47 feature(TB MFA) yubico OTP mfa support
05f1435 feature(Felamimail): use thunderbird keyborad shurtcuts
de1903b feature(HumanResources): show remaining vacations in mwtr export
cf14e3c feature(Tinebase): prevent browser password safe in ux.passwordField
9ec43b7 feature(Crm): add readonly flag to leadState
c12b101 feature(Calendar): add config to deactivate implicit organizer rights
47a3f79 feature(scripts): add setContainerGrantsReadOnly script
a125ea6 feature(Calendar): add config to deactivate implicit organizer rights
9579784 feature(Tinebase) cope with dynamicRecords in editGrids
6af126d feature(Calendar): config for skip external notifications
41610e5 feature(Tinebase): mfa UI
0c6fcb3 feature(Tinebase): introduce MTA and refactor area lock
eb250ff feature(Tinebase/Cli): add setContainerGrantsReadOnly
c899649 feature(scripts): add container grants dump/restore scripts
f2e72a9 feature(ci) set kubernetes resource request and limits per job type
8ea1a9d feature(Tinebase): Add hexcolor field type
9a5c9fd feature(Admin/EmailUser): allow umlaut domains in aliases/forwards


f01b9be fix(TB Setup) fix edge cases for udpate 13.6
4afe1b3 fix(Felamimail): new folders can’t be filtered
5d11adb fix(Crm/Leads): restore lead relation filters
35bbcd7 fix(Filemanager): bg refresh must not switch apps
bcb0d75 fix(Tinebase): FF does window scaling itself
7efcd99 fix(TB Setup) add more cleanup queries before doing structure change
36621d6 fix(TB Setup) add updateSchema to update script
38952b4 fix(Calendar): period changeing in listView does not reload grid data
1ce5c55 fix(Tinebase): popupwindows on mac retina displays to big
cca7b8d fix(Tinebase/User): check isset(xprops->emailUserId) first
47a6ab9 fix(Tinebase/Update): also remove buggy FMail containers
402c34e fix(Tinebase): don’t update related_record
e0be2ba fix(TB Container) force names unique in db
1bcc88c fix(Tinebase): don’t update related_record
08fc18b fix(TB Relations related_record) prevent rollbacks when not desired
3244eb6 fix(Tinebase/EmailUser): fix removing email user
333dc82 fix(Tinebase): passwordTriggerField not working in android
b9a9750 fix(Filemanager): don’t switch to filemanager in file dialogs
b48a6ce fix(TB Setup) fix foreign key updates that failed silently due to mysql transaction / struct change issue
925d0ed fix(Calendar): dtEnd random value on dtStart change
f2a1449 fix(Felamimail/SPAM):wrong ham strategy ui behavior
7e99b76 fix(FM beautify URLs for FE) missing trailing slash on root nodes
7fd34dd fix(Filemanager): file d&d with beautified paths
dcb93c7 fix(TB MFA LoginFromPost) add forceUnlock for mfa less logins there too
9f52687 fix(Sales): contracts.customer notIn filter not working
a05c9f1 fix(TB MFA loginFromPost) allow triggerMFA in loginFromPost process after login, before MFA completion
2f116e6 fix(ci): e2etest fix for 2020.11
f76a63f fix(Setup MaintenanceMode) fix session clearing
cf467c9 fix(Tinebase) cross app customfield keyField renderer not working
9ea61e3 fix(RenederManager): strikethrough record in gird
924f8f2 fix(Felamimail/js): enable/disable accountEditDialog fields dynamically
0ad03dc fix(Felamimail/GridPanel): define var “header”
15084cf fix(TB Config) getAllRegistryData resolving should not change in memory copy of config
54a790f fix(Tinebase): defered getValue fails for destructed fields
d3634a1 fix(Tinebase): can’t apply passwordDlg on midddle mouse btn paste
e527989 fix(TB Session RedisSaveHandler) improve redis scan loop
54dd60a fix(TB User Sql) close pdo cursor before going into record validation, down the rabbit hole a new pdo query awaits
5921b6f fix(TB Backend Sql) close pdo cursor before jumping into functions, they may pdo themselves
77f8504 fix(TB User Sql) close pdo cursor before going into record validation, down the rabbit hole a new pdo query awaits
f5f1781 fix(Render/Fieldmanager): date format in mc and keyFieldRenderer
4e68b1f fix(Timetracker): check useInvoice before getForm
a3932a7 fix(ci/phpstan): use code climate compatible report format
d8c4663 fix(Addressbook/VCard): cope with empty TEL TYPE
740dbea fix(Tinebase): skiped passwd chrs in slow browsers
b15e44f fix(ci/tests): generate phpunit report
d3b6aad fix(Tinebase): exclude ENTER in new passwordtriggerfield
28194d2 fix(Tinebase): fixup allowBrowserPasswordManager
8f93153 fix(Tinebase): MFA UI cope with loginFromPost
fb57be1 fix(TB MFA) make arealock json api available, test fails fixed
32df0ec fix(TB MFA) make unlock available anonymously, change registryData behaviour
27e270f fix(TB MFA) fix login
51e9ccf fix(TB MFA) json api uses areaLock names now
96b7d8d fix(TB MFA) improve update, fix anonymous json methods
7c6e00b fix(TB MFA) fix tb_json.registryData behaviour
c8c9aa8 fix(TB MFA) make http loginFromPost work, cleanup in model
5177148 fix(Felamimail): send attachment as system link missing
719bee9 fix(Tinebase): UI Fieldmanager: use corrent app for dynamic records
13c3939 fix(Tinebase/MFA): deviceName on login not shown
5216135 fix(Admin/Json): check if mfa config is iterable
f265763 fix(TB FS) revision size recalc was broken
bbf2769 fix(HumanResources): translations
a96db50 fix(Sales/Invoice): set default sales_tax for auto-invoices #2
e700a54 fix(Tinebase/translation): remove duplicate de string
8b3726a fix(HumanResources) different vacation results in account and freeTimePlanning
3e3e99f fix(Tinebase): after store update select cellselection again
9fb7471 fix(Sales/Invoice): set default sales_tax for auto-invoices
10ec4dc fix(Felamimail/Message): encode draft folder name #7133
2ea0c18 fix(Felamimail/Account): fix var name
72d6899 fix(Felamimail/Json): account is needed in Felamimail_Backend_Imap constructor
ff06bd3 fix(Felamimail/translation): fix de typo
6e3b4ae fix(Felamimail/Account): add missing translation object
115e900 fix(ci): build job should not set k8s request
1b1689f fix(Calendar vevent) only use system attendee role (req/opt)
caaee5a fix(Sales/Invoices): use sales_tax from config
e6bf30a fix(Felamimail/SPAM): remove processed mails from deleteQueue in client
a136949 fix(Calendar Attendee Roles) keep non default roles in tine during update from non tine client
222fc5a fix(Felamimail/SPAM): remove processed mails from deleteQueue in client
cc76ab5 fix(Resource): update color of container
f775e3a fix(Timetracker/js): enable Accounting panel in TimesheetEditDialog properly


e65c704 refactor(Crm): switch Lead model to MC
8f037f4 refactor(Tinebase): es6.js -> mjs (new ecma extension)
1be89cb refactor(Felamimail): async extractMailFromString for parse email
6f33ec0 refactor(HumanResources): DRY for emplyee/mwtr

Quelle: Releases · tine20/tine20 · GitHub

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