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i-MSCP – Maintenance Release 1.2.3

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Der Entwickler von i-MSCP hat das neue Maintenance Release 1.2.3 veröffentlicht. Dieses war nach bekannt werden von diversen Bugs in der 1.2.2, notwendig. Es wurde in allen Bereichen wie Backend, Frontend, Installer, Plugins, Packages, Skeleton, Services, Config, Daemon, Database usw. korrigiert und kleinere Änderungen hinzugefügt. Zu dem wurden fast 20 gemeldete Fehler behoben.

Die Liste der Änderungen


  • Added: Custom DNS module (Modules::CustomDNS)
  • Added: Mail support in backup feature
  • Added: New ‘temporary’ attribute which allow to override configuration values temporarily (iMSCP::Config)
  • Added: onBeforeSetPluginStatus event (Modules::Plugin)
  • Added: PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN, PHP_FCGI_MAX_REQUESTS and PHP_VERSION configuration parameters (apache_fcgid)
  • Added: Service providers (Sysvinit, Upstart and Systemd)
  • Changed: Perl version >= 5.14.2 is now required
  • Changed: Service configuration files are now lazy-loaded
  • Fixed: Any task which belongs to the custom DNS records layer must not involve HTTPD configuration change
  • Fixed: Bind9 must not be restarted each time a DNS zone is updated. A simple reload is sufficient
  • Fixed: Force usage of search path when executing external commands
  • Fixed: Frontend http port must be added in server traffic accounting
  • Fixed: In some contexts, configuration files which belongs to subdomains are not regenerated
  • Fixed: Last rotated log file must be processed when log rotation is detected (Servers::mta::postfix::getTraffic())
  • Fixed: Last rotated log file must be processed when log rotation is detected (Servers::po::courier::getTraffic())
  • Fixed: Last rotated log file must be processed when log rotation is detected (Servers::po::dovecot::getTraffic())
  • Fixed: Some errors are not trapped
  • Fixed: When the backend is invoked by the i-MSCP daemon, some paths are missing (iMSCP::ProgramFinder)


  • Added: bind9.service and bind9-resolve.service systemd unit files (Allows to fix #IP-1333 and #IP-1334)
  • Added: imscp_daemon, imscp_network and imscp_panel upstart jobs
  • Added: libbit-vector-perl package in list of pre-required packages (Debian / Ubuntu)
  • Added: libclass-insideout-perl and libscalar-defer-perl in list of pre-required packages (Debian / Ubuntu)
  • Added: php-apc package (Debian < Jessie / Ubuntu < Trusty Thar)
  • Added: Support for Debian Strech (testing)
  • Changed: Install nginx-light package instead of nginx package
  • Fixed: Merged apache2 logrotate definitions to mitigate segfault on reload
  • Fixed: Wrong TMPDIR path (php5-fpm)
  • Removed: mariadb 5.5 from Debian Jessie package file (replaced by mariadb 10.0)
  • Renamed: FCGI starter template to php-fcgi-starter (apache_fcgid server impl.)


  • Added: End child syslog message
  • Fixed: Avoid useless ‘fork’ and ‘wait’ by using execl() instead of system() (lr_syntax.c)
  • Fixed: warning: ignoring return value of ‘chdir’… (daemon_init.c)
  • Updated: Version to 1.2.3


  • Added: domain_dns_status field in domain_dns table (Custom DNS record status field)
  • Added: plugin_config_prev field in plugin table (Plugin previous configuration field)
  • Added: Unique constraint on server_traffic.traff_time column to avoid duplicate time periods
  • Fixed: Missing unique constraint for mail_users entities (added unique constraint on mail_users.mail_addr)


  • Added: Support for Ubuntu Vivid Vervet (Not an LTS version but this is the first with full systemd support)
  • Removed: Support for Debian Squeeze (6.x) – Do not fit with new i-MSCP requirements (Perl version is too old)
  • Removed: Support for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.04 LTS) – EOL as per April 30, 2015 (Server version)


  • Added Custom DNS items in debugger interface (admin level)
  • Added: Mail support in backup feature
  • Added: Path to openssl.cnf file into php.ini file
  • Added: ntr() function for plural support (i18n)
  • Changed: Stores the Github payload as json file instead of PHP file (iMSCP_Update_Version::getUpdateInfo())
  • Fixed: Client domain management page must not be hidden even if customer cannot add domain aliases and subdomains
  • Fixed: Do not fetch more data than needed from GitHub (iMSCP_Update_Version::getUpdateInfo())
  • Fixed: Force reload of newest mail body footprint file (iMSCP_Exception_Writer_Mail::onUncaughtException())
  • Fixed: Html in title attribute must not be auto-escaped by jQueryUI tooltip
  • Fixed: Translate the INADDR_ANY ( IP address to ‘Any’ (Services status)
  • Fixed: Self-signed SSL certificates – serial numbers must be unique
  • Improved: Translations strings entries can now be accessed as object properties (i18n_getJsTranslations())
  • Removed: imscp_delete_opcode_file() and imscp_clear_opcode_cache() functions


  • Added: Debug output when installer is run with –noprompt and –debug options
  • Added: package_conflict field which allows to declare conflicting package that must be pre-removed
  • Added: repository_conflict attribute which allows to declare a conflicting repository that must be removed
  • Added: Update notices
  • Fixed: Ensure that all required services are enabled
  • Fixed: Missing Email::Simple Perl module (no longer required)
  • Fixed: Use of uninitialized value $dbPass in string (imscp/engine/setup/ line 482)
  • Fixed: Wrong package name in preseed file (RainLoop)


  • Fixed: Missing return statement on database update error (Package::Webmail::Roundcube::Installer)
  • Renamed: Fcgid starter template to php-fcgi-starter (FrontEnd)


  • Added: iMSCP_Plugin::getConfigPrev() and iMSCP_Plugin::getConfigPrevParam() methods
  • Added: require_api info field (field which allows the plugins to define the required i-MSCP plugin API version)
  • Changed: info, config and config_prev fields are now automatically decoded and set as plugin properties (backend)
  • Fixed: Force reload of newest plugin info file (iMSCP_Plugin::getInfo())
  • Fixed: Force reload of newest plugin configuration file (iMSCP_Plugin::getConfigFromFile())
  • Fixed: Opcode cache is not correctly resetted on plugin list update
  • Updated: API to version 1.0.0


  • Removed: Link to the panel in default index.html files (panel must not be publicly exposed)
  • Fixed: Wrong link for favicon in error pages


  • Added: Log summary message on TLS handshake completion (Postfix)
  • Fixed: Apache access.log files are put in wrong directory (vlogger)
  • Fixed: Disable warnings about missing SPF DNS record (As per RFC 7208, SPF DNS record is deprecated – Bind9)


  • Fixed #IP-0321: When a customer deletes a domain alias, all related entities must be automatically deleted
  • Fixed #IP-1082: net2ftp SSL Bug – http scheme badly detected – Missing HTTPS server variable
  • Fixed #IP-1257: Self-signed SSL certificate – SHA256 should be used in place of SHA1
  • Fixed #IP-1275: Apache access logs are created in /<domain.tld>
  • Fixed #IP-1279: Autoresponder – Unable to get message body
  • Fixed #IP-1286: IP attachment fails on reboot (Ubuntu)
  • Fixed #IP-1292: Files from a previous plugin version must be kept if the new plugin version is not compatible
  • Fixed #IP-1314: Custom DNS SRV record – Missing TLS protocol
  • Fixed #IP-1315: Defect – Statistics overview with special characters breaks view
  • Fixed #IP-1323: Invalid query result column used in change_domain_status() function
  • Fixed #IP-1327: Unable to add subdomain (subals) – An error occurred while reading flags on …
  • Fixed #IP-1330: Proftpd – Unable to connect to i-MSCP database
  • Fixed #IP-1332: nginx / nginx-light package configuration fail which result to i-MSCP installation failure
  • Fixed #IP-1333: Local resolver not added into resolv.conf file
  • Fixed #IP-1334: Jessie – Bind9 options from /etc/default/bind9 file are ignored
  • Fixed #IP-1340: The public/tools/filemanager folder is not removed
  • Fixed #IP-1345: MySQL – Do not touch the local /root/.my.cnf file

Vor dem Update sollte jeder in die Korrekturdatei schauen. Dort stehen einige Hinweise wie das Update installiert werden sollte, um mögliche Fehler zu vermeiden. Link zur Datei


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