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Proxmox Mail Gateway 7.2 veröffentlicht

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Das Open-Source Mail Gateway von Proxmox, wurde vor kurzem in der Version 7.2 veröffentlicht. Das Update bringt folgende Neuerungen:

Enhancements in Proxmox Mail Gateway 7.2

  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 7.2 is a complete operating system based on Debian 11.5 (“Bullseye”), using the newer Linux kernel 5.15, as well as ZFS 2.1.6. The Proxmox developers ship the latest upstream release of Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.6 with an updated rule-set for its Mail Gateway. PostgreSQL 13.8 is also included.
  • Enhancements in the rule system: With the comprehensive object-oriented rule system of Proxmox Mail Gateway, users can create customized rules for their mail environment. This version improves the handling of international emails by adding support for Unicode characters and better handles SMTPUTF8 emails.
  • The Quarantine interface brings improved usability for administrators and end-users alike:
    • In the administrator view, the admin can now select multiple emails, the ‘Receiver’ information is displayed, and there is a context menu in the mail-listing, for the ‘Attachment’ and ‘Virus’ quarantines.
    • The SpamAssassin rules can now be visually sorted by scores in the SpamInfo grid, thus helping to accelerate the decision on which ones to select and remove. The ‘Deliver’ and ‘Delete’ actions are now colorized, improving intuitive handling of common actions.
    • By additionally displaying attachments in the ‘Spam’ and ‘Virus’ quarantine, administrators get a more complete overview of the email in question.
    • ‘Virus’ and ‘Attachment’ quarantine can now optionally be filtered by ‘Receiver’ – a function especially helpful in larger deployments.
    • The Proxmox Offline Mirror tool allows keeping Proxmox Mail Gateway nodes – with restricted or without access to the public internet – up-to-date and running. With the ‘proxmox-offline-mirror’ utility, it is possible to manage a local apt mirror for all package updates for Proxmox and Debian projects. From that mirror, users can create an external medium (USB flash drive or a local network share) and can then update their policy-restricted or air-gapped systems. For subscribers with a Premium or Standard subscription level, Proxmox offers an offline subscription key for its product portfolio.

Proxmox Mail Gateway 7.2 Release Notes

  • Enhancements in the Rule system:
    • Improved handling of international emails
      • Support for UTF-8 characters in the rule system (e.g. matching non-ASCII subjects).
      • Better handling of SMTPUTF8 emails (the smtp-dialogue already contains non-ASCII data, the headers contain UTF-8 data without MIME encoding).
    • Proper encoding for template-variable information in the Notifications and Modify Field actions.
    • MatchField now matches all occurrences of a header – not only the first one – especially relevant for Received headers.
    • Deprecated the AttachCounter and ReportSpam Actions.
    While they were present in the code of Proxmox Mail Gateway, they were never exposed in the GUI or API.All three have now been deprecated and will be removed with version 8.0.
  • Improved Quarantine UX:
    • Quarantine interface for Administrators: many of the recent features for end-users in the Spam Quarantine have been ported to the administrator view:
      • Allow selection of multiple mails.
      • Context menu in the mail-listing.
      • Display the Receiver information in the Attachment and Virus quarantines and the Mail Info widget.
    • Augmented the information visualization in the Spam information grid.
      • The weight (number of points) and the type of impact (positive or negative) of SpamAssassin rules is now shown with colors and font-weights to make them easier to grasp.
      • The rule IDs and scores are using a monospaced font for better comparison of values.
    • Colorized Deliver and Delete actions improves intuitive handling of the common actions.
    • Display of attachments in the Spam and Virus quarantines (for a more complete overview of the mail).
    • Attachment and Virus quarantines can now optionally be filtered by Receiver – especially helpful in larger deployments.
    • Display of descriptions for locally defined SpamAssassin rules.
    • Fix displaying the quarantine interface on narrow screens: Part of the action buttons were cut off and not reachable through scrolling.
  • Enhancements in the web interface (GUI):
    • The Postfix queue interface now displays the mail’s headers in a decoded way – so that you see it as in your mail user agent.
    • The Statistic time selector now does not show non-existent day/month combinations (e.g. the 31. Day of February).
    • Better spacing of the Field labels in the rule object edit windows.
    • Improved translations, among others:
      • Dutch
      • German
      • Italian
      • Polish
      • Traditional Chinese
      • Turkish
  • Support Proxmox Offline Mirroring & Subscription Handling
    • Proxmox Offline Mirror: The tool supports subscriptions and repository mirrors for air-gapped systems. The newly added proxmox-offline-mirror utility can now be used to keep Proxmox Mail Gateway hosts, without access to the public internet up-to-date and running with a valid subscription.
  • Notable General Improvements and Bugfixes:
    • Add IP networks uniquely to template variables (postfix.mynetworks)
    If you had multiple entries in your transport directory, all pointing to the same host, they were added multiple times to the variable used in the configuration system.
    • Support for Proxmox Backup Server Namespaces.
    • Spam report emails now correctly display the From header, even if it contains a comma (e.g. "Lastname, Firstname" <firstname.lastname@domain.example>).
    • The left-over config file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/75pmgconf was removed, enabling the automatic removal of obsolete kernel packages, which can take up significant amounts of space.
    • SpamAssassin updates now handle updates to multiple channels correctly on the first run.
    • Improved parsing of email attributes from LDAP profiles.
    • Changing the directory to ‘/’ before running psql as postgresuser – preventing the printing of harmless but confusing warnings with various Proxmox Mail Gateway CLI utilities.
    • Support disabling TLS 1.2 and configuring TLS 1.3 ciphers for pmgproxy – following the change for pveproxy in Proxmox VE.

Quelle: Roadmap – Proxmox Mail Gateway

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