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roundcube Webmail in Version 1.1.3 und 1.0.7 erschienen

Die Entwickler des OpenSource Webmailers roundcube haben Mitte September zwei neue Releases für die beiden Stable Version freigegeben. In beiden Versionen wurden zahlreiche kleinere Fehler inkl. Cross-Site-Scripting Lücke (XSS) behoben, sodass eine Update in jedem Fall durchgeführt werden sollte.

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  • Fix closing of nested menus (#1490443)
  • Fix so E_DEPRECATED errors from PEAR libs are ignored by error_reporting change (#1490281)
  • Fix compatibility with PHP 5.3 in rcube_ldap class (#1490424)
  • Get rid of Mail_mimeDecode package dependency (#1490416)
  • Fix “Importing…” message does not hide on error (#1490422)
  • Fix SQL error on logout when using session_storage=php (#1490421)
  • Update to jQuery 2.1.4 (#1490406)
  • Fix Compose action in addressbook for results from multiple addressbooks (#1490413)
  • Fix bug where some messages in multi-folder search couldn’t be viewed/printed/downloaded (#1490426)
  • Fix unintentional messages list page change on page switch in compose addressbook (#1490427)
  • Fix race-condition in saving user preferences and loading plugin config (#1490431)
  • Fix so plain text signature field uses monospace font (#1490435)
  • Fix so links with href == content aren’t added to links list on html to text conversion (#1490434)
  • Fix handling of non-break spaces in html to text conversion (#1490436)
  • Fix self-reply detection issues (#1490439)
  • Fix multi-folder search result sorting by arrival date (#1490450)
  • Fix so *-request@ addresses in Sender: header are also ignored on reply-all (#1490452)
  • Update to TinyMCE 4.1.10 (#1490405)
  • Fix draft removal after a message is sent and storing sent message is disabled (#1490467)
  • Fix so imap folder attribute comparisons are case-insensitive (#1490466)
  • Fix bug where new messages weren’t added to the list in search mode
  • Fix wrong positioning of message list header on page scroll in Webkit browsers (#1490035)
  • Fix some javascript errors in rare situations (#1490441)
  • Fix error when using back button after sending an email (#1490009)
  • Fix removing signature when switching to identity with an empty sig in HTML mode (#1490470)
  • Disable links list generation on html-to-text conversion of identities or composed message (#1490437)
  • Fix “washing” of style elements wrapped into many lines
  • Fix so input field (e.g. search box) does not loose focus on list load (#1490455)
  • Fix minor XSS issue in drag-n-drop file uploads (#1490530)

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