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Bareos 17.2 veröffentlicht

Bareos Logo

Bareos ist ein ehemaliger Fork von Bacula und stellt eine Open-Source Backuplösung auf Enterpriseniveau dar. Die neuste Version 17.2, aktuell 17.2.4, wurde am 14.12.2017 veröffentlicht.

Bareos 17.2 Highlights

  • Optimierung der Datenbank
  • mehr Performance beim Backup von Millionen  und mehr Dateien
  • Backup über NDMP Protokol
  • NDMP 2-Wege Backup möglich
  • LanAddress Feature für direktes Backup vom Client zum lokalen Storage
  • Verbesserungen in der WebUI mit Verlaufsbar jedes einzelnen Jobs
  • Slowenisch, Türkisch und Tschechisch Support
  • Backup in Amazon S3 Storage

Bareos 17.2.4 Release Notes

  • Bareos Distribution (packages)
    • pythonbareos is included in the core distribution.
    • bareosstoragedroplet is a storage backend for the droplet library. Most notably it allows backup and restores to a S3 environment. Included as beta since version 17.2.4. Don’t use in productive environment!
    • bat has been removed, see section bat.
    • platforms:
      • Windows Clients are still supported since Windows Vista.
      • MacOS: added to build chain.
      • Bareos File Daemon is ready for HP-UX 11.31 (ia64).
      • Linux Distribution: Bareos tries to provide packages for all current platforms. For details, refer to Packages for the different Linux platforms.
    • Linux RPM packages: allow read access to /etc/bareos/ for all users (however, relevant files are still only readable for the user bareos). This allows other programs associated with Bareos to also use this directory.
  • Denormalization of the File database table
    • The denormalization of the File database table leads to enormous performance improvements in installation, which covering a lot of file (millions and more).
    • For the denormalization the database schema must be modified. Please note! Updating the database to schema version ≥ 2170 will increase the required disk space. Especially it will require around twice the amount of the current database disk space during the migration.
    • The Filename database table does no longer exists. Therefore the .bvfs_* commands do no longer output the FilenameId column.
  • NDMP_NATIVE support has been added. This include the NDMP features DAR and DDAR. For details see NDMP_NATIVE.
  • Updated the package bareosvmwareplugin to utilize the Virtual Disk Development Kit (VDDK) 6.5.x. This includes support for VMware vSphere®; 6.5 and the next major release (except new features) and backward compatible with VMware vSphere®; 5.5 and 6.0. For details see VMware Plugin.
  • Soft Quota: automatic quota grace period reset if a job does not exceed the quota.
  • bareosdbcheck: disable all interactive questions in batch mode.
  • list files: also show deleted files (accurate mode).
  • list jobstatastics: added.
  • purge : added confirmation.
  • list volumes: fix limit and offset handling.
  • Ticket #629 Windows: restore directory attributes.
  • Ticket #639 tape: fix block size handling, AWS VTL iSCSI devices
  • Ticket #705 support for MySQL 5.7
  • Ticket #719 allow long JSON messages (has been increased from 100KB to 2GB).
  • Ticket #793 Virtual Backups: skip jobs with no files.


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