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Tine 2.0 Community Edition 2019.12.3 Update

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Die Open-Source Groupware Tine2.0 Community Edition erhielt seit Anfang Dezember 3 Updates. Das aktuell ist das Update 2019.12.3. Tine 2.0 CE synchronisiert E-Mails, Termine, Aufgaben und Kontakte mittels ActiveSync oder CalDAV mit Smartphones und anderen Geräten. Das Update 2019.12.2 musste kurz nach dem Release aktualisiert werden, da es einen schweren Fehler im Message Compose Dialog hatte.

Tine 2.0 2019.12.3 Release Notes

852c007 fix(Felamimail): Error when forwarding mail with attachment #7119
7a368f8 fix(Tinebase/Core): make (RELEASE) buildtype work again #7118
23cfc71 fix(Sales): invoice positions might be empty
39260c3 fix(Felamimail): MessageComposeDlg does not close

Tine 2.0 2019.12.2


ea52756 feature(Filemanager): add file hash to node grid
efd951a feature(Filemanager): delete tempfile after upload


97f6bf7 fix(Tinebase): allow to create empty record from json

Commits and Milestone

All changes in detail: 2019.12.1…2019.12.2
GitHub Issues (2019.12.2):

Tine 2.0 2019.12.1. Release Notes

Example NGINX configuration has been added



f2e2e0a feature(Tinebase/Config): check conf.d files before include
02253d5 feature(Tinebase/User): move email user id to user xprops
f30647c feature(Tinebase): add additionalFilterSpec for combobox in editdialog
4136d98 feature(Setup/Backup): allow to skip backup validation
e8600c2 feature(Felamimail): add feature switch for auto-save drafts
d9f8edd feature(Tinebase): introduce additionaldomains smtp config
b92ef91 feature(Felamimail): save email user id in account xprops
4e6c21e feature(Admin/EmailAccounts): change personal email via system account
4383cf7 feature(Setup): allow to create email addresses via updateAllAccountsWithAccountEmail
7525b6d feature(Admin): group/list member synchronizer
138267d feature(Tinebase/Notes): allow to purge redundant nodes
bf8df3e feature(Tinebase+Felamimail): add config EMAIL_USER_ID_IN_XPROPS
309ffa2 feature(Addressbook+Tinebase): add xprops to user and list models
84d2672 feature(Felamimail/Account): add xprops to account model
66cdec0 feature(ActiveSync): delete AS device if user is deleted
0e0ec9d feature(Tinebase): allow creation of new files in filePicker


8d5bdc9 fix(Calendar): use iso week in wk period picker
0aa48a8 fix(Upload) create tempfile with proper mime type
72e9e3e fix(Tinebase): error if additionalFilterSpec null
1cda4ad fix(Filemanager): no account_grants for actionUpdater
627fba6 fix(Addressbook): allowEmpty for ContactSearchCombo
fca12dc fix(Filemanager): create folder sometimes fails
c9cf312 fix(Tinebase): tempfile id wrong after bus add
0d063f8 fix(Tinebase): contentype for uploads missing
857e42e fix(Felamimail): attachments from filemanger can not be renamend (yet)
f3b5183 fix(Tinebase) filePicker overwrite check not working
5f2d293 fix(Tinebase+Admin/EmailUser): introduce smtpAliasesDispatchFlag capability
62ba4f8 fix(Tinebase/Record): only call isEmpty on Diff objects
8c9fb54 fix(Admin/User): prevent problems with missing param
05c1fd9 fix(Tinebase/Notes): make purge redundant nodes finally work
8a3abee fix(Tinebase/FileSystem): add missing json_encode for alarm options
b5e675a fix(Addressbook): don’t check short name when merging records
dcc6a37 fix(Filemanager): in/active staate of upload/createFolder actions
137408f fix(Filemanager): word type icons
980c032 fix(Tinebase): wrong fieldName in getByFieldDefinition
350e9dd fix(Tinebase): nodeSaveDlg, check for conflicts
0bc0b34 fix(PollClient): branding logo max size
5ea886e fix(enforce utf8 on authenticate)
c55e19a fix(Calendar): catch TENF when setting cal user
44e9738 fix(Setup/Cli): always return 0 in –update if there are no errors
916a2ce fix(Tinebase/User/Ldap): add getLoginName to ldap abstract
ca3734e fix(Crm): save relation always set type = CUSTOMER if missing
27ec2e5 fix(Addressbook): fix system user adding/removal from group
05f5f1a fix(Tinebase/Groups): re-add deleteAllGroups
4f4cbd2 fix expressive response envelop http status handling
062ef52 fix(Tinebase): westpanel state was not preserved
1887163 fix(Tinebase/purgeDeletedRecords): make purge work for tree_nodes with children and fix account purging too
a1e45a9 fix(Tinebase/Layout): max width on loginpage
ec75753 fix(Tinebase Controller searchCount) add missing defaultFilter call
e5697fa fix(Felamimail/MessageEditDialog): fix opening of unfetched mails
7a9e84e fix(Setup/Update): always update import/export definitions
c6d66c0 fix #7113 – setupuser adb contact missing
67b0595 fix(Addressbook/List): write modlog of list if it is created/update from group
7b21b85 fix minimumRequiredVersion
0a2d414 fix(Felamimail): use correct email regex in gridpanel hook
b059066 fix(Addressbook/List): add system accounts as system group members
555e896 fix(Tinebase/FileSystem): fix table names in repairTreeIsDeletedState
e07fe88 fix #7113 – setupuser adb contact missing

Commits and Milestone

All changes in detail: 2019.08.4…2019.12.1
GitHub Issues (2019.12.1):

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