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MediaWiki Bugfix und Security Release 1.33.1

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Die Entwickler des Open-Source Wiki, MediaWiki, haben vor wenigen Tagen das Bugfix und Security Release 1.33.1 veröffentlicht. Das Update behebt 15 Fehler und schließt 1 Sicherheitslücken.

=== Changes since MediaWiki 1.33.0 ===

  • A change that kept people with a database table prefix that didn’t
    end with an underscore from updating was reverted.
  • (T207100) Updated LanguageTr for dotted and dotless I in PHP 7.3.
  • The ImgAuthModifyHeaders hook was added to img_auth.php to allow modification
    of headers in private wikis.
  • (T230317) Allow upgrading from MediaWiki before 1.15 where the valid_tag table
    doesn’t yet exist.
  • (T208897) MessageCache: Restore ‘loadedLanguages’ tracking for load().
  • (T228555) MessageCache: Fix isMainCacheable() logic for non-content languages.
  • (T200088) Remove title protection correctly for undeletions and imports.
  • (T230402) SECURITY: Add permission check for suppressed account to
  • Add helper for HTTPFileStreamer header syntax.
  • (T227461) ObjectCache: avoid using deprecated phpredis::delete() alias.
  • (T231386) SpecialRedirect::dispatchUser() should use a 302 http status code.
  • (T118799) Fix XMP parser errors due to trailing nullchar.
  • (T230618) Fix GROUP BY in ActiveUsersPager and RecentChangesUpdateJob for
  • (T230487) Handle changed defaults in Argon2PasswordTest::testPartialConfig().
  • (T233119) Improve documentation for the MinimumPasswordLengthToLogin policy.
  • (T227662) Split down patch-comment-table.sql and patch-actor-table.sql into
    separate files to help allieviate potential migration problems.


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