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i-MSCP Bugfix Release 1.4.4

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Die Entwickler des beliebten Open-Source Multi-Server-Panels, i-MSCP, haben das Bugfix Release in Version 1.4.4 veröffentlicht. Das umfangreiche Update behebt über 40 Fehler, führt 21 Änderungen durch sowie weitere Anpassungen und Verbesserungen.

Ebenso werden ältere Versionen von Systemd (204-3) und Sysvinit (2.88) nicht mehr unterstützt. Die Konfiguration von Nginx wurde von .conf zu .gninx geändert und das Backup und Working Verzeichnis aus Cron entfernt.

i-MSCP Bugfix 1.4.4 Release Notes


  • Added: Event listener priority queue; Allows to set priority for event listeners in range [-1000 .. 1000]
  • Added: iMSCP::Dir::clear() method – Allows to clear full or specific content of a directory
  • Added: Modules::ServerIP module (replace both Modules::Ips and Modules::NetworkInterfaces modules)
  • Enhancement: Objects can now be registered as event listener (iMSCP::EventManager)
  • Fixed: Can’t use an undefined value as a HASH reference; DBI::selectrow_hashref() return undef on empty results
  • Fixed: Fallback to INADDR_ANY address IP if a domain IP is not found in database
  • Fixed: Make use of Full Stop unicode character to encode dots in database names (iMSCP::Database::mysql::dumpdb)
  • Fixed: Make use of SOLIDUS unicode character to encode slashes in database names (iMSCP::Database::mysql::dumpdb)
  • Fixed: Ownership and permissions not set (iMSCP::Dir::make)
  • Removed: Modules::Ips and Modules::NetworkInterfaces modules
  • Removed: Support for systemd older than 204-3 (iMSCP::Provider::Service::Debian::Systemd)
  • Removed: Support for sysv-rc older than 2.88 (iMSCP::Provider::Service::Debian::Sysvinit)


  • Added: `BIND_DB_FORMAT’ configuration parameter (Bind9)
  • Added: `BIND_DB_MASTER_DIR’ configuration parameter (Bind9)
  • Added: `BIND_DB_SLAVE_DIR’ configuration parameter (Bind9)
  • Added: ‘CMD_SYSCTL` and ‘SYSCTL_CONF_DIR` parameters for sysctl(8) (master)
  • Added: `PluginApi’ configuration parameter (master)
  • Fixed: Debian service is discontinued (See
  • Fixed: Make sure that the root directory is marked as shared in regards to mount propagation (at least for i-MSCP mounts)
  • Fixed: Prevent upgrade of Percona server while processing disttribution upgrade (all distributions; APT pinning)
  • Merged: Nginx site configuration files (FrontEnd)
  • Removed: * configuration files (servers/packages)
  • Removed: `BIND_DB_DIR’ configuration parameter (replaced by `BIND_DB_MASTER_DIR’ and `BIND_DB_SLAVE_DIR’ configuration parameters)
  • Renamed: All Nginx configuration template files (changed extension from .conf to .nginx for IDE syntax highlighting) (FrontEnd)


  • Updated: domain_dns.domain_dns_status column length (VARCHAR to TEXT)


  • Fixed: Cron tasks for traffic accounting are never executed due to wrong command in /etc/cron.d/imscp cron file


  • Added: Support for Devuan jessie 1.0 – See
  • Added: Support for MariaDB 10.2 (all distributions)
  • Changed: Install nginx-full package instead of nginx-light package (Nginx)
  • Fixed: invoke-rc.d: action rotate is unknown, but proceeding anyway. (See Debian bug report #728682)
  • Fixed: Wrong GPG key for MariaDB repository (Ubuntu 16.04)


  • Added: 502 (Bad Gateway) error page
  • Added: Include directive for loading of dynamic modules (Nginx)
  • Fixed: Allow auto-completion for login form (regression fix)
  • Fixed: Allow lower value than `post_max_size’ for `memory_limit’ (PHP Editor)
  • Fixed: Couldn’t redirect full domains, subdomains to non-standard port
  • Fixed: Creation of mailboxes for Postfix canonical domains through the control panel must be prohibited
  • Fixed: Integrity constraint violation: 1052 Column ‘fname’ in WHERE clause is ambiguous when searching user by name
  • Fixed: mail_users.po_active database column must be set to ‘no’ for forward only and catch-all accounts
  • Fixed: Many location blocks match unwanted resources (eg: /pma will also matches with /pmailman and that is unwanted) (Nginx)
  • Fixed: Non well formed numeric value encountered in utils_getPhpValueInBytes() function
  • Fixed: Nginx is now able to determines number of available CPU cores (Nginx)
  • Fixed: Stop matching process as soon as possible (Nginx)
  • Removed: Check for CNAME conflict (Custom DNS records)


  • Added: Allows storage of customer backup directories elsewhere on the file system
  • Added: listener file: Enable unix authentication
  • Added: file: Set custom server identification message (replace
  • Added: file: Enforce TLS (replace
  • Fixed: Cannot override default www CNAME record
  • Fixed: listener file: Missing DNS records for subdomains
  • Fixed: Listeners from listener files that listen on the `afterMtaBuildConf’ event must be registered with low priority
  • Updated: listener file: Nginx configuration template filenames were updated +++
  • Updated: listener file: Nginx configuration template filenames were renamed +++
  • Updated: file: Fully redefines submission service and disable SSLv3


  • Added: `None’ option as possible choice for server primary IP address. Fixes networking issues on Scaleway and Amazon EC2 servers
  • Added: Routine to setup kernel (loading of kernel parameters from imscp.conf sysctl configuration file)
  • Fixed: Don’t check for source archive when binary archive has not been found for a specific section (APT repositories)
  • Fixed: Usage of ZG-POLICY-RC.D(8) to provide local policy-rc.d and avoid violation of Debian policy (Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Fixed: SQL server must be restarted prior cron, ftp, http, mail and panel services
  • Removed: `beforeInstallPreRequiredPackages’ event (Event cannot be triggered before installation of pre-required packages)


  • Fixed: Cron tasks are added too early (AWStats, Chkrootkit, Rkhunter)
  • Fixed: Don’t instantiate packages when not really needed
  • Fixed: RainLoop entries are not removed from database when a mail account is deleted (RainLoop)
  • Updated: PhpMyAdmin package installer for use of PhpMyAdmin 4.7.0
  • Updated: RainLoop package installer for use of RainLoop


  • Added: iMSCP::Plugins::getClass() method for easy plugin loading and class retrieval (backend)
  • Changed: Plugin errors, outside those raised by the Modules::Plugins, are no longer returned to the caller (backend)
  • Fixed: Avoid to instantiate plugins twice when an action involve a sub-action (backend Modules::Plugin)
  • Fixed: Plugin API version not available in plugin package instances (backend)
  • Fixed: Wrong default value for the `plugin_lockers’ database field
  • Fixed: Wrong status set for un-installable plugins after their uninstallation (`uninstalled’ while `disabled’ is expected)
  • Removed: PLUGIN_API_VERSION constant from iMSCP_Plugin_Manager class (replaced by master `PluginApi’ configuration parameter)
  • Updated: API version to 1.4.1


  • Fixed: Don’t automatically mount file systems that have the `noauto’ option (imscp-mountall)
  • Rewritten: imscp-backup-all backup script
  • Rewritten: imscp-dsk-quota quota script
  • Rewritten: imscp-vrl-traff traffic accounting script


  • Added: Explicite IMAP/POP3 log format (Dovecot)
  • Added: In/Out bytes variables in POP3 logs for better traffic accounting (Dovecot)
  • Changed: Directory for master zone files moved from /var/cache/bind to /var/cache/bind/imscp/master (Bind9)
  • Changed: Directory for slave zone files moved from /var/cache/bind/slave to /var/cache/bind/imscp/slave (Bind9)
  • Changed: Make use of relative paths for zone files instead of absolute paths in named.conf.local file (Bind9)
  • Changed: Zone files are now dumped in binary format for rapid loading by named (Bind9)
  • Fixed: Argument “” isn’t numeric in addition (+)… in getTraffic() method of all servers implementing it
  • Fixed: Don’t instantiate servers when that is not necessary
  • Fixed: Don’t POSTMAP(1) when not necessary (Postfix)
  • Fixed: Error: quota: Unknown namespace: Trash (Dovecot/IMAP)
  • Fixed: Maildir not removed when turning normal mail account into forward only mail account (Postfix)
  • Fixed: Make use of pristine suexec for better performances (Apache2/Suexec)
  • Fixed: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table (Postfix)
  • Fixed: Skip write operation in Servers::Postfix::deleteMapEntry() when not necessary (Postfix)
  • Fixed: Unwanted directory listings (Apache2 – Regression fix)
  • Fixed: warning: do not list domain xxxxxx in BOTH `mydestination’ and `virtual_mailbox_domains’ (Postfix)
  • Fixed: Wrong POP3 traffic accounting (Dovecot)
  • Removed: Backup and working directories (Cron)
  • Removed: `beforeHttpdAddIps’ and `afterHttpdAddIps’ events (Httpd server impl.)
  • Removed: Useless addIps() routine; The `NameVirtualHost’ directive is no longer needed with Apache 2.4 (Httpd server impl.)
  • Rewritten: getTraffic() routine for all servers that implement it


  • Fixed: Set swapiness to lower value (10) than default (60) for better memory management


  • Updated: script to version 1.2 (revision 20140126)


  • IP-1698 Restoring a backup causes domain status “unexpected error”
  • IP-1715 Changing directory in protected area results in obsolete .htaccess file in old directory
  • IP-1716 PHP editor – Caret is jumping to the end of the input field each time validation is triggered
  • IP-1717 Wrong GPG key for MariaDB repository (Ubuntu 16.04)
  • IP-1721 Couldn’t backup databases named with slashes

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