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i-MSCP – neues Maintenance Release 1.2.17

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Das beliebte Server Control Panel, i-MSCP, ist in der Version 1.2.17 freigegeben worden. Es wurden 12 Fixe und 1 Änderunge durchgeführt.

i-MSCP 1.2.17 Releaselog


  • Fixed: Can’t locate Data/Validate/ (now lazy-loaded to prevent failure on update) (iMSCP::Net)
  • Fixed: peer address not recognized in the case of a pointopoint interface (regression fix)


  • Fixed: Create the provisioning script even with the imscp-setup script (


  • Fixed: Argument “” isn’t numeric in numeric eq (==) at engine/PerlLib/Package/FrontEnd/ line 270
  • Fixed: Could not add intermediate SSL certificates; dialog is always skipped (regression fix)
  • Fixed: Could not enable service when unit file is a symlink due to ‘No such file or directory’ error (systemd)
  • Fixed: MariaDB SQL server not selectable on fresh install (regression fix)
  • Fixed: Missing mysql-common package in MariaDB package sections (Debian Jessie)
  • Fixed: Panel SSL certificate chain not removed when disabling SSL or changing hostname
  • Fixed: When changing panel hostname, DNS zone file is not removed


  • Fixed: Cannot connect to VsFTPD when behind NAT (WAN <-> LAN)


  • Fixed: imscp-net-traffic-logger must not fail if part of rules were already removed


  • Added: Class::Autouse Perl module version 2.01 from CPAN

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