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oVirt 4.4.0 veröffentlicht

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Die Open-Source Virtualisierungslösung oVirt, wurde vor kurzem in der Version 4.4.0 freigegeben. oVirt selbst ist eine Alternative für VMWare und vSphere und ermöglicht das Managment von KVM Virtualisierung in Multi-Node-Umgebungen.

oVirt 4.4.0 – Was ist neu?

  • Hypervisors based on CentOS Linux 8 (rebuilt from award winning RHEL8), for both oVirt Node and standalone CentOS Linux hosts.
  • Easier network management and configuration flexibility with NetworkManager.
  • VMs based on a more modern Q35 chipset with legacy SeaBIOS and UEFI firmware.
  • Support for direct passthrough of local host disks to VMs.
  • Live migration improvements for High Performance guests.
  • New Windows guest tools installer based on WiX framework now moved to VirtioWin project.
  • Dropped support for cluster level prior to 4.2.
  • Dropped API/SDK v3 support deprecated in past versions.
  • 4K block disk support only for file-based storage. iSCSI/FC storage do not support 4K disks yet.
  • You can export a VM to a data domain.
  • You can edit floating disks.
  • Ansible Runner (ansible-runner) is integrated within the engine, enabling more detailed monitoring of playbooks executed from the engine.
  • Adding and reinstalling hosts is now completely based on Ansible, replacing ovirt-host-deploy, which is not used anymore.
  • The OpenStack Neutron Agent cannot be configured by oVirt anymore, it should be configured by TripleO instead.

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