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i-MSCP Bugfix Release 1.4.2 veröffentlicht

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Die Entwickler des beliebten internet Multi-Server-Control-Panel, kurz i-MSCP, haben das Bugfix Release 1.4.2 des aktuellen Zweiges 1.4.x veröffentlicht. Im wesentlichen behebt es 9 Fehler die seit der Veröffentlichung der Version 1.4.1, gefunden wurden.

i-MSCP Release Notes Version 1.4.2


  • Changed: Niceness from 0 to 10 for the imscp-srv-traff and imscp-vrl-traff i-MSCP core cron tasks
  • Changed: Niceness from 15 to 10 for i-MSCP core cron tasks


  • Fixed: Couldn’t create email account with unlimited quota, even if email quota for customer is unlimited
  • Fixed: Couldn’t create forward email account if hidden quota field from normal email account is not valid
  • Review: Moved links for alternative URLs on the line of the main URLs for a cleaner overview (Client interface)


  • Fixed: Missing test for SSL in the listener file


  • Changed: Niceness from 0 to 10 for imscp_daemon and imscp_panel services


  • Fixed: FastCgiExternalServer: redefinition of previously defined class (apache_php_fpm httpd server impl.)
  • Fixed: Modules::Plugin::_call: Can’t locate object method “getInstance” via package “Servers::mta::postfix” (po servers impl.)


  • #IP-1670 Customer must be still able to create forward email account, even when email quota is full assigned

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