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openHAB 2.5.5 Bugfix Release

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Die Open-Source Smarthomelösung zur Steuerung unterschiedlicher Geräte, openHAB, erhielt das Update 2.5.5.

New Add-ons

The following add-ons are newly introduced with the 2.5.5 release:

Alarm DecoderBinding#7189
Gembird energenieBinding#6461

The following improvements were also made:

2.x Add-ons

ambientweatherBug Fixes7429Fix ws8482 indoor sensor
AstroEnhancements7517Adding next season
avmfritzEnhancements7543Refactoring of discovery service and internal event handling
7554Minor improvements and SAT findings
7650Structural code improvements
coolmasternetEnhancements7546General tidy up of addon
Bug Fixes7505Fix buffer handling (fixes #7333)
7630Fix set_temp channel bug
coronastatsEnhancements7477Use QuantityType instead of plain DecimalType
daikinEnhancements7487Add support for BRP072C42 adapter
Bug Fixes7591Improve handling of illegal commands
ecobeeBug Fixes7506Improve handling of access token expiration
7541Add ChannelTypeUID for dynamic channels
7604Add representation-property to thing XML
fsinternetradioEnhancements7415Auto discovery for Teufel 3sixty
homekitEnhancements7495upgrade to latest HAP library. add optional attributes.
7552New accessories Garage Door Opener and Outlet
Bug Fixes7605fix support of DimmerItem for Brightness
homematicBug Fixes7473Use async Jetty http request to support larger buffers
hpprinterEnhancements7637Status Bugfix and Channel Improvements
hueEnhancements7476Add support for groups/rooms
7537Refactored start, stop polling
7539Command for group sent asynchronously
Bug Fixes7461Remove older discovery results from the current bridge only
hueemulationBug Fixes7411Fixes HueEmulation DiscoveryIp not used
innogysmarthomeEnhancements7439Fix isr2stop
insteonEnhancements7490Added support to 2472D OutletLinc Dimmer for LED On/Off, LED Brightness, Local Ramp Rate and Beep
Bug Fixes7565use correct units of measure for watts and kWh
knxBug Fixes7603Fix disposal of DeviceThingHandler
lgwebosEnhancements7579Console commands to list applications and channels
lutronEnhancements7455Ignore Connect Bridge mDNS discovery
7457Add Caseta model option to virtualkeypad
mailBug Fixes7437Fix protocol selection for SSL in POP3IMAPHandler
mihomeBug Fixes7474Fix NPE, add null annotations and name threads
miioEnhancements7431Improve Yeelight Color channel
7452add gosund plug & Vacuum 1C STYTJ01ZHM
Bug Fixes7454avoid font error
7456fix parsing issue
7551Resolve minor issues
7602Fix representation property in discovery
7606Check configuration settings to avoid NPE
7607Kill created thread when connection is failing
7612Establish connection in initialize() rather than the constructor
7613Use dispose() from the abstract class
MiscEnhancements7625Don’t limit serial port options
modbusEnhancements7432[sunspec] full inverter support
7441[sunspec] Support for SunSpec meters
mqtt.genericEnhancements6902add trigger channel type
neohubEnhancements7510added support for Fahrenheit, new accessory devices, and low battery alarm
nikohomecontrolBug Fixes7627Fixes to rollershutter and energy meter.
onewireBug Fixes7621Fix error handling for connection issues (#7149)
opengarageEnhancements7486Add Contact & RollerShutter types for additional flexibility
Bug Fixes7586Use option states for vehicle status, small formatting improvements.
opensprinklerEnhancements7178Add current draw channel
phcEnhancements6447Improve serial communication and add support for dimmer
pioneeravrEnhancements7529support REFRESH command type where applicable
pjlinkEnhancements7472use parameter-groups for better structure of thing parameters
rfxcomEnhancements7418Added Cherubini blinds support
satelBug Fixes7626Fix for incorrect date/time set in the alarm system
shellyEnhancements7653Support for Shelly Vintage, Bugfixes
Bug Fixes7416Don’t auto-initialize when thing is removing
7563Bug fixes
somfytahomaEnhancements7569added channel for setting closure and orientation at once
sonosEnhancements7445Avoid concurrent execution of the polling job
7572Support for Sonos Amp device
7611Support for Sonos Port device
sonyaudioEnhancements7556Add Night Mode (volume limiting) for Soundbars/AV receivers
sunspecEnhancements6994Modbus: sunspec bundle auto discovery
tradfriBug Fixes7291Do a dispose() and initialize() when loosing contact with GW.
VolvoOnCallBug Fixes7645carLocked never gets updated
7453Correcting NPE on certain models
weathercompanyBug Fixes7496Fix things file example
ZWaveEnhancements1328Reduce Climate Control logging from INFO to DEBUG


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