Mriscoc Firmware 20221002 Update für Ender3 V2 und Ender S1

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Creality Ender Logo

Für die Creality 3D Drucker Ender 3 V2 und Ender S1 gibt es die alternative Firmware von Mrisoc, die auf der Open-Source Firmware Marlin basiert und speziell für Ender 3 V2 und S1, angepasst und optimiert ist.

Mriscoc Firmware 20221002 Release Notes

What’s new in this release

From last Marlin bugfix 2.1.x

This firmware is based on Marlin, has been optimized and has enhancements for the Creality Ender 3 V2/S1 printer. This is an universal firmware that can be used in both RET6 and RCT6 STM32FX chips that have 256k or 512k Flash memory.


In order to use this firmware, your printer must meet the following requirements:

You can modify your printer to meet these requirements.


alle Infos unter: https://github.com/mriscoc/Ender3V2S1/releases/tag/20221002

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