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Mriscoc Firmware 20221002 Update für Ender3 V2 und Ender S1

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Für die Creality 3D Drucker Ender 3 V2 und Ender S1 gibt es die alternative Firmware von Mrisoc, die auf der Open-Source Firmware Marlin basiert und speziell für Ender 3 V2 und S1, angepasst und optimiert ist.

Mriscoc Firmware 20221002 Release Notes

What’s new in this release

  • Shortcut option for turning off the backlight in toolbar
  • Filament run-out sensor enable/disable in tune menu
  • Enhanced Host printing support
  • Better C10 support
  • Axis value in dash board shows actual position of the axes, including Z leveling
  • Raise Z to Probe Clearance position before of a Probing Z Reference
  • New ProUI Info box
  • Fix #344
  • Fix mesh slot load message bug
  • Enable support for Creality Slicer G-code file with embedded thumbnail for Ender3V2 Neo
  • Implements a user option for centering the menu title by defining TITLE_CENTERED in configuration files
  • Force drawing of Z-axis value on screen redrawing
  • Automatically reboot to apply default settings on first boot after flash.
  • Code optimization

From last Marlin bugfix 2.1.x

  • Emergency Parse M524 (#24761)
  • Fix inverse_accel redefine
  • Minor planner optimization (#24737)
  • UBL G28 leveling fix (#24622)
  • Fix / refactor shared PID (#24673)
  • Report M22 / M23 success / fail (#24706)
  • Constrain UBL within mesh bounds (#24631)
  • Other general fixes

This firmware is based on Marlin, has been optimized and has enhancements for the Creality Ender 3 V2/S1 printer. This is an universal firmware that can be used in both RET6 and RCT6 STM32FX chips that have 256k or 512k Flash memory.

mriscoc firmeare 20201002 display default
mriscoc firmeare 20201002 display custom


In order to use this firmware, your printer must meet the following requirements:

  • A compatible control board: Creality 4.2.2, 4.2.3, 4.2.7, V24S1_301F1, V24S1_301F4 or SKR Mini E3_V3 for Ender series printers with a STM32 SoC.
  • A DWIN or DACAI color screen with encoder knob. Touch screens are not supported.

You can modify your printer to meet these requirements.


  • Ender 3v2 MM: if you have the Ender 3v2 near to stock then use this version (Manual Mesh).
  • Ender 3v2 BLT: use this version if you installed a CR/3D/BLTouch level sensor in the Ender 3v2.
  • Ender 3S1: use this version if you have an Ender 3S1 printer

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