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i-MSCP – neues Maintenance Release 1.3.2 und 1.3.3

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Die Entwickler des Open Source Multi Server Control Panels, i-MSCP, haben das schnelle Bugfix Release 1.3.3 veröffentlicht. Dies kam nur wenige Stunden nach dem umfangreicheren Bugfix Release 1.3.2, was daran liegt, dass es einen Fehler aus diesem korrigiert.

i-MSCP Release Notes Version 1.3.3


  • Fixed: Can’t locate Servers/named/


i-MSCP Release Notes Version 1.3.2


  • Fixed: Allow detection of bind mounts (iMSCP::Mount)
  • Fixed: An IP address must not be added in the interfaces file if already present, even if auto mode is set
  • Fixed: Lock files are never deleted
  • Fixed: Remove any lock on shutdown (iMSCP::Bootstrapper)
  • Fixed: Read mount entries once per run (iMSCP::Mount)


  • Updated: Request headers in redirect vhosts (Apache2)
  • Removed: /etc/imscp/imscp.old.conf configuration file


  • Fixed: run() subroutine is run twice per process (imscp-disable-accounts)


  • Added: showForbiddenErrorPage() function
  • Fixed: Error on reseller/domain_details.php page; Unsupported operand types
  • Fixed: The `onBeforeAddDomain’ event is triggered too early
  • Fixed: Too many redirects when attempting to login from an external host (when external login is disallowed)


  • Added: listener file (Allows to override package files)
  • Added: debian_jessie_php7.0.xml package file (for use with the listener file)
  • Fixed: Can’t use string (“all”) as an ARRAY ref while “strict refs” in use (


  • Fixed: Could not delete plugins which implement the install() method but not the uninstall method()
  • Removed: Support for ZIP plugin archives (only tar.gz and tar.bz2 archives are now supported)


  • Fixed: Installation fail if is missing or misconfigured (Servers::mta::postfix::installer)


  • Fixed: Empty lines are not ignored in the /etc/imscp/mounts/mounts.conf configuration file (imscp_mountall)


  • #IP-0815 Dovecot LDA – Enable support for address extensions
  • #IP-1616 ProxyPass entries not removed in vhost file if HSTS is enabled
  • #IP-1617 Reverse proxy: Localhost is not allowed as address
  • #IP-1618 OpenVZ – Could not remount root directory as shared subtree
  • #IP-1621 Parameters from the imscp.conf file are reseted to their default values on upgrade (only in some contexts)
  • #IP-1623 SQL root user is deleted when upgrading from a version older than 1.3.0
  • #IP-1624 Default SPF DNS record not removed when adding custom SPF DNS record



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