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openHAB 3.4.0 Final Release veröffentlicht

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Die Entwickler der Open-Source Smarthomelösung für verschiedene Anbieter openHAB, veröffentlichten das neue Release 3.4.0, welcher Verbesserungen und Fixes für mehr Stabilität und neuer Addons und Komponenten enthält.

openHAB 3.4.0 Release Notes

New and Noteworthy

The openHAB 3.4 release is a feature release that contains many new features, enhancements and bug fixes, both for the core runtime and for many add-ons. You can find the most relevant ones listed in detail below.

openHAB 3.4 is fully backward compatible to openHAB 3.3 setups – there are only a few exceptions in certain bindings where manual action is required to adapt an existing setup, so please carefully check the section on breaking changes.

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Relevant Changes

New Add-ons

The following add-ons are newly introduced:

Bond HomeBinding#13459
Mimic Text-to-SpeechVoice#13045
Philips SomneoBinding#12321
Qolsys IQBinding#13699
TP-Link RouterBinding#13369

The following improvements were made:


Enhancements2887Add an access-tracking cache to be used in rules
2891Add WebSocket for receiving events
2970Add REST support for deleting links and removing orphaned links
2981Wait for thing-type available in PersistentInbox
2984Allow bulk deletion of metadata
2985Add semantics query endpoint to item resource
3007Log a warning when item for trigger/condition is missing or removed
3022Improve UID error message
3024Normalize thing configuration before initialization
3027Add missing & refactor existing button toggle profiles
3036Enhance transformation configuration
3045Enrich distribution add-on with configDescriptionURI
3051Add “time only”-Option for DateTimeTrigger in rules
3068Add additional MqttBrokerConnectionConfig options
3075Add visibility and color parameters to UI sitemap provider
3078Rethrow ‘IOException’ instead of swallowing it
3079Add default channel types for electrical energy
3086Support sending a keepalive packet to SSE item state connections
3100Allow stop single dialogs and start dialog on an existing processor
3106Grant implicit user role by network
3108Support mired units
3111Implement command completion in console for openhab command
3113Add more basic time-related classes for usage in script and rules
3115Allow sending QuantityType to NumberItem
3116Allow sending IncreaseDecreaseType directly to DimmerItem
3129Update system.color-temperature-abs channel type to be a Number:Temperature
3138Add DateTime handling to ItemStateConditionHandler
3139Add actions/commands to synthesize melodies and add configurable melody to the dialog processor
3145Add countSince/countBetween to persistence extensions
3147Upgrade Californium to 2.7.4
3151Allow profiles to access the entire context of the link they’re applied to
3155Refactor ScriptExecution to plain Java ScriptExtension
3156Add unmanaged scripts to rule registry
3160Allow running rules with context
3165Add hsb/rgb format rendering for HSBType
3170Tweak ScriptedRuleProvider slightly
3176Log full exception information when calling JSR223 scripts
3177Add QuantityType.toUnitRelative
3187DSL support for sharedCache/privateCache
3201Improve UoM handling
3211Add countStateChangesSince/countStateChangesBetween to persistence extensions
Bug Fixes2958Normalize Metadata configuration from managed provider
3023Fix symlinks not followed
3042Fix marketplace add-on uninstall
3049Improve FeatureInstaller
3053Prevent crash on invalid entry in ManagedThingProvider
3060Adjust to system timezone
3066Migrate usage of LocalDateTime to Instant
3069Use configured locale for SSE displayState
3072Fix missing initial thing status event
3080Check for an existing thing handler before updating config
3083Fix access token serialization/deserialization
3092Fix StartLevelService “hanging” if config is changed.
3094Add swp to ignored extensions in FileTransformationProvider
3095Use identifier when rescheduling the timer
3099Sort JSR223 scripts by start level before filename
3110Fix AuthFilter crash if trusted network not configured
3124Properly process retained messages
3134Fix invertible unit conversions when sent via a binding
3136Fix ItemStateCondition for PercentType values
3137Avoid parallel streams with common thread pool to avoid deadlocks
3143Add default units for all dimensions
3144Fix missing stateDescriptionProvider in Group items
3153Strip unit if NumberItem has no dimension
3154Fix wrong parameter on AuthorizePageServlet
3157Fix config normalization in ThingUpdatedEvent
3162Fix bug in migrateThingType to not call managed thing provider directly
3168Refactor script dependency tracking
3178Fix transformRaw validation errors in DSL rules
3182Return the precise scheduled execution time for timers
3185Fix ScriptFileWatcher for entire directories
3188Fix CME when creating SCRIPT transformations
3190Fix start dialog with non default voice (broken recently)
3202Fix AVG calculation in GroupFunction
3204Fix timer cancellation in automation cache
3208Fix DataAmount dimension units
3215Fix NPE in PersistentInbox
3216Fix AbstractScriptFileWatcher missing deletes on Windows
3219Fix BasicAuthentication for websockets
3223Fix wrong websocket topics

User Interfaces

Basic UIEnhancements1426Add support for webaudio
Bug Fixes1547Consider item state for the color picker
1548Fix the color picker
CometVisuBug Fixes1535Various fixes for the CometVisu-manager backend
HABotEnhancements1445Add default translations for WebPushNotificationAction
HABPanelEnhancements1572New Crowdin updates
Main UIEnhancements1422Add support for webaudio
1444Item expire metadata: clarify ignore state update reset rules
1450Allow loading file-based ruby scripts in rule editor
1453New SIP client component & widget
1454Use the new foregroundService for the image widget
1469Add poster image option to video widget
1470Use concurrent lazy loading for images
1474Refactor ring & ring back tone to catch exception in sip-client
1487Add missing sitemap attributes
1489Readd alexa camera stream basic auth parameters
1495Fix date comparison
1496Finally the right implementation for parsing date formats
1498Thing “actions” config param handling made generic
1499Monitor SSE Connection Health
1510Access screen info in expressions context
1519Evaluate expressions in configuration Arrays & Update actionPhotos docs
1521Use a custom servlet for serving files to support caching of files
1522Update widget expression capabilities
1524Put boxes arround addons cards for better seperation
1539Update GA metadata to current state
1540Filter rules/scripts by id and rule status
1543add support for further HomeKit parameters
1544Update alexa camera stream basic auth parameters
1545New sub-component for oh-cards footers to allow several text layouts
1549Add new list, item, persistence, text blocks
1554Fix canvas layout display in full screen.
1556Add possibility to edit JSON variable keys in widgets
1557Add robots.txt to disallow search crawler
1558Extend default standalone/item/cell widget selection
1582Add context parameter to rule action
Bug Fixes1435Hide ‘NULL’ group labels in oh-label-item, second take.
1436Revert equipment accordion link styling.
1447Fix running the dev server
1458Fix identification of ruby scripts in editor
1459Fix foreground service with modal pop-ups
1462Fix the stepper from making phantom commands when a value is outside of the min/max
1472Fix z-index of oh-masonry component
1490Allow overview page to be a fixed layout page (unsupported feature)
1501Fix config sheet & parameter group padding
1525Input elements fix datetime-local and add datepicker time
1527Temporarily remove state options check in analyzer
1530Improve sitemap validation
1531Fix evaluating arrays – cached expressions can be overwritten
1559Fix items disappear from model if stateDescription is added
1564Fix oh-trend sampling property
1574Improve sitemap handling
1575oh-sipclient: Fix microphone access stays active when foreground is left on iOS
1578Normalize channel label before suggesting it as item name
1583Fix inconsistent cell max-width


ahawastecollectionEnhancements13342Upgrade jsoup from 1.14.3 to 1.15.3
amazonechocontrolEnhancements13067Add channels to thermostatController
androiddebugbridgeEnhancements13462Add mDNS discovery for android tv
Bug Fixes13390Fix get current package and get MAC address.
13828Fix volume channel for android 11/12
astroBug Fixes13884Fix IllegalArgumentException in debug message
atlonaBug Fixes13215Fix NPE on shutdown when Thing disabled
automowerBug Fixes13263Adapt login due to Husqvarna API change
avmfritzEnhancements13672Decode alarm state for blinds
Bug Fixes13317Allow to set every userdefined color
awattarBug Fixes13730Fix that allows bridge to be added via UI.
benqprojectorBug Fixes13549Log invalid number when expecting numeric response from projector
bluetoothEnhancements10278Add support for service data
bluetooth.ruuvitagBug Fixes13279Correctly parse NA temperature & acceleration
boschindegoEnhancements12989Add channels for last/next cutting time
13034Add support for new status codes
13040Add battery and garden channels (including map)
13058Add missing specialized text for unreachable device
13065Add support for SpotMow status code
13081Optimize coexistence with mobile app/other clients
13179Plot location on map
13192Provide faster channel updates
boschshcEnhancements13533Support for Compact Smart Plugs
13631Support obtaining battery states
13725Support smart light bulbs
13760Support smoke detector
broadlinkthermostatEnhancements13412Aesthetic rename and add RM Mini
caddxBug Fixes13521Correct status initialization of the things after a restart
daikinBug Fixes13206Fix switching specialmode to NORMAL
daliEnhancements12955Implement DT8 (single-channel RGB & color temperature) device type
dsmrEnhancements13359Made additional key for smarty meter an option
Bug Fixes13076Fix incorrect deriving of sub channel names when updating channels
ecobeeEnhancements13705Add air quality channels for Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium
enoceanBug Fixes13792Fix messages with MSC RORG
epsonprojectorBug Fixes13550Log invalid number when expecting numeric response from projector
evccEnhancements13795Extend accepted types for commands & Handle quantity types of commands
Bug Fixes13710Fix data type issues in DTO
fineoffsetweatherstationEnhancements13138Add support for ELV protocol
13283Add support for the new GW2001 weather station
13284Add channel for the sensors battery voltage
Bug Fixes13139Fix conversion of pressure
13381Fix measurands
freeboxEnhancements13591Console command completion
ftpuploadEnhancements12693Upgrade dependencies
gardenaEnhancements13016Improve API rate limit handling
13050Adapt the login for API version 1.1
Bug Fixes13238Eliminate frequent web service re-starting
gceBug Fixes13526Avoid conflicts with things file defined
13545File based items are not updated
goechargerEnhancements13105Add transaction API key
Bug Fixes13052Fix data type for energy (nrg)
13927Consider correct channel ID (maxCurrentTemp)
googlesttEnhancements13491Upgrade protobuf-java from 3.19.2 to 3.19.6
Bug Fixes13043Fix authorization from returning null refresh token
googlettsBug Fixes13042Fix authorization from returning null refresh token
groheondusEnhancements11955Fix missing automatic refresh ++
13665Upgrade dependencies
groovyscriptingEnhancements13822Update Groovy to 3.0.13
groupepsaEnhancements13386Consider TimeZoneProvider to build states for time-stamp channels
Bug Fixes13083Handle ‘JsonSyntaxException’ when parsing error messages
harmonyhubBug Fixes13702Fix reliability issues
haywardomnilogicEnhancements13164Add http timeout retry
Bug Fixes13146Empty XML Response Handling
hccrubbishcollectionBug Fixes13306Update API URL
hdpowerviewEnhancements13096Add shade RF RSSI channels for hub/repeater
13110Add support for Vignette and Duette Architella
13174Add additional hub properties
13275Channels are visible depending on shade capabilities
13324Battery channels visible only when required
13330Correct shade capabilities information
13571Add support for Skyline Panels
13574Add support for Duette and Applause Skylift shades
13615Add console extension for showing IDs
Bug Fixes13031Fix missing shade capabilities on v1 hubs
13155Fix excessive firmware version updates
13169Fix tilt support for vertical slats
homeconnectBug Fixes13653Fix login for simulator environment
homekitEnhancements12985Target Fan state – add support for Switch Item
13226Allow multiple bridge instances to break the 150 limit
13228Support actual booleans in metadata config
13236Allow group items of the correct type anywhere that type is needed
13449Allow NumberItems for BatteryLowStatus
13484Persist all known accessories, to prevent loss of homekit information
13504Allow RelativeHumidity as an optional characteristic on Thermostat
13507Fix BooleanItemReader to work with DimmerItems
13508Allow configuring maxValue on VOCDensity
13509Allow Long type in configuration for numbers
13510Get min/max/step values from state description if possible
13538Increase flexibility of ColorTemperature
13564Add BasicFan accessory
13566Improve bundle deactivation time
13569Improve output of console’s homekit show command
13741Simplify settings page, resize doc images
13788Support stop for blinds
13878Implement basic command completion
Bug Fixes13122Fix potential null pointer exceptions
13232Fix window coverings based on groups of rollershutters
13233Fix collecting characteristics that don’t belong to a complex accessory
homematicBug Fixes13168Allow default value that is less than allowed minimum
13626Some HM devices are using relative humidity (% rH/rF) as units
13821Fix min/max values for rollershutters
httpBug Fixes13191Fix rollershutter return as position always undef
hueEnhancements11842Change discovery to mDNS; added HTTPS handling; refactor HTTPClient to use jetty shared client
13597Console command completion
HydrawiseBug Fixes13268Fix concurrent error
13965Fix null pointer error for some sprinkler controllers
iaqualinkBug Fixes13073Fix to work with recent API changes to the iAqualink cloud service
icloudBug Fixes13117Fix COMMUNICATION_ERROR iCloud response invalid: null (Jul…
13691Rework authentication to reflect changes in iCloud API
insteonBug Fixes13030Set network to ONLINE after driver is initialized
intesisEnhancements13244Add Wi-Fi signal strength channel to intesisHome and fix some NPEs
ipcameraEnhancements13446FFmpeg based alarms now auto restart if stopped
13773Improve support for newer 2k+ Instar cameras
13805Instar API updates for new 2k+ range
Bug Fixes13035Add URL encoding fix for passwords that contains special characters.
13396Fix ONVIF fails to reconnect
13502Fix ipcamera.mjpeg won’t open multiples when port not 80
13606Fix multiple WARNs when HIK camera does not support alarm inputs
13896Add a check to see if FFmpeg is frozen for mjpeg creation
ipobserverEnhancements13343Upgrade jsoup from 1.14.3 to 1.15.3
jablotronEnhancements13361Add thermometers support for JA100F alarms
jdbcEnhancements13038Upgrade derby from to
13242Upgrade MySQL JDBC driver to 8.0.30
13429Fix warnings and apply null annotations
13483Consolidate and optimize datetime conversions
13544Add support for case sensitive table names reflecting item names 1:1
13659Upgrade MariaDB JDBC driver to 3.0.8
13662Add console maintenance commands
13726Improve error handling safety
13733Add console command for reloading index/schema
13737Make itemsManageTable configurable
13765Add console command for checking/repairing schema integrity
13770Update PostgreSQL JDBC driver to 42.4.3
13797Add safety valve for suspicious migrations
Bug Fixes13660Fix MySQL deprecation notice on startup
13728Fix possible index corruption when uninitialized
13734Fix date filter to be inclusive
13745Fix PostgreSQL query for storing timestamps
13817Fix Derby/H2/HSQLDB/SQLite queries for storing timestamps
13843Fix date filter to be inclusive (PostgreSQL)
13850Fix date filter to be inclusive (Derby)
jellyfinEnhancements13389Add play by id channels and update sdk
13436Add URL path support
Bug Fixes13572Upgrade sdk, fixes json parse error
jinjaEnhancements13344Upgrade jsoup from 1.14.3 to 1.15.3
jpaEnhancements13516Add dynamic import, upgrade dependencies, add UI config
Bug Fixes13532Fix Derby driver no longer included
jrubyscriptingEnhancements13151Check if gems are installed before installing them
13280Update to jruby to fix BootstrapMethodError
13548Don’t manually filter presets.
13778Log Ruby stacktrace on exception from JRuby
13779Allow multiple version specifiers for gems
13810Implement dependency tracking
Bug Fixes13328Avoid polluting environment when auto-installing gems
jsscriptingEnhancements13576Name timers created by polyfills
13623Reimplement timer polyfills to conform standard JS
13695Reimplement timer creation method of ScriptExecution
13844Refactor log formatting & Respect toString polyfills
13851Add an alternative MIME type/alias
13908Upgrade openhab-js & Remove SharedCache
Bug Fixes13565Upgrade openhab-js to 2.0.4
13582Fix multi-thread access
13714Fix failure on some platforms & JDKs
13749Fix the console.trace polyfill to log a stack trace & Stringify JS Error
13756Refactor dependency tracking
13824Fix memory leak that crashes openHAB
13924Extend synchronization to common ScriptEngine methods
km200Bug Fixes13152Fix for KM100 with Firmware 04.08.02
knxEnhancements12709Add support for KNX IP Secure
13293Improve localization
Bug Fixes13897Improve handling of serial gateways
konnectedEnhancements13180Add support for Konnected Pro
13251Add base URL to config to allow for manually adding thing
13295Set auto discovered callback URL in configuration
Bug Fixes13329Fix null pointer exception on state update with missing state
13333Remove defaults for zone configuration parameter from the channels
13354Use default onvalue if configured is null
13360Take configured onValue into account when sending status to actuator
13380Configure zone on panel even if the channel is not yet linked
kostalinverterEnhancements13490Fix for the Kostal inverter binding to work with different firmware releases regarded to PIKO 10-20 V. 221004
KVVBug Fixes13186Replace underlying API
lcnEnhancements13056Add shutter positioning/angle, operating hours counters, tunable white, regulator mode, beeping
13460Improve logging
Bug Fixes13690Fix setting of variables
lgwebosEnhancements13590Console command completion
13618Action sendKeyboard added, sendButton updated, sendRCButton removed
lifxBug Fixes13744Set tagged flag accordingly for unicast and broadcast messages
linkyEnhancements13589Console command completion
Bug Fixes13482Avoid internal server error (getting power peak early in the morning)
linuxinputBug Fixes13632Handle keys not known by libevdev
lutronEnhancements13299Add mDNS discovery for RadioRA 3 processor
LuxtronikHeatpumpEnhancements11907Add discovery service
mailBug Fixes13108Fix sending HTML/Multipart mails
MAPEnhancements13560Add fallback to original value when input not found
mieleEnhancements13071Fix auto-update for stop channel and synchronize switch channel with appliance state
13147Allow hostname as gateway network address
13393Migrate start channel to full DateTime channel and add end channel
13841Migrate time channels from DateTime to Number:Time
Bug Fixes13930Fix dimension for powerConsumption channel
mielecloudBug Fixes13613Fix missing web resource unregistration
miioEnhancements12723Add support for Xiaomi Vacuum Mop 2S
12803Add support for Dreame L10 Pro vacuum cleaner (p2029)
13717add support Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 (modelId: zhimi.airp.mb5)
13806Add support Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Compact
Bug Fixes13111Fix warning messages and discovery on newer robots
13262Fix Qingping Air Monitor (cgllc.airmonitor.s1) support
13554Correct channel ambientBrightness to type Dimmer for Yeelight Screen Light Bar
13715Improve cloud login issues
13724Fix dimming channels for several yeelights
mqttEnhancements13303Add missing broker connection configuration parameters
13575Support mired<->Kelvin unit conversion
13604Set the proper unit in the state description
Bug Fixes13621Avoid parallel streams with common thread pool to avoid deadlocks
mqtt.espmilightEnhancements13578Automatically convert color values to color temp
mqtt.genericBug Fixes13426Fix range of RGB values
mqtt.homeassistantEnhancements13397Support availability_templates
13401Stable jsondb discovery result
13402More readable label for discovered things
13413Support non-RGB lights
Bug Fixes13398Sensors with a state_class are numeric
13466Ensure availability topics get subscribed
13518Fix binding crash when home assistant discovery topics update with content
mybmwEnhancements13093Add home-distance channel
myqBug Fixes13189Catch json parsing errors when getting login token.
myStromEnhancements13201Add motion sensor and API token
NanoleafEnhancements13552Add channel for visualizing layout
13746Add new channel: State
13865Add LONG_PRESSED tap detection
13881Support lines in visualization
13893More color for less network calls
neohubEnhancements12915Add support for WebSocket connection to hub
netatmoEnhancements13489Buffer last event requests per child modules
13494Add a request counter
13503Add Door/Window sensor
13555Add console command to show all devices/modules ids
13587Console command completion
Bug Fixes13257Support one decimal for pressure values
13467Room-Thing offline after restart
13487Handle camera ping timeouts
13500Handle properly UNKNOWN module types in discovery
13620No restriction on max value for rain quantity
13636Fix potential loss of events when more than 1 home
13854Improve bridge status messages in case of service outage
networkBug Fixes13519Fix wake-on-lan functions in DSL rules
networkupstoolsEnhancements13729Add missing status
nibeheatpumpEnhancements13125Add new channels for F1x45 heat pumps
13190Add PRODINo ESP32 Ethernet v1 board support
Bug Fixes13752Support 16-bit addressing
nukiEnhancements13331Disabled warning for things created from textual config
Bug Fixes13470Fix nukiId migration for devices with shorter nukiId
nuvoEnhancements12042Add NuvoNet source communication capabilities
13498Add Image channel for album art
13658Add zone actions for rules
Bug Fixes13345Fix MPS4 flag and online status reporting
13535Ignore NuvoNet events for sources not managed by openHAB
onkyoEnhancements13006Add support for TX-NR807
13082Add support for HT-RC440
openhabcloudEnhancements12430Improve logging for troubleshooting purposes
13559Remove content encoding when proxing.
Bug Fixes13421Fix sleepSocketIO(long delay) halts entire io.socket thread
openuvEnhancements13130Add scheduled reconnection on timeout
openweathermapEnhancements13414onecall api version – property for setting API version to use.
openwebnetEnhancements13473Add support for basic Scenarios (WHO=0)
13694Add support for Alarm (WHO=5)
Bug Fixes13803Thermo: zone/CU address set correctly during discovery
paradoxalarmBug Fixes13629Fix issue that the config of paradox bridge handler gets overwritten when there are more than one bridge
13641Handle multiple panels
pidcontrollerEnhancements13003Implement previous state recovery on startup
plugwisehaEnhancements13833Add channel return temp
Bug Fixes13832Fix set the scene for a zone
powermaxEnhancements13588Console command completion
pulseaudioBug Fixes13338Apply real disconnection when needed
pwmEnhancements13755Fix NPE when disabling and improve logging
Bug Fixes12197Fix handling of “maxDutyCycle” parameter value
radiothermostatBug Fixes13394Ignore updates if thermostat data is invalid
regoheatpumpBug Fixes13685Fix polling stops problem if there is an unhandled runtime exception
remoteopenhabEnhancements13008Avoid unexpected log for ALIVE SSE message
13432Optimize filtering of ALIVE events
Bug Fixes13349Fix the pattern to parse DateTime
13350Handle REFRESH command as any command
resolBug Fixes13753Fix handling of WeekTime fields on vbus
rotelEnhancements13060Add support for models M8 and S5 (Michi)
13136Add support of multiple zones (models C8 and C8+)
13165Add new channels to control random mode and repeat mode (CD players)
13183New channel for other commands provided by the API
13197Add missed command to switch between ProLogic modes
13203Add new command to toggle between stereo and bypass
13223Add other commands for RSP-1576, RSP-1582, RAP-1580, RDD-1580, RA-1592, RC-1590
13240Set model and firmware properties
13285Add new channel to select FM/DAB/iRadio preset
Bug Fixes13133Fix handling of balance command feedback
13148Fix request of play status and track number
rrd4jBug Fixes13332Use RrdDbPool to prevent ClosedByInterruptException
13955Error handling for broken rrd4j files
serialBug Fixes13265Allow custom baudrate and add option 2400
shellyEnhancements13066Auto-numbering for channel labels & bugfixes
13227Improve TRV profile support (selectable list)
13439 Add Plus/Pro support, some bugfixes
13520Plus 1/1PM Add-On support; fix roller pos on open/close state
siemensrdsBug Fixes13888Binding no longer fails if thermostat does not use optional features
somfytahomaEnhancements13411Add support for the control over the LAN (local mode)
13598Console command completion
sonosEnhancements13235Add support for RadioApp music service
13551New codec id 61 for Dolby Atmos
Bug Fixes13241Ignore TRANSITIONING device state when updating channels
SunSpecEnhancements13480Add missing Inverter Status, Add Channel for Vendor-Specific Status
systeminfoEnhancements13292Add CPU load channel, update dependencies
13562Add dynamic channels
13804QuantityTypes and state descriptions cleanup
tadoEnhancements13301Channels are visible depending on device type and capabilities
Bug Fixes13272Fix AC target temperature reading and writing bugs
tapocontrolEnhancements13225Add support for P115 smart-socket
13814Add support for L610, L630 and L930
Bug Fixes13468Fix API Rate limit exceeded error
13677Fix configuration error
TelegramBug Fixes13758Can’t send message with underscore character
tellstickBug Fixes13479Avoid updates duplication after communication errors
TeslaEnhancements13116Add event stream & handling post new authentication process
13337Add options to control polling frequency and sleep
13704Add steering wheel heater command support for Model 3/Y
tibberEnhancements13416Add channel for tomorrows prices and timestamps as JSON array
Bug Fixes13537Fix Websocket reconnect after server failure
13680Updates for breaking API changes
touchwandEnhancements13440Add port configuration to websocket
Bug Fixes13427Fix thermostat target temperature command
tplinksmarthomeEnhancements13818Add support for TP-Link KP401 Smart WiFi Outdoor Plug
TR064Bug Fixes13894Fix pattern excluding some valid ip-addresses
unifiEnhancements13827Migrate uptime channels to Number:Time
Bug Fixes13362Fix portoverride to not remove any other data
13455Detect all PoE ports, and set PoE thing offline if no data could be found
13539Fix PoE port mode for 24V
veluxEnhancements12618Add support for vane/slat position
13199Add an action to simultaneously set main and vane positions
13212Implement new API, and log critical device errors
13271Vane position channel is visible when required
13406Bridge status shows offline when communication fails
venstarthermostatBug Fixes13046Split away and schedule settings calls (resolves bug exiting away mode)
verisureBug Fixes13652Avoid updates duplication after communication errors
vitotronicEnhancements13739Add channel “currentmode” to thing “circuit”
13898Fix few thing/channel labels/descriptions
voskEnhancements13391Upgrade sdk and handle UnsatisfiedLinkError exceptions
vosksttBug Fixes13536Fix sdk update and disable internal info logs
13556Fix load on linux arm
wemoEnhancements13319Add Wemo Outdoor plug
wledBug Fixes13543Fix presets and playlists won’t load the correct position.
wundergroundupdatereceiverBug Fixes13327Regenerate trigger channel with proper type and more metadata and normalize channel names
ZigbeeEnhancements767Add ZigBee firmware provider backed by GitHub repository

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