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Spamassassin 4.0.0 Release Notes


Apache SpamAssassin 4.0.0 contains numerous tweaks and bug fixes over the past releases. In particular, it includes major changes that significantly improve the handling of text in international language.

As with any major release, there are countless functional patches and improvements to upgrade to 4.0.0. Apache SpamAssassin 4.0.0 includes several years of fixes that significantly improve classification and
performance. It has been thoroughly tested in production systems. We strongly recommend upgrading as soon as possible.

Important Notes

*** On March 1, 2020, we stopped publishing rulesets with SHA-1 signatures. If you do not update to 3.4.2 or later, you will be stuck at the last ruleset with SHA-1 signatures. Such an upgrade should be to 3.4.6 to obtain the contained security fixes ***

*** Ongoing development on the 3.4 branch has ceased. All future releases and bug fixes will be on the 4.0 series, unless a new security issue is found that necessitates a 3.4.7 release. ***

New plugins

There are three new plugins added with this release:

1 Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::ExtractText

This plugin uses external tools to extract text from message parts, and then sets the text as the rendered part. All SpamAssassin rules that apply to the rendered part will run on the extracted text as

2 Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::DMARC

This plugin checks if emails match DMARC policy after parsing DKIM and SPF results.

3 Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::DecodeShortURLs

This plugin looks for URLs shortened by a list of URL shortening services. Upon finding a matching URL, plugin will send a HTTP request to the shortening service and retrieve the Location-header which
points to the actual shortened URL. It then adds this URL to the list of URIs extracted by SpamAssassin which can then be accessed by uri rules and plugins such as URIDNSBL.

Removed plugin

HashCash module, formerly deprecated, has now been removed completely

Notable changes

This release includes fixes for the following:

New configuration options

Notable Internal changes

Quelle: https://spamassassin.apache.org/downloads.cgi

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