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i-MSCP Stable Release 1.5.0 erschienen

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Das Open-Source Multi Server Control Panel, i-MSCP, ist vor ein paar Wochen als Major Release 1.5.0 erschienen. Der Codename des Releases lautet Ennio Morricone, der zu Ehren des gleichnamigen italienische Komponist, Musiker und Dirigent, der die Musik für mehr als 500 Filmen schrieb, gewählt wurde.

In i-MSCP 1.5.0 wurden neben diversen Bugs auch neue Features wie:

  • Support für percona DB 5.7
  • Support von Debian 9 Stretch

hinzugefügt, sowie Verbesserungen zur Stabilität durchgeführt.

i-MSCP 1.5.0 Release Notes


  • Added: `apcu’, `apc’, `gmp’ and `Zend Opcache’ PHP modules to the list of required PHP modules (iMSCP::Requirements)
  • Added: Flag allowing to ignore mount operation failures (iMSCP::Mount)
  • Added: iMSCP::EventManager::hasListener method — Allow to check whether or not a listener is registered for an event
  • Added: Support for multiple <character-string>s in TXT/SPF DNS resource records (Modules::CustomDNS)
  • Deprecated: iMSCP::Database::mysql::doQuery() method — Will be removed in a later version
  • Deprecated: iMSCP::Database::mysql::endTransaction() method — Will be removed in a later version
  • Deprecated: iMSCP::Database::mysql::startTransaction() method — Will be removed in a later version
  • Fixed: Can’t use an undefined value as a HASH reference (iMSCP::EventManager)
  • Fixed: Couldn’t remove IP address: Unknown action requested for server IP (Modules::ServerIP)
  • Fixed: Permissions on files are always preverved when copying directory recursively
  • Fixed: Routines for Perl/PHP modules requirements checking are broken (iMSCP::Requirements)
  • Fixed: Sets the SQL `group_concat_max_len’ variable on a per session basis
  • Fixed: Sets the SQL modes on a per session basis to `NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER’ (backward compatibility with plugins)
  • Removed: `FETCH_MODE’ option from iMSCP::Database::mysql


  • Added: `APPLICATION_ENV’ environment variable (Nginx)
  • Removed: `.htgroup’ and `.htpasswd’ files from the skeleton directory; These files are now created only when needed


  • Fixed: Couldn’t move XXX directory to XXX — filesystem boundaries
  • Fixed: Outsourced backup directory not created on new customer account creation


  • Added: Support for Percona DB 5.7 — Debian 9/Stretch (amd64 architecture only)
  • Added: ca-certificates package in list of pre-required packages
  • Fixed: Install openssl and libssl-dev packages from Debian/Ubuntu repositories, not from Ondřej Surý repository
  • Fixed: MariaDB client library from MariaDB 10.2 repository isn’t compatible with the DBD::mysql Perl module (Debian 9/Stretch)


  • Added: `onPageMessages’ event — Event that is triggered when page messages are being generated
  • Added: Button to force refresh of service statuses as they are now cached for 20 minutes
  • Added: iMSCP_Database::inTransaction() method
  • Added: Routing for languages without territory information: eg. `de’ will be routed to `de_DE’ (autodetection)
  • Added: Setting that allows administrator to protect/unprotect default mail accounts against both edition and deletion
  • Added: Support for multiple <character-string>s in TXT/SPF DNS resource records (Custom DNS interface)
  • Added: Translaltion resources for Zend validators
  • Cosmetics: Make use of the mathematical infinity symbol (∞) in place of the `Unlimited’ translation string
  • Deprecated: iMSCP_Database::getRawInstance() method — will be removed in a later release
  • Deprecated: Usage of customer ID field — will be removed in a later release
  • Enhancement: Make use of application cache for caching of configuration data (lifetime: indefinitely till change)
  • Enhancement: Make use of application cache for caching of rootkit logs (lifetime: 24 hours)
  • Enhancement: Make use of application cache for caching of service statuses (lifetime: 20 minutes)
  • Enhancement: Make use of Zend APC cache backend; fallback to Zend File backend if APC extension isn’t available
  • Enhancement: Make customers able to delete their subdomains without first having to delete FTP and mail accounts
  • Enhancement: Make customers able to edit mail autoresponder message even if the autoresponder is not activated yet
  • Enhancement: Make customers able to select more than one catch-all address in catch-all addresses drop-down list
  • Enhancement: Make customers able to show/hide default mail accounts
  • Enhancement: Protect default mail accounts against change and deletion (default)
  • Enhancement: Show a warning when the DEBUG mode is enabled (administrators only)
  • Enhancement: Show Catch-all accounts in client mail accounts overview interface
  • Fixed: Action links for FTP accounts must be hidden when they have a status other than ‘ok’
  • Fixed: All SQL queries must be compatible with the `ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY’ SQL mode
  • Fixed: A user must not be able to clear his email address
  • Fixed: Couldn’t edit mailbox quota due to integer type casting (i386 arch)
  • Fixed: Couldn’t set value bigger than 2GB for mailbox quota due to integer type casting (i386 arch)
  • Fixed: Couldn’t generate self-signed SSL certificate (string passed as serial number while integer is expected)
  • Fixed: Customers must stay able to login when their password or their main domain are being modified
  • Fixed: Don’t decode IDNA names in list of DNS resource records (Client UI level)
  • Fixed: Erroneous ftp_group.members field (Subsequent FTP accounts members are never added)
  • Fixed: Login check must be done prior triggering starting script event
  • Fixed: Missing creation of default `webmaster’ mail account for subdomains
  • Fixed: PHP ini entries that belong to subdomains of an alias being removed are not removed
  • Fixed: Sets the SQL `group_concat_max_len’ variable on a per session basis
  • Fixed: Sets the SQL modes on a per session basis to ‘NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER’ (backward compatibility with plugins)
  • Fixed: Several integer type casting issues
  • Fixed: When an user personal email is being modified, the user identity must be updated as well (session)
  • Fixed: Wrong default mail accounts accounting (missing hostmaster email, wrong SQL queries…)
  • Merged: Server statistics interfaces (admin UI)
  • Removed: Administrator database update interface; Database update are executed by installer
  • Removed: Cached versions of navigation files; Make use of application cache instead
  • Removed: iMSCP_Initializer class (replaced by iMSCP\Application class)
  • Removed: Information about total items/limits assigned – People don’t understand their meaning (statistics)
  • Removed: Output compression, including related parameters — Compression is done at Nginx Web server level
  • Review: abuse, hostmaster and postmaster default mail accounts are now forwarded to customer email
  • Review: Always show fully-qualified names in list of DNS resource records (client UI level)
  • Review: Catchall mail accounts are now counted in mail accounts limit
  • Review: Default mail accounts are not longer counted for the mail accounts limit (default)
  • Review: Default mail accounts are now hidden in the client mail accounts overview interface (default)
  • Review: Extend Zend_Registry class instead of reinventing the wheel
  • Review: Hide the i-MSCP update interface when Git version is in use (admin UI level)
  • Review: Make use of short syntax for arrays
  • Review: Make use of Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_FlashMessenger for page messages
  • Review: Show an explicite warning when the legacy and unsecure telnet server is running (service statuses)
  • Review: Skip the intermediate edit page when mail autoresponder is being enabled and that the message is already set
  • Rewritten: Add administrator interface (admin level)
  • Rewritten: Edit user and personal data interfaces (all UI levels)
  • Rewritten: Password update interface (all UI levels)
  • Security: Input for personal user data not filtered nor validated (all UI levels)


  • Enhancement: Enhancement: Support for APT pinning: per section and per package APT pinning (Debian adapter)
  • Fixed: Don’t remove unused PHP variants configuration directories; PHP packages install INI files for all variants
  • Fixed: Hide notice about user/group changes (Courier)
  • Fixed: Missing LOGROTATE(8) configuration file for RSYSLOGD(8) (Debian 9/Stretch; Ubuntu 16.04/Xenial)
  • Fixed: Removal of obsolete files must be done before saving the persistent data, else some files won’t be deleted
  • Review: Raise GNU Wget timeout for slow DNS resolvers (Debian apdater)
  • Securiry: Permissions hardening – Files and folders are now copied with UMASK(2) 027 instead of 022


  • Fixed: Can’t locate Package/FileManager/Net2FTP/ when upgrading from some older versions (Package::FileManager)
  • Fixed: Missing configuration snippet for AWStats in Apache2 vhosts: Event listener badly registered


  • Updated: Plugin API to version 1.5.0


  • Removed: Explicite unlocking of locked files — Files are automatically unlocked
  • Fixed: Script is broken


  • Changed: Mount courier-authdaemon rundir on var/run/courier/authdaemon instead of private/authdaemon (Postfix/Cyrus-SASL)
  • Changed: The `postfix’ user is now added in the `mail’ group instead of the `daemon’ group (Postfix/Cyrus-SASL)
  • Changed: The ownership for the /var/run/courier/authdaemon directory is now `daemon:mail’ (courier-authdaemon)
  • Fixed: `.htgroup’ and `.htpasswd’ files are reseted when the main domain is being changed (Httpd servers)
  • Fixed: Couldn’t connect to FTP server through IPv6 (vsftpd)
  • Fixed: Couldn’t generate /etc/courier/dhparams.pem file: Unknown security parameter string: 2048 (Courier)
  • Fixed: Postfix parameters are not removed when using Regexp (Servers::mta::postfix::postconf — Regression fix)
  • Fixed: SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to courier-authdaemon: No such file or directory (Postfix/Cyrus-SASL)
  • Fixed: Several warnings raised by POSTFIX(1) when files located inside its directories are not owned by the `postfix’ user (Postfix)
  • Fixed: Unwanted leading character in server alias names – Alternative URLs feature (Httpd servers)
  • Removed: sql_mode parameter from the mysql/imscp.cnf configuration file; it is now set on a per session basis) (SQL servers)
  • Review: Disallow recursive directory listing (ProFTPD)


  • Fixed: MOUNT(2) operation failures are ignored (imscp_mountall)
  • Review: Rotate log files on a daily basis instead of a weekly basis for faster processing (Mail service log files)


  • Review: Make use of fuzzy entries in machine object files


  • Updated: Zend Framework libraries to version 1.12.20


  • IP-0749 Protected areas under a mount point of a domain alias or subdomain that is being deleted are not removed
  • IP-1729 Couldn’t generate self-signed SSL certificates with OpenSSL 1.1.x
  • IP-1730 Couldn’t delete support tickets that are closed
  • IP-1733 Default mail accounts in client mail accounts overview should be hidden by default
  • IP-1737 Circular feature – A circular must not be send twice to the same email address
  • IP-1740 Empty body content when trying to create new SQL user and when SQL users limit has been reached

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