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phpMyAdmin Security und Bugfix Release 4.8.5

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Die Entwickler des beliebten phpMyAdmin zur Verwaltung von MySQL / MariaDB Datenbanken, erhielt vor wenigen Tagen das Security udn Bugfix Update 4.8.5.

phpMyAadmin 4.8.5 Release Notes

The security fixes involve:

  • Arbitrary file read vulnerability (
  • SQL injection in the Designer interface (

The arbitrary file read vulnerability could also be exploited to delete arbitrary files on the server. This attack requires that phpMyAdmin be run with the $cfg[‘AllowArbitraryServer’] directive set to true, which is not the default. An attacker must run a malicious server process that will masquerade as a MySQL server. This exploit has been found and fixed recently in several other related projects and appears to be caused by a bug in PHP (

In addition to the security fixes, this release also includes these bug fixes and more as part of our regular release cycle:

  • Export to SQL format not available
  • QR code not shown when adding two-factor authentication to a user account
  • Issue with adding a new user in MySQL 8.0.11 and newer
  • Frozen interface relating to Text_Plain_Sql plugin
  • Table level Operations tab was missing


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