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Portainer CE 2.18.3 Bugfix Releaseveröffentlicht

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Das hybrid und multi-cloud Management Tool Portainer ermöglicht die umfangreiche Administration und Verwaltung Docker Umgebungen. Porteiner ist sowohl in einer kostenlosen Community Edition CE als auch einer kostenpflichtigen Business Edition verfügbar.

Portainer 2.18.3 Release Notes


  • Restored options and wording in the Kubernetes Advanced deployment screen’s Automatic updates section, following regression from changes in 2.17. (#8950)


  • Fixed issue preventing configuration of Portainer authentication settings with an alternative mTLS certificate


  • Fixed issue preventing LDAP server from creating a connection when using TLS 1.2. (#8980)
  • Implemented minor UI changes to clarify existing experimental and beta features, ensuring accurate icon and wording display. (#8951)
  • Corrected an issue causing the polling indicator to float incorrectly in UI when pulling Git repo list on the stack creation page. (#8982)
  • Resolved syntax styling display issue in web editor. (#8984)
  • Improved button color contrast in web editor. (#8985)
  • Fixed visual hierarchy in web editor selection behavior. (#8986)

REST API Changes

  • Corrected ‘team’ to ‘teams’ in Swagger API docs. (#8983)

Quelle: Release Release 2.18.3 · portainer/portainer · GitHub

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