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openHAB 2.5.2 Bugfix Release

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Die Open-Source Smarthomelösung zur Steuerung unterschiedlicher Geräte, openHAB, erhielt das Update 2.5.2. Das Release behebt Fehler in verschiedenen Bindings, siehe Tabelle unten. Achtung wer das EXEC Binding nutzt, sollte vor der Installation des Updates eine Whitelist erstellen. Hintergrund ist eine Änderung im EXEC Binding auf Grund einer Sicherheitslücke.

openHAB 2.5.2 Binding Bugfixes

astroBug Fixes7017Changed daily event jobs log level from info to debug
bluegigaBug Fixes6862Fixed get characteristic data issue
bluetoothEnhancements6942Changed Bluetooth logs to use hexadecimal (#6914)
Bug Fixes6940Fix discovery on startup bug (#6912)
bluetooth.bluezBug Fixes6941Fixed typo in BlueZBridgeHandler trace log (#6913)
6944Fix for endless device discovery filling inbox (#6836)(#6915)
deconzEnhancements6853Added optional channel ‘gesture’ for Xiaomi smart cubes
6894Added config change listener
denonmarantzBug Fixes6856Fix setting volumeDB for zones 2 and 3
digitalstromBug Fixes6864Bugfix for apartment scene calls (#6839)
dsmrBug Fixes6895Added missing channel emucs electricity meter
6919Fixed typo in emucs thing xml
dwdunwetterBug Fixes6956Fix periodic data refresh failure
ExecEnhancements6819Properly split command & pipe support
feedBug Fixes6907Fix Null Pointer Exceptions and reduce log spam
freeboxEnhancements6872Adding Fiber optic and support of Delta bridge
homematicBug Fixes6821Smaller bug fixes
hpprinterBug Fixes6957Some small updates to the HP binding
hueemulationBug Fixes6909Fixes to prevent Alexa errors when using voice commands and the app (#6690)
hydrawiseBug Fixes6882Some sensors do not have values for all fields.
icloudBug Fixes6869Fix JSON parsing and minor bugfixes
6948update to apple root certificate
innogysmarthomeBug Fixes6920Added guard against null value
7023Fix log message problems
lgwebosEnhancements6891Added rcButton channel
lutronEnhancements6888Add null annotations and update docs
maxBug Fixes6958prevent excessive refreshes
meteoblueBug Fixes6865Fix directory handling for images
millheatBug Fixes6871Fixed discovery bug when using multiple accounts
MiscEnhancements6861Changed Corentium AS Bluetooth company id to Airthings AS
modbusBug Fixes6877Fix for data things not initializing properly in some cases.
mqttBug Fixes6903[homie] Fix retain flag for outgoing messages
6946Fix increment commands in PercentageValue.
6968(Re)Add outgoing format for OnOffValues
nanoleafBug Fixes7020Fixed canvas color setting (identical to triangles)
networkBug Fixes6851Issue 6495
onewiregpioEnhancements6846Added precision parameter to OneWireGpio Binding
pulseaudioBug Fixes6855fix invalid regex not matching pactl output
rfxcomEnhancements7012Added 3600 sec TTL to discovered devices
satelEnhancements6881Add null checks to all binding classes
squeezeboxEnhancements6951Add source channel
Bug Fixes6953Fix discovery names and properties
tadoEnhancements7006assorted upgrades and bug fixes to the binding
telegramBug Fixes6883Do not format message if no formatting args are passed
tplinksmarthomeBug Fixes7028fix dimmer not turning on via brightness value
tradfriEnhancements6977Added basic support for IKEA blinds FYRTUR and KADRILJ
wifiledBug Fixes6898Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during discovery
xmltvEnhancements6889Added encoding option
yamahareceiverBug Fixes6835connect timed out since 2.5M4 fix
ZigbeeBug Fixes555Fix temperature converter initialisation

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