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i-MSCP – Server Control Panel Release Candidate 1.1.0-rc4

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Das Team von i-MSCP, dem Multi Server Control Panel, verkünden die Veröffentlichung des 4. Release Kandidaten in Version 1.1.0-rc4. Wieder einmal steckt viel Arbeit und Aufwand in den gemachten Änderungen und Tests. Neben gelösten Fehlern wurde neue Features hinzugefügt und auch Änderungen der Community wurden berücksichtigt.

Nachfolgend die gesamte Liste der Änderungen in Config, Setup, Engine, GUI sowie der gelösten Tickets. Damit ist die Community einen weiteren Schritt näher am Major Release 1.1.x

– Added specific quota warning script for Dovecot 2.x.x branch
– Added: Packages file for Debian Jessie (testing)
– Added: SPF Resource Record Type in bind template
– Added: php5-imap package (required by i-MSCP frontEnd)
– Changed: php5-mysql package to php5-mysqlnd (native driver) when available
– Removed: php5-adodb package
– Removed Dovecot sieve plugin configuration (Such parameter must be provided as plugin)
– Updated: Apache templates to support 2.4.x branch
– Updated: Dovecot configuration files

– Changed: i-MSCP apache_php_fpm server impl. is now the default choice for distributions supporting it officialy
– Fixed: Disable dummy php5_cgi Apache module if any
– Fixed: Do not ask for SQL user host names when the SQL server is hosted locally
– Fixed: Plugins which provide a backend end with unknown error after update
– Fixed: Pre-fill Debconf database (Avoid postfix, proftpd and courier questions during installation)

– Added: Support for Apache 2.4.x branch
– Added: Database connection timeout (3 seconds)
– Added: MySQL transaction routines
– Added: Webstats support for subodmains
– Fixed: Both, the domain_disable_page directory and statistics directory must be excluded from disk quota accounting
– Fixed: Diskspace not counted for subdomain Maildirs (Disk quota script)
– Fixed: Error 500 (Apache) after creation of any protected area
– Fixed: MySQL server has gone away
– Fixed: Plugin module is broken: Unable to disable, uninstall… any plugin
– Fixed: Plugin update must be triggered when plugin configuration is updated
– Fixed: Set MySQL client connection charset to utf8

– Added: Assets cache busting
– Added: info.php file for i-MSCP default theme (file which contain theme metadata)
– Added: onBeforeDomainChangeStatus and onAfterDomainChangeStatus events
– Added: Option allowing a domain alias to share the mount point of another domain
– Added: Option allowing a subdomain to share the mount point of another domain
– Changed: Both header and footer backgrounds for tables and location bar are now provided by the jQuery UI theme
– Changed: Customers can no longer set an arbitrary mount point for their subdomains
– Changed: Default Email accounts cannot longer be hidden
– Enhancement: Allow both administrators and resellers to set mail quota for customers
– Enhancement: Email accounts are now filterable
– Enhancement: Custom DNS feature – IDN support
– Fixed: Allow plugins to provide their own assets throught the path /<plugin>/themes/<theme>/assets path
– Fixed: Allow to share domain_dns table between several components (core, plugins..)
– Fixed: Plugins must be able to short-circuit execution of an event
– Fixed: Plugin update must be triggered when plugin configuration is updated
– Fixed: Show DNS record data as tooltip when their length is too big
– Fixed: Unable to delete plugin in some contexts
– Fixed: Wrong placeholders in admin/imscp_debugger.php
– Readded: idna_convert class (more flexible because can operate on arbitrary strings)
– Removed: IE6 support
– Removed: mail_quota action script
– Removed: Tool links from login page
– Rewritten: Domain aliases interface (add|edit)
– Rewritten: Mail interface
– Updated: Assets are now reachable through the /themes/<theme>/assets path
– Updated: Plugin API

– Fixed #460: Nice To Have – Admin/Reseller should be able to set mail quota for customers
– Fixed #469: Defect – Quota field in mail_users table should accept big values
– Fixed #579: Review – i18n issues
– Fixed #745: Defect – Disk detail in dovecot doesn’t include aliases
– Fixed #779: Defect – When migrating from ispCP the reseller and admin logos are lost
– Fixed #791: Defect – Unable to change customer IP
– Fixed #834: Cosmetics – Ticket system menu names
– Fixed #835: Task – Migration script – ispCP – Remove old php5-fcgi-starter
– Fixed #838: Bug – Installer skips PHP INI Level dialog for apache fcgi
– Fixed #846: Defect – Any customer can set his own mail quota
– Fixed #852: Bug – Software installer – Unable to install any software
– Fixed #854: Bug – Gui – Mail accounts – Mass deletion feature is broken
– Fixed #858: Task – Remove php5-adodb package
– Fixed #861: Bug – SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation
– Fixed #867: Security issue – SSL – When exporting a private key, the password must not be visible from system utilities
– Fixed #870: Bug – Error indicator for new tickets
– Fixed #876: Review – Installer – Wildcard should be allowed as part of SQL user hostname
– Fixed #880: Defect – Dovecot – IMAP traffic not counted
– Fixed #883: Defect – Web folders protection option must be automatically disabled and hidden when the immutable flag is not available
– Fixed #886: Enhancement – Add SPF Resource Record Type in bind
– Fixed #891: Bug – Error when migrating from ispCP
– Fixed #893: Defect – Webstats for subdomains are not available
– Fixed #896: Bug – Variable {USERNAME} is not parsed in password email
– Fixed #903: Bug – Domain restore feature is broken
– Fixed #908: Review – Dovecot – Quota – Switch to maildir quota backend
– Fixed #909: Enhancement – Courier – Quotas support using maildrop MDA
– Fixed #913: Bug – Traffic on admin panel not counted
– Fixed #914: Bug – Unable to add/edit Custom DNS record (depending of domain type)
– Fixed #917: Defect – Unable to switch from Dovecot to Courier

!Achtung – bei dieser Version handelt es sich um einen einen Release Kandidaten (RC), der ausdrücklich nicht in produktiv Umgebungen eingesetzt werden sollte.

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