Notepad++ 8.4 Features und Bugfix Release

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Der beliebte kostenlose Text- und Codeeditor, erhielt das Update 8.4. Dieses bringt neue Funktionen, Verbesserungen und behebt einige Fehler.

Notepad++ 8.4 Release Notes

  1. Update Scintilla from v4.4.6 to v5.2.1 and add Lexilla v5.1.5. (Fix #10504)
  2. Enhance dark mode support (Shortcut Mapper, autocompletion, calltip, Column Editor and Style configurator, Preferences dialog, etc…) (Fix #11530#11522#11407#11514#11506#11497)
  3. Fix lossing characters issue after case-conversion (UPPER/lower). (Fix #11463)
  4. Fix “Sort Lines as Integer” not considering negative number issue. (Fix #11023#2025)
  5. Sort languages alphabetically automatically in Style Configurator. (Fix #11337)
  6. Fix flashing box (autocompletion empty list) appears while typing issue. (Fix #9433)
  7. Scrolling Document List automatically to make the selected tab item visible. (Fix #11204)
  8. Make Find in Files search result line number aligned. (Fix #11119)
  9. Add default A-Z sorting ability in Function list. (Fix #11446)
  10. Add virtual space ability. (Fix #11443#11444)
  11. Fix document being wronly marked as saved bug after converting its encoding. (Fix #11436)
  12. Fix Document list not sync with tab order after sorting. (Fix #11272)
  13. Fix file saving critical bug under Symantec encryption desktop. (Fix #11339)
  14. Fix cropped text in Shortcut mapper’s status area issue. (Fix #10358)
  15. Enhance installer: Remember the chosen language in the previous installation. (Implement #10582)
  16. Improve Find/Replace Dialog layout. (Fix #11318)
  17. Update NSIS & Inno Setup keyword lists.

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